Donald Trump's Statement Concerning Vladimir Putin's And U.S. Government Death March


The Sacrifice Of U.S. Citizens By The U.S. Government

Remember, "Donald Trump Is Not A Trained Politician" with the scripted words that eventually get the trained politicians that are in and have been in control of the U.S. into office we have no desire for. Donald Trump doesn't use teleprompters and just states the unscripted truth as his supporters have come to realize is absolutely truthful. Donald Trump doesn't elaborate and you have to be able to understand reality in order to make sense of Donald Trumps words and what Donald Trump means when he is saying his words.

It's good that Vladimir Putin made some positive comments about Donald Trump after Donald Trump stated he would have a good relationship with the Russian president. This means Donald Trump and Putin are, "Going To Talk" seriously about the middle east and other world affairs. These talks need to happen and if a rosy appearance develops between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin that's not a bad thing at all. "They Will Talk". WWIII between Russia and the United States needs to be avoided. A rosy relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin? I'll take it over WWIII any day. Donald Trump has proven himself to be "Tea Party" over and over again so he will be given the trust of dealing with Putin through "NEGOCIATIONS" that are not the strong point of the other presidential candidates or past presidents that got us into this mess.

Donald Trump stated Putin is the leader of Russian as chosen by the people of Russia after the liberal reporter on MSNBC told Donald Trump Putin murders reporters. Putin in fact does murder reporters and his rivals but Putin is the leader of Russia and the "People Of Russia Will Not Correct The Problem Of Putin" and the killing machine of the Russia government. Donald Trump cannot refuse to talk to Putin or any other world governments that kill their rivals to stay in power. You bet, "If Obama And The Communist U.S. Democrats Stay In Power The Russia Way Of Killing Off Rivals Will Develop In The U.S. Without A Doubt".

As for Donald Trump stating the U.S. government kills people also? "THAT HOLDS TRUE" if you look at all the "Massive Unchecked Immigration" that's being allowed by our failure ridden U.S. government. The 9/11 World Trade Center deaths were caused by U.S. government intent as to being an intent of our corrupt U.S. government putting immigrants in front of the safety of U.S. citizens. U.S. citizens have become not even secondary to the U.S. government but in fact, " A USELESS NUISANCE" so our deaths that are caused by foreigners are just calculated into the overall plan that transforms the U.S. into a communist nation like the military estimates the deaths of soldiers prior to an invasion of a military opponent. "True". Even though an order wasn't directly given by the U.S. government to kill the over 3000 people in the World Trade Center it was known by the U.S. government that U.S. citizens would die due to their plan of flooding the U.S. with massive amounts of legal and illegal immigrants.

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