Here are the easy steps required to prove to yourself and to anyone  else that the long form birth certificate from the White House website is a fraud.  It shows just how easy it is to investigate and prove.  Anyone with a computer can do this.

1) Download a free evaluation copy of Adobe Illustrator here:

2) Install Adobe Illustrator on you computer - you can remove it later.

3) Download Obama's long form "birth certificate" from the White House website here: In most cases you will have the birth certificate embedded in your web browser page as a PDF.  Most browsers allow you the option of saving the PDF document to your hard drive and you will need to do this.

4) Open PDF you just saved to your hard drive using your FREE trial copy of Adobe Illustrator;  This is what you should see:


5) Notice the layers window on the right hand side in Adobe Illustrator.  If the document had been scanned as has been claimed there would only be a single layer continaing a single image.  As you can see this is not the case.  This document is composed of many items that were copied from other documents and pasted in. You can turn these individual layers on and off - INCLUDING THE SECURITY PAPER PATTERN.

If you don't see the layers window on the right it is hidden and you will have to show it.  I think you can press "F7" to do this.


Play around, have fun, hide and show individual layers.  Then print the document with various layers hidden.  Pass this information along to your family, friends and skeptics.  Print out a copy and send to you representatives and demand an investigation.  Send copies to your local sherrif - show them how.


Here is the document with the "security layer" hidden:


Keep in mind that proving this fraud takes no special image editing skills - just a trial copy of Illustrator.  Adobe is a large download be patient because it's well worth the satisfaction of proving it yourself and being able to do so to anyone and everyone.  ENJOY!


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