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Georgia Gets It Right

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

hbl-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xLast week, legislators in Georgia passed a Fetal Heartbeat law. Governor, Brian Kemp has indicated that, in the next few months, he’ll sign it. The law would ban abortions in Georgia as soon as a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat, which generally happens at around six weeks into a pregnancy.

Critics of the law, liberals mostly, claim that most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at six weeks, and that such a law is an all-out assault on the reproductive health and safety of Georgia women.

First of all, let me clear up yet another commonly held liberal myth…abortion has little, if anything to do with “reproductive health.” Yes, there are cases where a woman’s health is threatened by a pregnancy…but Georgia has built in exceptions to the law in cases of rape or incest on the condition that the victim files a police report or someone files one on their behalf….and when a doctor determines the pregnancy would cause death or bodily harm to the mother or the fetus would not be able to live after birth.

In other words…


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Hi again all of you fellow Tea Partiers,,, it is now 1:14 AM on Friday Aug 15th, 2014 and I just posted a photo copy of the obama birth certificate or should I say part of that document and that part has the hospital name therein and if you can magnify the photo you can very clearly see that the name of the hospital that obama wants us to believe he was born at ie Kapiolani is not authentically presented therein as the a & p are touching invading each others space which is called "kerning" and is done buy a computer while next to those touching letters is the i & o & l and those letters have a large space between the letters like a 1961 typewriter and next to those 3 letters are the a & n and they are touching called "kerning", so if the document were authentic how come all of the letters are not the same distance apart,,,   GOD & JESUS Bless America and Israel and all of you Tea Partiers and the GODly and those that want such Blessings!!!!!!      Tim J Maine sr      SHALOM!!!!!!

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Obama's Passport is a Fraud

I am an investigator and paralegal.  I have a background in criminal investigations and national security.  I examined Obama's mother's passport files, and discovered that she went to Indonesia alone.   Children never traveled alone, they traveled on their parent's passport.  She was required to submit a photo of herself and her son, and a notarized copy of his birth certificate, to the US Passport office.  The file contains no photo and no copy of any birth certificate.

She went to Indonesia by herself.  Then she went to the US Consulate in Jakarta, and tried to add him to her passport, to bring him back to the United States.   He was in Indonesia when she got there.  She picked him up and tried to forge a US Passport for him.   His application was denied.

Barak Obama has never had a valid US Passport, because he was never born in Hawaii - the birth certificate controversy is a diversion, to take you off the passport issue.  

All you have to do to unseat Obama is call a committee, and I will bring a valid US passport for a child issued in 1971, a few years later.  I have an original passport for a parent and child.  The committee can simply examine my passport and compare it to Dunham's passport - they don't match.  

I tried unsuccessfully to garner a reaction from Sen. Graham and Boehner - they refused to reply to my concerns.  They want Obama to complete his term without rattling their friends in Congress.  I want Obama to leave, NOW.  The longer he stays, the bigger the chance he will spark a civil war and marshall law.  

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Sex Religion Government

Sex Religion Government

This is, for sure, a dangerous, delicate, troika.

But, to totally understand just how dangerous, we first recall Cicero.

“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child”

Aha, some history.

Our Founders made it clear that Government should keep its nose out of Religion; yours, mine, ours

 = = = = = =

The First Amendment's Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” This clause not only forbids the government from establishing an official religion, but also prohibits government actions that unduly favor one religion over another. It also prohibits the government from unduly preferring religion over non-religion, or non-religion over religion.

 = = = = = =



I’ve not found any specific references to sex in the Declaration, The Constitution, or the Amendments.

They could have made specific instructions to the Government like….

Keep your nose out of sex…. Keep your nose out of sex…. Yours, mine, ours.

But they didn’t. So we are left wondering.

Perhaps they should have said ….. Keep your nose out of sex…. Yours, mine, ours.

They didn’t. But simple WISDOM would counsel Government………..

Keep your nose out of sex…. Yours, mine, ours.


Regardless , they didn’t. And now we have Obama plunging the Government deep into the abyss of Sex and Religion and Government

Obama, his ego unchecked, brought us FREE Contraceptives for promiscuous co-eds.

He challenged Congress and even found the nympho Fluke to front for him.


He started by putting her in front of congressional committee, begging for pre-paid contraceptives for her promiscuity.

That didn’t go over well…. and Obama was inundated with Letters, Faxes, Petitions , and Lawsuits.


He divined the  unfavorable (for him) outcome and offered to negotiate.

His negotiation stance was typical nobummer………


I’m here to negotiate… My Position is FIXED…. What can you offer me?

Big Fx*king deal… as his VP once uttered!


His first “offering” was……….

OK…. Churches don’t have to provide “FREE” contraceptives; the Insurance Companies will.


Well,………… we need a divert at this point.

Obama approaches “negotiation” from a false premise………

= = = =  = = = =

His announcement is, nonetheless, ….Let’s Negotiate

His Negotiation strategy is……….

I’ve got my position………what are you willing to give.



  • Obama jams it thru in obamacare
  • When challenged by public opinion and lawsuits about Churches having to pay,
    • Obama saved the day….. he “negotiated” a compromise by pawning the costs off onto insurance companies
    • NEVER did he “negotiate” the issue of ..” FREE Contraceptives for Women.”
    • NEVER was it debated that Insurance Companies would just roll their new costs into higher premiums ( plus profits)
    • When challenged again, from “affiliated” religious groups ( Colleges, Hospitals, Soup Kitchens)
      • He saved the day….by insisting that insurance Companies provide, but get reimbursed costs from the Gov’t
      • NEVER did he “negotiate” the issue of ..” FREE Contraceptives for Women.”
      • Never did he admit that such practice puts the burden of “free contraceptives for promiscuous females “on my tab”!


  • …but… in his PC world, I’m offended.
    • Not only “PCwise”, but he invaded my Religious freedom.
    • Now I have to pay, via higher taxes (where else is he going to get the $$$ ?)
    • Just because I don’t  have the $$$$$$ to hire a Lobby to grease him, I get stuck
    • AGAINST my religious beliefs!
    • …and …. I am offended!
    • …and I DO NOT want  to pay for Flukes condoms!

Now, where is Obama vs. GOD?

IF GOD wanted “no-baby” sex he would have………..

Designed the Menstrual Cycle to be Quarterly or Annual vs. monthly

…. Or he would have bellies change to day-glow-red during ovulation.


So we are left with ….. Obama vs. GOD

My message to obummer

Get outta Dodge!

Take a hike!

I hope they sue every last one of your condoms away!

Ooooops….got carried away…. I really don’t want anymore nobammas or Flukes.

I hope they sue his shorts off!

Can anybody HELP ME?





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On April 27, 2011, the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, conducted a Press "Gaggle" - a press briefing held before the formal press meeting. At the meeting, Obama would make a statement about the release of his original, long-form, hosital-issued birth certificate - a document that Obama had refused to show to the public for the previous four years. The purpose of this document release was to confirm that Obama was physically born in Hawaii in August 4, 1961 at Kapiolani Hospital. 

Obama stated the following at the April 27 meeting held in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

(NOTE: This will be the very first time that Obama will make a reference to his Certification of Live Birth, aka, the "short-form")

THE PRESIDENT: As many of you have been briefed, we provided additional information today about the site of my birth. Now, this issue has been going on for two, two and a half years now. I think it started during the campaign. And I have to say that over the last two and a half years I have watched with bemusement, I've been puzzled at the degree to which this thing just kept on going. We've had every official in Hawaii, Democrat and Republican, every news outlet that has investigated this, confirm that, yes, in fact, I was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961, in Kapiolani Hospital. We've posted the certification that is given by the state of Hawaii on the Internet for everybody to see. People have provided affidavits that they, in fact, have seen this birth certificate. And yet this thing just keeps on going.

Questions about Obama's citizenship were first raised by the Hillary Campaign more than three years ago. Also, everyone in the media was questioning John McCain's birth place and citizenship at the same time they were ignoring Obama's. As far as "every official in Hawaii confirming his birthplace in Kapiolani Hospital," there was only one official: former Governor Linda Lingle blurted it out on a Saturday evening radio talk show that she "had my health director, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health, and we issued a news release at that time saying that the president was, in fact, born at Kapi’olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii."

Only Fukino issued the press release (which was not an affidavit and not about the short-form). In fact, there are no affidavits that attest to the existence and authenticity of the short-form birth Certification of Live Birth.

Prior to the appearance of Obama, a packet was passed around to the press containing copies of two birth certificates: one was a bluish monochrome copy of the long-form birth certificate that was not what they posted on the White House website, and a black & white copy of the short-form birth certificate that was made from a printout of a webpage on, a popular "mythbusting" site.

Following a brief introduction, the discussion was turned over to Dan Pfeiffer, the White House Director of Communications.

Although the focus of the briefing was about the surprising release of Obama's original long-form birth certificate, Pfeiffer took the opportunity to frequently inform the press that the issue regarding Barack Obama's birth certificate was fully settled in 2008 when Obama, himself, requested and received a copy of his short-form birth certificate in 2008 and had his staff, including Pfeiffer, post it on his Campaign website.

The key statement repeatedly underscored by Mr. Pfeiffer is that a copy of Barack Obama's birth certificate was ordered and received in 2008, and that this short-form birth certificate, called a "Certification of Live Birth" is what was sent to Obama - not the long-form birth certificate that the HDOH no longer releases. (NOTE: I will use the acronym COLB instead of writing out short-form birth certificate)

Below are partial excerts from the official transcript of the press briefing containing questions from the press and some responses from Mr. Pfeiffer. (I inserted comments to what was said - they appear in bold face).

MR. PFEIFFER: In 2008, in response to media inquiries, the President’s campaign requested his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. We received that document; we posted it on the website.The State of Hawaii would never issue a copy of Obama's birth certificate to his Campaign - only Obama could order it.

So, that is what the White House is now claiming - that, in 2008, Obama, himself, ordered and received his COLB. "We received that document" presumably from Obama.

MR. PFEIFFER: ...since all of you weren' t around in 2008 when we originally released the President’s birth certificate, I will do that {that is, explain to the press what happened in 2008}

The "We" Pfeiffer is talking about refers to anyone connected with the Obama Campaign (run by Obama For America) since it was "released" seven months before there was an Obama White House staff (even though many of his campaign spokespeople became White House staff). When Robert Gibbs was Press Secretary (before Jay Carney), he used to proudly tell the press that "I posted it myself on the Internet."

MR. PFEIFFER: What you have in front of you now is a packet of papers that includes the President’s long-form birth certificate from the state of Hawaii, (and) the original birth certificate that the President requested and we posted online in 2008.

What "original birth certificate"did they post? The COLB is not the "original birth certificate." Was Pfeiffer confused about which is which? Possibly, since he claimed in his discussion that he did not even know a long-form existed at the time he posted the COLB. Again, Pfeiffer said that "the President requested the COLB and we posted it online in 2008." This is the third time that Pfeiffer said that "We," including himself, "posted the COLB online." The way that Pfeiffer tells it, they posted the actual COLB online instead of a copy of it. But why did they include in the packet, a copy of the COLB (an 8th generation copy) taken from the Snopes website? Don't they have a copy of their own?

MR. PFEIFFER: That document was then inspected by independent fact checkers, who came to the campaign headquarters and inspected the document -- independent fact checkers did, and declared that it was proof positive that the President was born in Hawaii.

Pfeiffer does not give the name of those "independent fact checkers" which he mentions twice. Would there have been one or more questions raised if he said that the "independent fact checkers" came from the organization known as "," who are funded by the Annenberg Foundation and George Soros - two of Obama's biggest campaign contributors? Would it have been mentioned that the Annenberg Foundation gave $50 million to Bill Ayers who hired Obama to chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC)? These "independent fact checkers" had never seen a real COLB before, knew nothing about the security paper on which it is printed, and knew nothing about the security borders. In short, they had no idea what they were seeing, IF, in fact, they saw anything.

MR. PFEIFFER: To be clear, the document we presented on the President’s website in 2008 is his birth certificate. That essentially -- for those of you who followed the campaign closely know that solved the issue. We didn’t spend any time talking about this after that.

No, Mr. Pfeiffer. It did not solve the issue because, even if there was a real, authentic COLB, it cannot prove that Obama was physically born in Hawaii. COLBs were given to children born out-of-state up until a year after their birth. As long as their parents established residency in Hawaii for a year and claimed Hawaii as their home, the child was issued a COLB showing a Hawaiian birth. This is the sole reason why the long-form birth certificate was sought - to prove that Obama was physically born on US soil - one of the qualifications for being eligible to become President.

REPORTER: When you posted this did you post the other side of it where the signature is?


NO, they did not. Only the front side was posted and the Obama Campaign was not the first place to post a copy. The ultra leftwing Daily Kos was and Markos, the blog owner, did not say how he got it. They never posted an image of the other side and never posted another image of the front.

REPORTER: Because it is not here and that's been an issue.

MR. PFEIFFER: We posted both sides and when it was looked at it was looked at by -- the fact checkers came to headquarters and actually examined the document we had. That settled the issue...But it became an issue again.

NO, you never posted both sides. You said, ""...the fact checkers came to headquarters and actually examined the document we had."  Rather than settle the issue, it raised a bigger one. If you had the actual COLB, then you would have said " the fact checkers...actually examined Obama's birth certificate," and not "the document."

MR. PFEIFFER: I don’t think this dragged on for four years because this was resolved -- for those of you who remember the campaign, this issue was resolved in 2008. And it has not been an issue, none of you have asked about it, called about it, reported on it until the last few weeks.

Pfeiffer repeats the lie over and over and over again hoping that people will believe it is the truth. Doesn't Pfeiffer ever read what the media write? Has he never read a single "Birther article" from the thousands that appeared since 2008? Of course he has. He even said so. 

MR. PFEIFFER: There has been -- no one that I can recall actually asked us to -- we were asked to release the President’s birth certificate in 2008. We did that. And then no one -- it never -- up until a few weeks ago, there was never an issue about that that wasn’t the birth certificate from any credible individual or media outlet. And it hasn’t been until -- I mean, Jay was asked about this yesterday.

Pfeiffer must have been under a rock because the Obama Campaign was asked, from Day One, to release the long-form, hospital-issued birth certificate, and he has steadfastly refused. Hawaii has steadfastly refused. Pfeiffer is recognizing that the Mainstream Media buried the story and refused to investigate the issue until Trump forced them to bring it out. Only the people and media outlets whom Obama personally chooses are in Pfeiffer's "credible individual or media outlet" category. Did Pfeiffer really say that it was not an issue until Jay Carney was asked about it the day before? By whom? CNN? Trump?

MR. PFEIFFER: When any Hawaiian wants -- requests their birth certificate because they want to get a driver’s license, they want to get a passport, they do exactly what the President did in 2008. And that’s what that is. And we released that.

Pfeiffer is saying that the President, when he was still a candidate, filled out the standard PDF BIRTH form in 2008, sent it to the Hawaii Health Department and they sent him, by mail, a 2008 Certification of Live Birth like every Hawaiian would get.


MR. PFEIFFER: Let’s be very clear. You were there for the campaign. There was never a question about the original birth certificate during the campaign. It was a settled issue. I was there for the original decision to release the birth certificate. I was there when we posted it online. I'm not sure I even knew there was an original one that was different than the one we posted online because it wasn’t an issue. So it wasn’t like -- let’s be very clear. We were asked for the President’s birth certificate in 2008; we released the President’s birth certificate; and it was done. That was it.

Pfeiffer, let's be very clear. You are not. Millions of people from all walks of life have been asking continuously for four years to see Obama's original, hospital-issued long-form birth certificate, and Obama and Hawaii have been stonewalling its release. The day before your press briefing, CNN, (one you would consider to be a "credible media outlet") had a two-part "Birther" investigation and they were talking about Hawaii's long-form birth certificate and how Obama could get one.

You said "I was there for the original decision to release the birth certificate."

WHAT decision? WHOSE decision? WHEN was it made? Did it sound something like, "Release the Kraken!"

MR. CARNEY {joins the debate}: the President feels that this was bad for the be drawn into sideshows about fallacies that have been disproven with the full weight of a legal document for several years.

I hate to break it to you, Carney, but the online COLB is not a legal document and has no weight at all. Now, here comes the real fallacy.

Pfeiffer said that, in 2008, Obama requested and received, an original Certification of Live Birth that he posted online. He said that, in 2008, the Obama Campaign had the "actual document" - presumably, the Certification of Live Birth that was requested by Obama in 2008 and posted online in 2008, and that "independent fact checkers had actually examined the document you had," also in 2008.

BUT, Obama's Certification of Live Birth was a 2007 COLB, date stamped June 6, 2007. There was no way for Obama to request and receive a COLB in 2008 - as you have repeatedly told the press - and get a 2007 COLB with a date-stamp of June 6, 2007. Ordering a COLB in 2008 would get you a 2008 COLB with a 2008 date stamp. Also, the 2008 COLB has a very different border and layout from the 2007 COLB and it also has a 2008 date-stamp .

So, NOW, you have a condundrum, and you recognized it. The way you got out of the conundrum was to make a black & white Xerox copy of a printout of a COLB shown on, and make the copy so light and fuzzy that it obscured both the 2007 date-stamp and the 2007 border. The press, you reason, would never know the difference between a 2007 and a 2008 COLB - especially when the 2007 date stamp could not be seen, and the COLB copy shown is not even your own.

The truth is that Obama never ordered a real COLB, never received a real COLB, never had a real COLB, and you never posted a real COLB. Hawaii's Department of Health never issued a real COLB to Obama, and that is why they refused to confirm it and refused to authenticate the images of it. Factcheck never examined a real COLB for Obama and CNN never investigated a real COLB for Obama.

In other words, Obama, the White House, Obama For America, the State of Hawaii, Factcheck (funded by the Annenberg Foundation), and Politifact (funded by the Times Corporation), know that Obama's online Certification of Live Birth is a forgery because there is no real Certification of Live Birth. All of these people and organizations know that Barack Obama is an imposter and an identity fraud who was not born in Hawaii. 

We have an imposter and a usurper in the White House, and a lot of people helped to put him there. No conspiracy theories here - just real conspirators and traitors and the greatest identity fraud in history.

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A twofer post.  They are intertwined and I could not separate them so I took excerpts from both but have provided the links for the full articles. 

First was By Steve Baldwin for the Western Center for Journalism

Second by Jerome R. Corsi WND EXCLUSIVE


This should concern all Americans.  A nation-wide network of researchers has sprung up to attempt to fill in the blanks, but at every opportunity Obama’s high-priced lawyers have built walls around various records or simply made them disappear. It is estimated that Obama’s legal team has now spent well over $1.4 million dollars blocking access to documents every American should have access to. The question is why would he spend so much money to do this?

The president who campaigned for a more “open government” and “full disclosure” will not unseal his medical records, his school records, his birth records or his passport records. He will not release his Harvard records, his Columbia College records, or his Occidental College records—he will not even release his Columbia College thesis. All his legislative records from the Illinois State Senate are missing and he claims his scheduling records during those State Senate years are lost as well. In addition, no one can find his school records for the elite K-12 college prep school, Punahou School, he attended in Hawaii.

What is he hiding? Well, for starters, some of these records will shed light on his citizenship and birth. So, people - you just keep thinkin' it ain't possible that our gvt (or should I say the Marxists left in our gvt) have been planning for this INELIGIBLE FRAUD to be president for a looooong time.



So compare these men – if you HAD to guess which he looks most like… yeah. I thought so. I posted this to my facebook for all my "in the dark" friends to keep your head in the sand… nothing to see here… ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? I wouldn’t know, because I am not ignoring the facts like many of you are in this country.

Honestly, I don't give a ratzass who is father is - I just know he is NOT ELIGIBLE to be our president. The constitutional crisis our esteemed leaders are in fear of isn't that this happened, but that they are too cowardly to CORRECT IT!

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Here are the easy steps required to prove to yourself and to anyone  else that the long form birth certificate from the White House website is a fraud.  It shows just how easy it is to investigate and prove.  Anyone with a computer can do this.

1) Download a free evaluation copy of Adobe Illustrator here:

2) Install Adobe Illustrator on you computer - you can remove it later.

3) Download Obama's long form "birth certificate" from the White House website here: In most cases you will have the birth certificate embedded in your web browser page as a PDF.  Most browsers allow you the option of saving the PDF document to your hard drive and you will need to do this.

4) Open PDF you just saved to your hard drive using your FREE trial copy of Adobe Illustrator;  This is what you should see:


5) Notice the layers window on the right hand side in Adobe Illustrator.  If the document had been scanned as has been claimed there would only be a single layer continaing a single image.  As you can see this is not the case.  This document is composed of many items that were copied from other documents and pasted in. You can turn these individual layers on and off - INCLUDING THE SECURITY PAPER PATTERN.

If you don't see the layers window on the right it is hidden and you will have to show it.  I think you can press "F7" to do this.


Play around, have fun, hide and show individual layers.  Then print the document with various layers hidden.  Pass this information along to your family, friends and skeptics.  Print out a copy and send to you representatives and demand an investigation.  Send copies to your local sherrif - show them how.


Here is the document with the "security layer" hidden:


Keep in mind that proving this fraud takes no special image editing skills - just a trial copy of Illustrator.  Adobe is a large download be patient because it's well worth the satisfaction of proving it yourself and being able to do so to anyone and everyone.  ENJOY!


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Author of the book "Where's the Birth Certificate?" Jerome Corsi gave a presentation to Surprise, Arizona Tea Party members regarding Obama's ineligibility, suppressing of birth records, passport records, school records, law practice records, senatorial records, Social Security fraud, Dreams from My Father lies, and, most importantly, proof that the Obama long-form birth certificate is a forgery. There was then a call to sign a petition to have Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio open an investigation into whether Obama's long-form birth certificate was forged. The basis for the call of an investigation is that when Obama's name is placed on the presidential  ballot in 2012, if the basis for the placing of his name on the ballot is a forged document, then this constitutes election fraud within the jurisdiction of Maricopa County, giving Arpaio authority to investigate it. See the link below to watch Corsi's presentation:

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For anyone that needs to get up to speed on the Obama Certificate of Live Birth (COLB, the long form birth certificate) forgery, here is an extensive interview with:
Jerome Corsi (Author of Where's the Birth Certificate)
Orly Taitz (has subpoenaed Obama's COLB, to be delivered by the Hawaii Department of Health August 8, 2011)
Susan Daniels (Private investigator that found that Obama is using a stolen Social Security number)
Paul Valleley (retired U.S. Army general who has had several former CIA agents inspect the Obama COLB, who have concluded it is a forgery)
Mara Zebest (Adobe expert who concludes the Obama COLB is a forgery)
Joseph Newcomer (exposed Dan Rather's forgery of G.W. Bush National Guard documents in 2004, and states the Obama COLB is "highly suspicious")
Albert Einstein Renshaw (16-year-old Apple app wonder boy who produced a video on YouTube about the Obama COLB that has gone viral
And other experts.
Here is the link for the interview:
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Obama’s Secret Fraud Kingpin?

Obama’s Secret Fraud Kingpin?

A silent, possibly complicit Kingpin must be brought out of the shadows to answer burning inconsistencies.

It is becoming apparent the Birth Certificate which Mr. Obama presented to the public as a “true and accurate copy of the original” is neither. As a matter of fact, many are claiming it is a fraud!  Forensic specialists have examined the publicly displayed Obama Birth Certificate and are claiming it is a poorly created dummy document, a fake!

However, the alleged fake document is what many are calling ‘an expected result from a charlatan of the likes of Obama’.   At a closer view the document carries with it a higher degree of suspicion because of the nature of the forced disclosure by Obama. Whatever the motive to present this ‘Birth Certificate,’ may be, it has placed the Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, in a precarious position.

In sum, it appears Abercrombie is one of the few people who can actually verify the validity of the Obama ‘Birth Certificate,’ for he, is the one whom the trust and validity of these documents reside, nonetheless, this may change if the court orders a forensic examination of Obama ‘Birth Certificate.’

Let us not forget, ONLY States and territorial jurisdictions of the United States can issue birth certificates. In short, there is no such thing as a ‘federal birth certificate.’ This means the weight of the validity of any State issued birth document is shifted onto the State, and then flows up to the chief official, in this case, Neil Abercrombie.

One important caveat, if it is found the Obama ‘Birth Certificate’ is a fraud, which at this writing, proof has revealed the document presented by the White House are most likely a forgery than not, then the focus shifts from Obama to Abercrombie.

Quite simply, if a falsification of a Hawaiian State issued Birth record is discovered, then the Hawaiian Governor has a fiduciary responsibility to the people of Hawaii, and, to the people of the United States of America. A responsibility to verify the validity of the ‘Birth Certificate’ in question, or denounce it as a fraud, anything less would be disingenuous of the highest office in the State of Hawaii, as evidenced by the oath of office[i].

The implications could be staggering. If it is found Obama’s published ‘Birth Certificate’ is a fraud and the Governor does not denounce such an open and conspicuous falsehood perpetrated upon the American people, then he will be complicit and perpetuate a fraud by defaulting on his responsibility to protect the interest of the good people of Hawaii and the United States as a whole. If a falsehood is knowingly covered-up by Abercrombie, then he has dirty hands, thereby, having used his office as an instrumentality for the committing of a series of crimes. 

Make no mistake; if Neil Abercrombie chooses to be silent on a false Obama ‘Birth Certificate,’ he is as much an accessory to conspiracy to defraud, as if he personally printed the fabricated document himself.  With Abercrombie’s authority and responsibility to the State of Hawaii, as well as to the laws of the United States, he is placed into a position of being the chief enforcement authority by this jurisdiction. Furthermore, he has sworn to protect the Constitution of the United States of America, this equates to a Judicial mandate which he must enforce or be negligent in his sworn duties as Governor.

This could translate into an effort by the office of the Governor to launch a full and thorough investigation into birth certificate abuse.  Not just in the light of the possible Obama Birth Certificate scheme, but also in other cases which have, or may not have, defrauded the people of Hawaii.

Additionally, the issue doesn’t stop with just a single birth certificate fraud case.  The document in question could possibly represent hundreds, or even thousands, of fraudulent birth certificates used to commit a plethora of crimes. Crimes such as credit fraud, passport fraud and possibly has created a hidden pathway, which illegal aliens have trod for years, as they nefariously enter into the United States and pose as citizens.

Truth be told, the State of Hawaii, and it’s Governor, has authority under the Police Powers as guaranteed in the 5th and 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution, which raises the question of Federal jurisdiction as pertaining to State created documents. These State created documents carry Federal authority, and in this particular case, qualifies or disqualifies a person running for the office of the President of the United States of America.

What’s more important is, if Neil Abercrombie becomes aware of a fraud and refuses to act, this demonstrates a mens rea[ii] on his part. Men Rea is a necessary element in the determination of the intent to defraud, therefore, possibly setting the stage for being charged as a co-conspirator; consequently, Neil Abercrombie would have committed a crime on behalf of another.

In short, if Abercrombie has concealed the Obama ‘Birth Certificate,’  purported to be a State issued document, is indeed a fraud, then this places the Hawaiian Department of Justice on notice of the general intent by Abercrombie to mislead law enforcement and the specific intent to commit a crime on behalf of another by duplicity.  

Will Abercrombie conceal the truth of the birth certificate by refusing to verify or denounce the accuracy of the ‘Birth Certificate’ presented by Obama?  

Would the people of Hawaii be defrauded by the altering of a State issued birth certificate?

Yes! Because of the fact the Office of the President of the United States has, and will continue to exercise Federal jurisdiction over the people of Hawaii, not only in Federal questions, but also in monetary issues will have a direct impact on the economy of the State of Hawaii.

The question must be asked; is Neil Abercrombie complicit in the crime of defrauding the people of Hawaii and the government of the United States of America through duplicity, by concealing incriminating evidence of the Obama ‘Birth Certificate’?  

Was document fraud deception deliberately practiced with a view to gain an unlawful advantage? Birth document fraud is injurious to society, especially through deceit and trickery to mislead the course of due process. Is this what has happened?

Was our beloved Nation betrayed through a well-conceived and executed hoax?

Look at it this way, maybe, just maybe, the birth document is truly the actual Obama ‘Birth Certificate’ and Neil Abercrombie has nothing to worry about.

What do you think?



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[i] I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Hawaii, and that I will faithfully discharge my duties as ... to best of my ability." As used in this section, "eligible public officers" means the governor, the lieutenant governor, the members of both houses of the legislature, the members of the board of education, the members of the national guard, State or county employees who possess police powers, district court judges, and all those whose appointment requires the consent of the senate.  Source:


[ii] The state of mind that the prosecution, to secure a conviction, must prove that a defendant had when committing a crime; criminal intent or recklessness. Blacks Law Dictionary 7th Edition, 1999, Page 999


 Stephen Eichler J.D. is a Legal Analyst having graduated from Trinity Law School with additional studies in International law. Eichler is a founding student of Liberty University being personally taught by Dr. Jerry Falwell. Stephen Eichler is bringing national awareness to issues that challenge the security, sovereignty and domestic tranquility of the United States.  He is the Executive Director of the Minuteman Project, Inc. led by Jim Gilchrist and Executive Director of the  Stephen Eichler is represented by Tim Bueler and may be contacted at for Radio/TV and Print media bookings. 


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A Republican congressman has told a left-leaning blog that if there is collective support, he would favor the impeachment of Barack Obama over his decision to stop defending the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Scott Keyes of asked U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz.: "I know Newt Gingrich has came out (sic) and said if they don't reverse course here, we ought to be talking about possibly impeaching either Attorney General [Eric] Holder or even President Obama to try to get them to reverse course. Do you think that is something you would support?" Keyes asked.

Read all about the grounds for impeachment.

Franks replied: "If it could gain the collective support, absolutely. I called for Eric Holder to repudiate the policy to try terrorists within our civil courts, or resign. So it just seems like that they have an uncanny ability to get it wrong on almost all fronts."

Blessings to all,
Judy Miller
Jacksonville, FL
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Author: Brian D. Hill

News Source: USWGO Alternative News

Source: BlogTalkRadio, Briefingbefore the interview

Brian D. Hill of USWGO is going to interview Orly Taitz after he sent a Interviewrequest after his defendOrly Taitz from Chris Matthews truth video gone viral on herwebsite. Then after that he contacted her about a Interview request andshe accepted it and gave him the phone number to call her and then theInterview got set up yesterday. Even though USWGO Talk Radio is now setup to start every Saturday, Friday, and Sunday at 7PM with apossibility of random shows during emergencies and other urgentbroadcasts, Orly Taitz accepted that 8PM be a good time and that it betill 8:30 but he made the entire show 1 hour in case she goes a littleover 30 minutes and so callers can discuss about the Interview.

For those who don't know who Orly Taitz is you can check out her Wikipedia page.

He will ask Orly Taitz various questions, some regarding the Birth certificate issue, and the rest will be regarding the Constitution andother things shes concerned about politically.

More details will come if needed.

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