How to REALLY Restore America

The major stumbling block to restoring America and saving the world is the lack of unity or oneness, which Jesus preached. With Christians all thinking the same thing it would be easy to elect Christians to Congress and all government offices nationwide to turn America to the true right which is defined by Jesus Christ. Then we could easily get funds and people to bring Jesus and His absolute perfection to the world instead of secular western economy and war. We could pass laws requiring schools to teach kids to memorize a Gospel by the 3rd grade before they learn to ignore teachers, party, and drop out. We could outlaw anti-Christian groups like the ACLU and make countless changes to make government more righteous, responsible, and redemptive.

The best way to get this unity is simply to preach Jesus' ministry and forsake all others. Preach the New Pentateuch, the 5 books with most of Jesus' words. Preach all of it, not leaving out verses that may force you to change the way you practice church. Preaching anyone else from Paul to Luther to your ministry or mine will result in more divided loyalties and Rev. 17:5 prostitution. To help you see the key insight, the best example of a false shepherd is John who wrote Jesus' ministry in his Gospel and Revelation but his own ministry in the Epistles of John - and the worst example is Paul who only quoted Jesus in three verses. It may take some work to change focus to Jesus as much as needed. The nation's founders turned to Jesus by necessity, we should do it voluntarily.

On the spiritual side, we need to change our human spirits from the old testament prophet type judgment, wrath, and destruction to the good miracles of Jesus including God's perfect love, countering the corrupt love popular today, healing by the Father's miracles instead of medicine, feeding by the Father's bountiful supply instead of human economy, transportation including walking on water and more instead of by man made means. Prayer is required to make anything in life good. We need prayers that actually bring forth all the true and perfect works Jesus did and direct contact with Jesus so we can be empowered by His Spirit instead of our own fading glory and well pleasing to Him in all He sends us to do.

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