By Oscar Y. Harward


Many refer to Islam as a religion of peace.  Islam does not practice religion of peace.  Christians learn more about peace, love, and justice from (y)our Holy Bible.


Islamic Muslims and other supporting groups qualify as approved for tax supported status under the IRS Code.


Why does so many Washington, DC based political leaders, legislators, and Main-stream Medias become so confused in pronouncing Islam as a religion of peace?  This is not a case of racism.  It is a historical war based on facts.  Islam is a contrasting form of life as compared to Christianity.


Why should Americans invite Islamic Muslims into America as they openly declare that Islam will destroy America, our Constitution, and our Holy Bible; replacing America with Islam, the Quran, and Sharia Law.


Almost all terror in America is associated to Islamic Muslim governments and/or other Islamic groups. 


Terrorism, collectively, created by Muslims costs Americans their lives; both here and in Middle Eastern wars.  American taxpayers have now paid trillions of dollars for protection; due to Islamic Muslims terrorism.


On February 26, 1993 The World Trade Center suffered a terrorist attack on New York.  Another terrorist attack occurred on 9/11/01 as ‘Islamic’ Muslims used airliners in attacking America.


The Quran promotes violence


On a regular basis, all who oppose ‘Islam’ are attacked; injured, and/or killed by radical Muslims.


Islamic attacks continue.  How can leaders continue allowing ‘Islam’ and their supporters to amass tax supported status?  Learning more about Islam and removing tax supported status will likely deeply reduce terrorism across America


Eliminating tax supported status of Islam and their supporting organizations in the USA will decrease terrorism and other criminal activity.


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