Fellow Patriot,
This is your final notification. I wanted to check in on your membership status, and ask why you haven't yet renewed your membership. Before we close our books to plan for all of our freedom programs in 2014, we need to know if you plan on standing with us in 2014. 
There is no Tea Party without you. The Tea Party is 100% based upon contributions from Americans like yourself. 2014 will be our year unless we don't have your support. 
Your donation of $3.00 or more will give us the strength we need to take back our nation this year
We need your immediate support to make a major impact in changing the landscape in Washington and across the country. Won't you please follow this link and make your contribution to help sustain our programs. 
Time is quickly running out. We need to plan for taking back our nation and we can't do so unless we know if we have your support. 
Even $3 will help us meet our goals. Follow this link to make your contribution
Let's let freedom ring, 
Todd Cefaratti Freedom Organizer 
P.S. This is your final notification to renew your membership to the Tea Party. Without your membership you will still receive all the benefits TheTeaParty.net has to offer - but we won't be able to fully implement our programs. Please follow this link to stand with us and make your contribution of at least $3 or more.

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