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By: Juan Reynoso, activist -     STAND FOR AMERICA

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

The question is, who is worst the criminals that commit the crimes against humanity or the ones that know what is taken place in our country and do nothing to stop it and remain silent.

Ron Paul, the only honest candidate that was destroyed by the US News Media because he do not sale out. The NEOCON hates Ron Paul because he stands for Freedom, Honesty, and Sound Money. We are broken and pull apart by deception and betrayal; 2016 is the year of unity and the time to get our country on the right path, restore our freedom and take back our jobs and our rights to work for decent wages and our prosperity.

The “neocons” believe that American greatness is measured by our willingness to be a great power, through an unlimited global military intervention in other nations; their objective is to control and dominate regional resources to consolidate control, sufficient to generate global control and power. As American neocons continue to shape the narratives that define the permissible boundaries for U.S. foreign policy thinking, the failure to enforce any meaningful accountability on them for their role in the criminal and disastrous invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan has become painfully clear. We have become the world’s bully, the predators of many nations’ natural resources. Our integrity and honor was destroyed by the ill foreign policy of the GOP NEOCON. In any vibrant democratic system, it would be unthinkable that the neocons and the war hawks who pushed the United States into Iraq and Afghanistan  a little more than twelve years ago would still be exercising control over how Americans perceive today’s events. Yet, many of the exact same pundits and pols who misled the American people then are still misleading them today, they picture themselves as the champions of Democracy, freedom and pro free enterprise system, but in reality they are the promoters of predator corporatism, free trade and globalization, they want the control of the world’s natural resources, commerce and the en slavery of the working class. The question is who is worst, the criminals that commit the crimes against humanity or the ones that know what is taken place in our country and do nothing and remain silent. America, wake up and stand united to take our country back in 2016. Let’s work for Freedom, Honesty, and Sound Money. 

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The Criminal Plot to Stop Ron Paul

Ron Paul, the U.S. Representative from Texas

The NEOCON conservatives hate Ron Paul.



Get to know the man. Ron Paul news, articles and information:

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Attention Retirees and Soon To Be Retirees:  Does the Ominous Bill contain legislation that allows public and private employers to cut the pension benefits of current retirees? 

I would strongly suggest that you read the fine print of this "Bill" to find out the answer!

If this proves to be a "fact" then the current Speaker of The House should be forced to resign his post immediately.  How can the GOP members who supported the Ominous Bill sleep at night?  They have virtually screwed the very people who worked so damn hard to get these "traitors" elected and give them a House and Senate that could stop the "train wreck" called "OBAMANATION" that is destroying the United States Of America and all that it stands for, including its laws of the land.

We have worked our butts off to get these chauffer driven "GOP congress men & women" elected in a time when "tyranny" runs amuck in our Government and its lawless leaders.  How much more does the Legal, Law biding & self supporting American People have to be subjected too before we can exercise our CONSTITUTION RIGHTS AND LAWFULLY OVERTHROW A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT.   

Some one please tell me I am WRONG!  I would like nothing better than to be WRONG regarding millions of American Retirees, Pension Benefits being cut by their employers. Besides cutting pension benefits for current retirees, the Ominous was a complete sell-out of the American People who supported the GOP in this last election. The GOP House and Senate Members were give this gift by the voters for one reason and one reason only... STOP OBAMA, DEFUND HIS SOCIALIST EXECUTIVE ORDERS AND DEFUND THE LEFT WING SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT AGENCIES WHO HAVE BEEN WAGING A SILENT WAR AGAINST THE LAWFUL CITIZENS OF THE US.

Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell you are not GOD! You are self-appointed demigods.  Just because your tenure positions aligns you for leadership of the 2015 Congress of the United States, it does not mean that either of you are the people who elected this Congress choice.  So far you both have failed to live up to the will of the American People.  In plain and simple terms Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell are your NUTS or is your judgment impaired by the use of too much alcohol? 



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GA-homeowner-shoots-one-of-three-suspects-who-break-into-his-home - photo credit - Decatur 11AliveTV

GA homeowner shoots one of three suspects who broke into his home – photo credit – Decatur 11AliveTV


When a homeowner has a break-in it is more than just an invasion of their privacy.  It is an attack on their sense of safety and security.  So you can imagine the anger that a Georgia homeowner felt when he was surprised by burglars who broke into his home a second time, reported Guns n Freedom. 


The homeowner who was on an afternoon lunch break  called 911 and as was to be suspected the police would not arrive in time to deal with the three thugs.  Enough was enough and the homeowner decided that he had the only type of justice these three thieves would understand.  He , “at that point pulled out a personal firearm and fired, striking one of the suspects,” commented Capt. Stephen Fore of the Dekalb County Police


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Take Back America


Sometimes I take a good hard look at the past and I can see how it can repeat itself. Where I was born and growing up in a city and province where I experienced a strange pattern of events and normalcy.

I am an American citizen by choice. I took the test and aced it. I wanted to have the right to vote in this nation that is now home to me.

Being born in Montréal, Québec, Canada as an English and school taught French person can give someone a strange sense of reality. While growing up, my city was under the war measures act of Canada; the first ever in its history.


It started with the ‘Fronte de Libération du Québec’ (FLQ) wanting to take over the province. The terror ran from approximately 1963 to 1970. Bombs in mailboxes were common and influential English speaking people were targeted.


They kidnapped two influential people. One was British Trade Minister James Cross who was eventually freed in a deal with the kidnappers, while the other hostage was Pierre Laporte who was executed. It was ironic that the French person lost his life.


I have seen and lived through armored tanks on the streets and curfews. I have seen fear on the faces of people and terror in their eyes.


The Parti Québécois eventually replaced the FLQ because more people thought that a peaceful political party could be more effective than the violent FLQ. Then, the Bloc Québécois became the official party of Québec’s predominately French population. There are other variations to political groups now in Québec, including the Québec Liberal Party.


The English population in the province of Québec has been cut more than in half over the past thirty years. The English speaking are now bi-lingual and signs are all in French. Many of the English have migrated to the neighboring province of Ontario.  


Now, in 2013, I am faced with being an American (for many years now) and seeing signs of people wanting to fight for freedom, which seems to me, to be dwindling in the USA.


There are constant threats as to the constitutional rights of citizens. America is badly divided.


I can relate to the situation here in the US easily. I have endured a very evolving situation in the country of my birth; particularly in Montréal.


There are major differences between the parties in America. The Democrats are liberal and Republicans are conservative. At least, that is what they are perceived to be.


There are only the two significant parties and an option to be an Independent voter. I am a registered Independent.


In Canada there are many parties and I believe there should be more options in the US, however, not yet. That could spread the vote out between Republicans and Conservatives. There really is a difference. I can see it with the people I interact with.


This country must have a leader who will stand for the freedoms of the Constitution of the United States. We need a change of power and it must be a change that rules against the NWO and Islamists trying to take over our country.


There are camps in many states that let Jihadists practice to kill us. That should be abolished or we will become as other countries have. Islam brought them backwards. Change is supposed to make things better. I no longer like that word. 


The dealing of the IRS is a disgrace to modern America. I say, abolish the IRS in favor of a ‘fair tax’.


I was born with a Jewish father and a Christian mother who converted to Judaism and then went back to her Christian upbringing when my dad died. I am not religious. I am kind of an in between person who grew up thinking that religion was parties at relative’s houses. I celebrated both. I believe that this nation was built on Judeo-Christian beliefs and certainly not Muslim based beliefs.


My conviction is that Muslims have no right to practice in Jihad camps in America. They want this country to be a Sharia law (Islamic law) based Muslim country and will stop at nothing to try to do it. I am committed to stopping this. 


If everything that I have witnessed while networking and watching conservative news happens according to the possibilities I see, Islam or the NWO will be our choices. Starving sick people will make a choice. To stop this from happening, the people of America cannot be divided.


I lived through political unrest during my life and never thought that when becoming an American citizen, I would live to see a country rumble again. I am feeling it in my bones. I will be relentless in trying my best to make America whole and free once more.


We are not a free people when government spies on us and lets our Constitution be decimated.  


I am only human but I know right from wrong. The theme in this country is wrong. We must change that. We must unite or divided we will fall. Let us take back America!

Daveda Gruber

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I have been googling all over the place for more news, but it's really under the radar. I got the post from a Natural Food's site. Please everyone, see what you can dig up about this. If true, this will upend a lot more than this administration:

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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Note: If you conducted a poll regarding the Sharia Law and want USWGO to add the results to the USWGO poll results article then send aemail to admin @

USWGO Founder Brian D. Hill is now posting forums threads on David Icke's Forum, MisterPoll, FaceBook, Quizilla, and other places to gather votes on whether the Sharia Law is approvedby the majority of people or whether the Sharia Law is opposed by themajority of the people.

For those who don't know what Sharia Law is USWGO prepared a article a while ago along with it a attached pdf file explaining how Sharia Law threatens Human Rights and the American Constitution.

The Sharia Law being implemented by stealth in America will mean a radical overhaul of the Court system providing a double court systemwhere one religious group gains higher justice then other religious andnon religious groups, one religious group may beat up women and attackpeople of other religious groups, Free speech will be abolished, Freedomof the press will be abolished, Freedom of Religion will be abolished,Freedom of assembly will be abolished, woman can no longer wearswimsuits or even tan and women will be raped if they violate this partof Sharia Law, and other horrors await America as Sharia Law is beingsecretly passed throughout local areas of America until it reaches theCapital for evaluation on whether a National Sharia Law should beenacted.

Sharia law threatens the Constitution and threatens Human Rights groups and even the Court on Human Rights as the Sharia Law was createdby radical Islamic (Not Muslim) groups that don't believe in any form ofHuman Rights or even a Constitution.

Muslims have been attacked and discriminated whether they agree with the Sharia Law or not because that law has turned many people againstMuslims and has even formed secretive hate groups against Muslims. Manypeople now feel as though Muslims are terrorists or support radicalIslam even though it's not true. The hate has spiraled and willeventually lead to violent wars and holocausts if Sharia Law keeps beingpassed throughout the world.

"It will become Us against Them kind of scenario if we let this absurd law be sneaked into every law system throughout the world. Infact it won't lower discrimination against Muslims but will lead to morejealousy, hate, and violate Human Rights" says Brian D. Hill of USWGO.His anti Sharia Law views has led to several facebook users attackinghim, calling him racist, and leading to attacks against USWGO'sreputation.

Will the Sharia law pass or will it be rebelled by the people? Polls will tell and USWGO is allowing 7 days before they publish a articleregarding the poll results.

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