LAWLESSNESS AND CORRUPTION IN CONGRESS SHOWS UP AGAINDEEP STATE POLITICIANS USING INSIDER TRADING TO GET RICHER, SEEK TO SUBJUGATE WE THE PEOPLEThe coronavirus has once again shown We the People how greedy and corrupt the political ruling class is. Martha Stewart was sent to prison for insider trading but what is illegal for citizens is not illegal for the ruling class politicians. I just read an article detailing the amount of criminal trading activity by the political ruling class and it is a very bi-partisan activity ( The deep state entails the entire democrat party and the majority of the republican party. I have been told by elected republicans, when I complain of their lack of representation of We the People, that if I don't like it I can vote for democrats. That is a very sad response. Just as democrats, republicans want my vote but not my input. I have been told twice by markwayne mullin that I need to vote then sit down, shut up, and let them run the country as they see fit. That wasn't the idea of the founders. They expected those in office to represent We the People. The founders actually served in government, unlike today's politicians. One of the main factors that brought about revolution was taxation without representation, something I see now. We the People, at least the working class, are heavily taxed while the very wealthy, including the political ruling class, pay very little percentage-wise. The ultra wealthy can hide their wealth behind "foundations" and live lives of ultra luxury while paying NO taxes. The clintons raised hundreds of millions for their foundation but the money hasn't gone where it was supposed to go. They raised a billion or so after the earthquake that devastated Haiti but nothing has been done to rebuild Haiti nor help the people. Lots of tax money has been spent there but the clintons are busy living in luxury off the money donated to help. Democrats, such as nutty nancy pelosi and maxine "polluted" waters have fits over a wall on our southern border to keep illegal aliens, terrorists, and drugs out of our nation but themselves live in huge mansions behind walls and gates with armed security guards paid for by tax dollars confiscated from working citizens. Waters lives in a $4.5 million walled and gated mansion far from the district she is elected from. It is my understanding that people elected to congress must live in the district they are elected from but not doing so is common among democrat elitists who have no desire to live in the slum areas they are elected from. Today we see corrupt politicians ignoring the Constitution, violating their oath of office, and working only to increase their own power and wealth to the detriment of citizens. Taxation without representation was a major factor in the revolution that formed this nation but the catalyst was when British soldiers marched out to confiscate guns from colonists. The colonists knew the importance of being able to defend themselves and resisted with "the shot heard around the world" fired on Lexington Green. Politicians have been violating the 2nd Amendment since the 1930s and are becoming more and more tyrannical in their quest to render We the People defenseless in the face of the police state. The leading democrat contender, joe biden, and all the rest of them for that matter, has said he supports the 2nd Amendment but that if elected one of his very first acts will be to begin mandatory confiscation of guns from citizens. Liberty for We the People is not in the plan for deep state politicians, power and wealth is what they long for. I am old and crippled from a stroke so I really can't fight them in the physical battle but will fight with everything I have in the spiritual realm and with my God-given ability to write. I pray daily that God will take down the deep state politicians and their allies in the fake news propaganda media. I ask God to touch the hearts of citizens, to draw them to Jesus, and affect the way they vote. I ask for honest people to run for office, people who will put the interests of the nation ahead of themselves as our founders did, so the nation can be turned back to what God and our founders established, one nation under God. President Reagan once said, "if we ever forget we are one nation under God we will be one nation gone under". Sadly, I believe that day is upon us, God has been removed from the public forum and was even booed at a recent democrat nominating convention. God won't go where He isn't wanted and won't stay where He isn't welcome. God is not welcome anywhere liberals gather. He is welcome anywhere I am and the nation needs more people to ask God in and to make Him welcome in their life.Corruption is the order of the day in the deep state New World Order Socialist Party, in both the donkey and elephant wings. Very few, if any, politicians care for anything beyond their own personal wealth and power, only looking out for themselves. Markwayne Mullin, the congressman who is supposed to represent me in the 2nd district of Oklahoma, told us at a townhall meeting shortly after he was elected that then speaker of the House john boehner, himself very much deep state traitor, told the assembly they were there to represent the republican party not the people of their districts. This is confirmation that the gop has no intention of honoring the oath of office but instead represents the people providing the bribe money. Between bribe money and what they can steal from the treasury the $174k + We the People pay them is merely pocket change. It seems that nothing short of a revolution will solve the dilemma we face. Politicians don't care what We the People want or think, only what the deep pocket donors/owners want and think, they keep pushing the nation towards a global dictatorship so they can be the rulers over this segment of it and hope to be at the top of the global fiefdom. Personal wealth and power is all the ruling class cares about and they show it by ignoring laws the rest of us must follow or spend time in prison as Martha Stewart did.I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglectBob RussellClaremore, OklahomaMarch 25, 2020
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