Liberalism 101: How Perps become Victims

Spay and neuter libs

At what point did murderers and thieves join the ranks of the respected and esteemed?

With our own Congress full of liars and miscreants that change the verbiage to cover their own transgressions, crime is merely malfeasance; the penalty, a slap on the wrist. It’s no wonder “trickle down liberalism” has arrived at street level.

The most recent example has perp-turned-victim Dante Williams gunned down while robbing a Waffle House.

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When Williams pulled his piece and demanded cash from the cashier, a bystander with a conceal carry permit put four holes in him.  For Williams’ family, Dante went from perp to victim, and his family members called him a “respectable” man.

Williams’ case is not isolated, where the family paints a much different picture than reality.

In 2013, two men robbed a corner store at gunpoint but were then both shot and killed by a private citizen.  The sister of one of the men described her brother as being “a good kid”.  

Again in 2013 in a similar incident, 18-year-old Adric White was shot and killed while robbing a Dollar Store.  White had his gun to the head of a store employee and was warned to drop it by a good Samaritan that was also packing.  When White swung around to drop him, the Good Samaritan dropped White.  A family member was later quoted as saying “If no one had a gun up to him….what gives him  [good Samaritan] the right to think it’s okay to just shoot?”.

The black Liberal lesson: It’s okay to point a gun at someone, just not hold it to their head.


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  • My thought is that only "Mental Morons" believe that if a family member is shot and killed while armed in the commission of a crime, becomes a victim. The claim that he was a good kid is BS, if he was so damn good why was he committing a crime while armed?

  • We all know what Obama wants.....He wants America to be the home of the Muslims...... and to hell with any freedom HE doesnt want......

  • Deep within the article it is conveyed that the perpetrator's sympathizers believed that the defenders would not have shot if they were empathetic of the 'black experience'.  Well, they have come in contact with the  'white experience'.  JUSTICE!

  • was the ethnicity of the perpetrators mentioned in the news reports ?

  • lets not forget the OJ Simpson trial-- basically if your black and you kill white people-- it's OK>

    and yes there is also the Trayvon Martin case where his criminal activates were not allowed in court, WTF! 

  • Look what obama and his ilk did for trayvon martin!  Made the little thug into a saint.  As long as it's the blacks killing it's OK! AND give the little banger a medal if the vic is White!  

  • Just case after case of HYPOCRISY, and hope that the public will buy into this propaganda. How much longer are We the People supposed to be subjected to this kind of maniacal thinking of these libtards.

  • I always find it amazing that most shooters and perps are liberals.  What part of that don't the democrats get.

  • The liberal viewpoint is so screwed up that they don't even realize that they are actually bringing the "End Times" upon themselves.

    As a Christian I am not too worried, but these Godless freaks of Nature had better wake up.


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