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Why does nearly everyone of you never criticize the hate crimes of black supremacists? The "black lives matter" movement has advocated hate crimes including white genocide,  innocent whites have been murdered because of the hate crime propaganda of your brothers. That's double hate crimes! Why do you not renounce that? Why are black supremacists allowed to spread propaganda on this site, while white people  are not allowed to address your racist black sites? Why should blacks be allowed to get away with murder, advocacy of murder and circulation of pictures of blacks wiping their asses on the US flag?  That flag represents a government of traitors whose power is "black-racistly" brought to bear ONLY on enemies of black racism! The Confederate Flag represents civil rights for white people. If you are as objective as you pretend, why don't you denounce black hate crime? Does that mean that you agree with murder of whites as justified black supremacy privilege? Race criminality law was supposed to apply to all, not just whites. No more special privileges for blacks! We are the majority and we should demand that every BLACK HATE CRIME be punished!

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The disillusion of black leaders

This goes to show you how disillusioned these so-called self-appointed black leaders are. Bill O'Reilly! has a better grasp at what is happening in the Afican American community. How can Russell Simmons represent the black voice when his head is buried deep in the dark crevasses of the liberal political agenda, that he cannot see what really affects his community?Is Russell Simmons really that ignorant of the facts that haunt the very communities that he claims to represent? Simmons wants to ignore the epidemic of violence and crime in the black neighborhoods and wants to focus on, RACIAL PROFILING, and the racist criminal-justice system.Mr. Simmons forget about the fact that, blacks are responsible for an astoundingly disproportionate number of crimes. According to the Washington Times, black arrest rate for most offenses, — including robbery, aggravated assault and property crimes — is still typically two to three times their representation in the population.Black unemployment is double the real national average. Black teens use abortion as a form of contraception and 54 percent of African Americans do not have an education past high school. These are just some of the issues that are affecting the black communities.Russell Simmons needs to stop using racial animus and “the system,” as an excuse. He should take Mr. O'Reilly's advice and actually visit some of the black neighborhoods he claims to represent. Maybe then he will understand what is really happening in our communities and what's destroying our culture.
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Interesting editorial by a black woman !

4063970264?profile=originalSylvia Thompson

Sylvia Thompson
August 21, 2014

Where are the white residents of Ferguson, Missouri – people brandishing signs reading "Justice for Officer Darren Wilson "? There may be a need to bring whites in from other locations, as the blacks have done.

 Whatever it takes, but white people had better begin to show force and fight back against the ongoing destruction of all that has been achieved in the racial arena in America. Gains made over many decades by many Americans, both black and white.

 Conservative blacks cannot fight this fight for you. You must fight it.

Yes, I am black, descendant of slaves, reared under Jim Crow segregation, and all that minutiae, but I am also extremely tired of the "somebody else is the cause of my problems" mentality engrossing too many black people. A mentality that elitists Barack Obama and Eric Holder have preyed upon throughout their miserable careers.

Understand this, folks, if you glean nothing else from the madness going on in Missouri. Eric Holder is in Ferguson, at the behest of Obama, for the express purpose of subverting justice.

 That is what these two despicable men do – subvert justice, so as to perpetuate divisiveness and hatred among blacks and whites. I am not a psychologist, but a good reader of human nature, and I detect that Holder's twisted ego is stroked mightily by all those non-elite blacks fawning over his presence.

 The "activist" Attorney General is their savior; he will see that the white man suffers, guilty or not.

I recently caught a glimpse of Holder on TV working a group of blacks as if he were one of them. He is not. He is elite and privileged,(net worth 13 million) and these black masses mean nothing to him (or to Obama), other than in the furtherance of a leftist agenda.

 If these agitators can be coaxed to the poll booths, they will vote Democrat.

 Never mind that Obama and the Democrats are the reason for much of their economic and social woes.

I am becoming fed-up with the response (or lack thereof) that so many whites display in face of the criminal behavior of so many blacks. I have had it up to my brow with "political correctness" and "white guilt."


I am even becoming increasingly irritated by conservative spokespeople, such as Rush Limbaugh, who, although in satire, displays a defeatist attitude toward black racism.

Limbaugh will often say "You cannot say that..." or "We will never be absolved of guilt...," in what he characterizes as satire. I understand what he is doing, but I sense that as a white person, he may use this tactic out of fear. Genuine fear of taking on the racists.

 Or perhaps fear that without satire he might provoke real action on the part of his millions of listeners, and he does not want that responsibility.

 I am unclear about his motives, but I do know that it is time for oppositional clarity, not satire.

Circumstances are much more dire since Obama was foolishly placed into the Presidency and Congress foolishly accepted his nomination of Eric Holder for Attorney General. These two men are leading the destruction of this nation, and that reality is dead serious.

 All conservative spokespeople and people in positions of leadership should be rallying Americans to fight these men.

When blacks begin tearing down a city (any city), whites should be supportive of the police (in their full, military hand-me-down gear), encouraging them to overrun, apprehend, and detain everybody on the street.

 And for those committing crimes, treat them as criminals and stop the crime. If that means killing people, so be it. That is the way the police would treat a mob of marauding whites.

 Safety of the police force should be paramount.

Ignoring the bad-asses and criminals (because of perceived grievances) has done nothing but terrorize decent citizens of all races in large inner cities. That lunacy must stop.

Policing is a dangerous occupation and given the police officer's task of confronting crime and protecting the rest of us from criminals, sometimes violence and killing is necessary.

 I will give any cop the benefit of the doubt over any suspected crook, whatever his color, until I am given evidence to think otherwise.

It behooves the rest of America to do the same. Or, I say police should refuse to work in areas where they are put upon by small-minded politicos, such as the Democrat governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, and race-mongering law officials like Eric Holder.

 Police officers have unions; they should demand that bosses support the boycotting of hell-holes such as Ferguson, if they are to be demeaned.

One final note, ignore the libertarian scare mongering about "militarized police." Libertarians tend to be elites who live nowhere near inner-city communities. They are more likely to be in gated facilities or areas so financially set that crime is something they experience only in the news.

 They have the luxury of whining about how the police are equipped; the rest of us just want them equipped at their best, and armed to the teeth.

 Sylvia Thompson is a black conservative writer whose aim is to counter the liberal spin on issues pertaining to race and culture.

Ms. Thompson is a copy editor by trade currently residing in Tennessee. She formerly wrote for the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley California Newsletter and the online conservative blog ChronWatch, also out of California.

She grew up in Southeast Texas during the waning years of Jim Crow-era legalized segregation, and she concludes that race relations in America will never improve, nor will we ever elevate our culture, as long as there are victims to be pandered to and villains to be vilified. America is better served without victims or villains.

© Copyright 2014 by Sylvia Thompson

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Liberalism 101: How Perps become Victims

Spay and neuter libs

At what point did murderers and thieves join the ranks of the respected and esteemed?

With our own Congress full of liars and miscreants that change the verbiage to cover their own transgressions, crime is merely malfeasance; the penalty, a slap on the wrist. It’s no wonder “trickle down liberalism” has arrived at street level.

The most recent example has perp-turned-victim Dante Williams gunned down while robbing a Waffle House.

POLL: Is Common Core indoctrination or education?

When Williams pulled his piece and demanded cash from the cashier, a bystander with a conceal carry permit put four holes in him.  For Williams’ family, Dante went from perp to victim, and his family members called him a “respectable” man.

Williams’ case is not isolated, where the family paints a much different picture than reality.

In 2013, two men robbed a corner store at gunpoint but were then both shot and killed by a private citizen.  The sister of one of the men described her brother as being “a good kid”.  

Again in 2013 in a similar incident, 18-year-old Adric White was shot and killed while robbing a Dollar Store.  White had his gun to the head of a store employee and was warned to drop it by a good Samaritan that was also packing.  When White swung around to drop him, the Good Samaritan dropped White.  A family member was later quoted as saying “If no one had a gun up to him….what gives him  [good Samaritan] the right to think it’s okay to just shoot?”.

The black Liberal lesson: It’s okay to point a gun at someone, just not hold it to their head.


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Nationally, shoplifting incidents that end in violence have been climbing at a steady rate. In the National Retail Federation's 2013 survey, retailers said about 18 percent of apprehensions led to some level of violence, up from about 15 percent the previous year and 13 percent in 2011.


Shoplifting is as prevalent as ever.

It also is becoming more brazen.

Two women stuff their purses full of items from an Old Navy store and shove security officers out of the way as they escape.

Five men rush into Saks Fifth Avenue, snatch dozens of high-end handbags and flee to their getaway car parked just outside the door.

POLL: Is Common Core indoctrination or education?

And in an incident that stunned an Eastside neighborhood, a man trying to steal armfuls of items from a clothing store fatally shoots in the head a man who tried to stop him.

What once seemed a petty crime has escalated into either an enterprise by organized criminals or, at worst, a potential flash point for violence.

Or both.

Authorities attribute much of the increase in such brash and violent shoplifting to organized retail crime, groups of people who steal large volumes of merchandise not for themselves but to sell.

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and this from Oklahoma:

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has released crime rates for the 2012 year. Stephens County had 35.23 percent crime rate for every 1,000 people.

Stephens County had 984 cases of larceny, 418 instances of breaking and entering and 97 felonious assaults.

Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney said that while the crime rate increased between 2011-2012, they are doing everything in their power to combat it.

“We’ve seen an increase across the board,” McKinney said. “We’ve done a good job cleaning things up. (The) criminals we’re dealing with now are a different breed: they’re under the age of 21. We are doing what we can with the staffing we have. It’s just something that all counties are dealing with. It’s difficult when you only have a couple of guys for each shift.”

In Duncan, robberies, felonious assault, breaking and entering and larceny saw dramatic increases betwen 2011-2012. There were nine more robberies, 28 more felonious assaults, 55 more instances of breaking and entering and 161 more cases of larceny than in 2011.         

“In 2011 and 2012, we had several armed robberies of convenience stores,” Duncan Police Chief Daniel Ford said. “That one group of incidents raised the number quite a bit. We’re doing all we can.”
- See more at:


Bicycles are hot items nationwide:

Spring is finally here and with that, comes the start of riding season. As cyclists dust off their bikes for the first ride of the season, they should be sure to grab all of their gear – including a good quality bike lock. Bicycle theft is an unfortunate occurrence and an increasing trend these past few years, and cyclists from the US are no exception.

According to the latest FBI Uniform Crime Report, from 2007 to 2011, bicycle theft in the United States rose (on average) 14% each year. On average, over 188,500 bicycle thefts are reported stolen each year in the United States, a statistic that in itself is staggering when one also considers the number of bicycle thefts that go unreported. Some US cities are starting to fight back against bicycle theft. In San Francisco, the city issued its first ever official look at the bike theft problem in 2013 and issued a goal to reduce bicycle theft in the city by at least 50% over the next 5 years. The city also created a bike registry to help combat the 70% rise in bicycle thefts since 2006. In both Los Angeles and San Diego, law enforcement is starting to fight back against bike theft by placing bikes with hidden GPS technology around the city and beach areas in hopes of catching a bike thief. In Boston, MBTA Transit Police created two-life sized cardboard cutouts of police offers and placed them in two busy bike rack cages at Alewife Station to help prevent theft.

“It’s amazing how easily a bike can be stolen,” says Audrey Hanken, President of Markel Personal Lines Insurance. “We hear stories about bicycles being stolen from locked bike racks, cars, or even directly outside of their homes. We have also heard about thieves targeting hotels during bicycle road races, looking for opportunities to grab expensive bikes and run.”


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Double The Welfare - Double The Trouble

President Obama wasted no time in fulfilling his promise to spread American's wealth around.  Having more than doubled the number of welfare recipients in the U.S., the President was not only successful in locking in these recipient's votes but he was also successful in robbing them of their "self-worth."  Since when did Welfare become something that American's aspired to rather than aspiring from its' grip ?  This is not to say that all forms of Welfare are debilitating but we would be beyond naive to think that these prolonged tax

payer "handouts" aren't crippling our country !  Aside from greatly limiting any incentive to follow The

American Dream of working hard, contributing to society and enjoying the "fruits of your labor,"  the expectation of Welfare has made the fruit even sweeter when it comes from someone else's labor !   This has taken the "entitlement mentality" to new and dangerous levels - hence, the bold and needless crime we are seeing !  Society can no longer afford the entitlement that Welfare breeds, the lack of supervision from single

parent households and the crimes the products of these households commit !  Many of these children are

simply a means to get more entitlements, then left to fend for themselves.  No wonder they have no incentives, no direction, no self-worth other than what the criminal element can provide ! When we have children shooting other innocent children because they're bored, we're in trouble !  It's time for stary eyed

liberals to realize, that "we are all" expendable under Obama's watch, especially our children . . . 

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Presidential Speech - Newsconference

Our divider in chief Obama gave a surprise speech where he essentially said the problems that Blacks have is continued racism. He failed to mention that 70% of black babies are born to single mothers or that a high number of crimes are committed by blacks. Why did Travon cross the street and get into a fight? Does any one really think a 5'8" guy wanted to fight a 6' 2" 175LBS guy? The jury did not and gave a verdict.


 I think Obama lives in a pre 1970 world, because the US is not the place it was when his mom married a black socialist college student in the 50's. He was elected twice without ever showing his college transcripts, which probably list him as a foreign Muslim student. Regardless of where he was born he used that title to get aid or a slot. Still he was elected and some of the most successful people in the US are black, so it can't be some sort of racial block or it would apply to everyone, right? So, if you study or have a great talent and do not commit a crime you can be very successful, like Obama, Oprah, LeBron, Dr. Carson or so many others.  

Instead of saying that you can be successful in today's America, if you do your best and stay out of trouble.  Obama chose to put spark to flame, indict our judicial system and America in 2013, as a country with bad folks who are racist. What a load of crap and a disservice to our citizens, even the white ones. Obama should just be called a black community organizer or professional campaigner not President of America.


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An average $64,300 annual worker output cost originates from Dec, 2012 BLS $42,537 wage @34.4/hr work week - adjusted to $49,462 (40/hr) - plus (30%) employer paid tax (FICA, workman’s & unemployment comp, fringes, etc.).    It’s the raw average employee cost paid by lawful employers.  (employee pay deductions are about 25% income & FICA)


1) Legitimate law abiding employers pay $27,204 tax, employer paid30%/employee paid (25%) and employees get $37,096 of the $64,300 total @ 40hr/week.   2)  Criminal tax evading alien employers pay criminal aliens $12,480 for the $64,300 output and pocket the $51,820 balance (415% clear profit).    3) Criminal employers can lower prices from zero to $51,820 to eliminate law abiding competition and employees.    Competition will End!   Next, globalists will move “production” to China and pay perhaps $0.60/hr because “America can’t compete”!     It’s a cycle of bloating labor supply, poverty wages, joblessness, bankruptcy, and insanity where citizens turn everything into smoke and ash.   (Marxist revolution)

$51,820 x 100= $5,182,000

GET STRONG, DETERMINED and UNBENDING - make your legislator explain what's happening, why there are no prosecutions, and what fingers do they have in the pie!    If they need prosecuting, demand it at a state or local level.    Holder will lose his grip when the masses turn on his blatant lawlessness!

When you lift the rock, it's not a single snake, it's an unending bed of vipers, such as who pays for it, will the nation collapse, and what are the consequences.       Criminals can be held accountable in a court of law!

19 million (12.1%) were unemployed and looking for work in June and another potential 23 million equivalent jobs were lost due to working a questionable 34.5 hours instead of 40

PASS IT ON - MAKE THIS SUMMER HOTTER THAN HELL FOR THOSE WHO DESERVE IT, and bless those who endlessly sacrifice to preserve this great country!

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Another Coincident?


Has anyone else noticed the "coincidence's" occurring???

Each and every time one of obama's appointee's receives negative attention - and the evidence mounts to the point where they are certain to be exposed.... they resign.

I'd have to say in each of these people who have resigned - the investigations need to continue, if not be stepped up - as there was a REASON why they resigned.......

Please share and let's get this heard by as many as possible.... at some point Congress HAS to listen to us.

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Speaker of the House, The Honorable Congressman Boehner (R-OH)

Senate Majority Leader, The Honorable Senator Reid (D-NV)



Honorable Gentlemen,


I write today, speaking to the two of you on issues that cross all party lines - and you two are the ones in charge, therefore you are the ones who must take action. I submit - you MUST take immediate action. Not tomorrow or the next day - today, the second you read this.


There are two issues I specifically address;


1. This morning there are news releases saying Congressional members are claiming the Boston bombing must be blamed on sequestration and the NRA.

Sir's, I submit the entire concept of "sequestration" is President Obama's idea - not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not the NRA's - Obama's.

If there is any blame to be laid citing "sequestration" it MUST be firmly and publicly laid at President Obama's feet - as he is the author. We are in "sequestration" because two branches of government have been spending obscene amounts of taxpayer money on things not beneficial or pertinent to the American people - and you know this for a fact.

On a sidebar; Please educate me about any other President in the history of our Nation who spent $1.4 Billion dollars annually on himself, family and friends, taking in 2012 (by all accounts)  twenty-three (23) vacations.... when the average American cannot take ANY vacations because of the economy.....


The people of this Nation do not need to be divided against each other and HONESTY must come from those we elected, not deceit or misrepresentation of proven facts.

I charge the two of you to hold your ground and mandate your people tell the American Citizens truth - not lies.

Discover and hold accountable those who would deceive the American people. When the truth comes out, those who deceived will not be re-elected and if nothing else, I would think this would be grounds for both of you to hold House and Senate accountable.


2. There is a substantial amount of controversy surrounding the Saudi national who the FBI questioned - and President Obama has ordered immediately deported back to Saudi after holding a secret meeting with a Saudi official.

Gentlemen, there is TOO much controversy here and there is also far too much evidence available to the public to allow anyone to think this was some sort of isolated incident. I would strongly urge both of you to detain this Saudi national - in defiance of President Obama if necessary - in order to discover the truth.

Governor VanDerBeek (NV) wrote an op-ed this morning that lists the evidence available to us - and the impression a reader gets is chilling to your soul. You can find it here:


I submit there is far too much publicly available evidence surrounding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchasing more than a billion rounds of ammunition, several hundred thousand of that being "hollow-point" ammunition which the Geneva convention expressly forbids for wartime usage.... and certainly not for "training" or proficiency uses by any agency as stated by Ms. Napolitano.  This type of ammunition is far more costly than standard government issue Ball ammunition!


I submit there is no reason whatsoever for a domestic agency with the charter of defending this Nation's Security to have within their inventory 2,717 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) up-armored Military Combat vehicles! (2,700 in DHS, 17 with ICE)

Who are they to go to war against? U.S. Citizens?


I submit that it is not and never will be in the best interests of the American people or this Nation to allow Ms. Napolitano's DHS to grant "trusted traveler" status to any Saudi national - a "status" the vast majority of AMERICAN citizens cannot obtain - to include Military members!


Has everyone forgotten that the people who planned, orchestrated and flew those aircraft on September 11, 2001 were ALL Saudi National's?

I submit it is clearly insanity to provide this "status" to Saudi nationals and an obvious National Security risk!


I submit that back on December 14, 2012 DHS was running an "active shooter" "training" scenario just a short distance away from the Sandy Hook Elementary school - where an active shooter murdered children and adults. "Assault weapons" were immediately blamed  and this became the soapbox for more "gun control" measures- yet Connecticut State Police have verified no "assault weapons" were used in this murder spree - yet proponents of "gun control" in Congress continue to claim otherwise, lying to the American people.... and cite this as their grounds for more Honest law abiding citizens to give up THEIR guns - when existing laws are not enforced that might have prevented this tragic murder spree from occurring.


I submit that on April 15, 2013 DHS was running a "bombing" training scenario at the Boston Marathon. Nothing more must be said here.... DHS was all over the place and there are hours of video publicly available proving this as well as testimony from eye-witnesses at the scene.



Honorable Sir's,

In summary; there is a lot of evidence to raise serious questions as to exactly what the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is up to - and I strongly urge the two of you to immediately pull the money plug on DHS and start investigating

We have connected the dots and we expected our elected to connect the dots before we did.... this apparently has not happened.


So I write and demand it!

Who am I to "demand" anything from Congress? I'm nobody, I'm not rich or well off... I'm an American citizen who served his country for a very long time, I was trained by the Army extensively and I was quite good at my job. I hold a Congressionally appointed rank.  I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat, I am not an Independent. I am an American.


I'm a man who believes that others, regardless of their financial status, race, color of skin, religion, or political party have some goodness, honesty inside themselves and a drive to make things "right".

This Honorable Sir's, is my attempt to do what I can to make things "right" and my demand is that you too, hold the same things dear to your heart as I do.





Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas 78231

(address and phone# redacted for publication)



social media - several

Tea Party Command Center

Attorney General Greg Abbott (TX)

The Honorable Congressman Smith

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Senator Cruz

The Honorable Senator Paul

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I've been receiving a lot of e-mails lately where the senders are so frustrated and worn down that they talk about giving up.  My response has been, and always will be: HELL NO!  I refuse to give up and refuse to allow our liberties to be taken away.

As I recently told a friend, WE have to become the new "Zealots".  We have to keep the lamp lit, educate others who are either misinformed, ignorant, or so emotionally invested in their politics that they can't see the dangers of tyranny regardless of political party.

Our forefathers understood that for our republic to survive we have to have an educated, well informed electorate.  For the past 100 years, there have been forces insidiously working to re-write history, manipulate our educational curriculum, and effectively dumb down our population.  Couple that with the technology generation that gets their information either in sound bites from the comedy channel or texting and "Twittering", that they know more about the lives of the Kardashian family than they do about our constitution.

To that end, I am sharing some resources that you may find useful.  

JPFO has updated a valuable resource document called "Gun Facts".  It is a free PDF download in a couple of different file sizes; one for printing and a smaller file for screen viewing.  I am including both links.  Browse the info and use it to dispel the myths being spread about guns.

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Crime, Killing, Government

Crime, Killing, Government

Our politicians are proud of their “actions”

They kick the can down the road to avoid issues

They grapple over sand pebbles while boulders are thundering down

In short, they are into minutiae.


In their struggles to make America safer they are tackling , perhaps,

the least urgent item from a long list… Banning Guns.

They need to learn about the Pareto Principle…. You know 80%  results from 20% of the problems.

They need to study this chart. Then re-think their priorities.

Does this suggest some different actions?

To SAVE Lives they need to start crushing boulders and stop sifting sand pebbles

through their legislative toys.

Please share this widely; especially with your "politicians







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By Oscar Y. Harward


"Those who have sought the most in gun control have sought the least in the punishment of criminals." - Robert J. Kukla


As we read, listen, and/or watch the news concerning a criminal tragedy of shooting children and adults as recently occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, and/or the violent lawbreaker who fired a rifle directed at Firemen in Webster, New York, the Liberals immediate remedy is to legislate more gun control.  The criminality with guns is not our problems; criminal individuals and others with deranged minds are.


Journal News’ publication of the New York citizens’ lawful purchasers’ of gun permits is just as serious of an invasion of each individual’s privacy rights as if Journal News’ privacy rights invasion(s) were in each and every individual’s own bedroom(s).


The foremost problems of illegal gun activities are the criminal elements and their political leaders within (y)our own Liberal government agencies.


Evidence may prove that several associates in President Obama’s administration, including the US Justice Department, and members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) acted in the Fast and Furious plot while selling and/or approving the sale of automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols, to a Mexican drug cartel; weapons that were used in murdering 3 innocent Americans and hundreds of Mexicans.  Our Justice Department and/or ATF had devised a scheme in an attempt to blame U.S. firearms manufacturers as scapegoats for this criminal violence.


Government gun control is nothing new.  History will prove that many Socialist and Communist leaders have become member leaders of the worldwide “Gun Control Hall of Fame”  who include: National Socialist Leader and Reich Chancellor of Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler; Communist Party Chairman and founder of the People's Republic of China, Mao Tse-Tung; Cambodian’s Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot; and Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin who have become directly responsible for millions of innocent deaths with their own government’s gun control


When guns are confiscated by government(s), only criminals and government(s) have guns; then law-abiding voices become easier targets.


President Obama, Liberal Capitol Hill Democrats, Liberal main-stream Medias, and Liberal Academia are pounding their Liberal political agenda and silencing most Conservative by limiting or even denying any open forum in the Liberal Medias.


It is Liberal Democrat lawmakers, Liberal main-stream Medias, and Liberal Academia who spotlight Congress and States’ Legislatures into softening and/or decriminalizing more criminal acts; then demands more gun control legislation as a solution to the lawless craziness within our society.


It is our US Military who have used rifles and other weapons of war to defeat other nations, on foreign land and waters, and through the air without warfare within our own homeland in defeating enemy nations.


Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto: “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”


The 2nd Amendment of our US Constitution was crafted by our Founding Fathers to prevent a lawless and mutinous government from confiscating our weapons of protection.


“According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.”  Are Liberal Capitol Hill Democrats, Liberal main-stream Medias, and Liberal Academia proceeding to support banning hammers?


Under our 2nd Amendment freedoms, it should be unconstitutional for law-abiding citizen(s) to be required in any state to complete any government form(s) before purchasing any hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol.  A National Instant Criminal Background Check System investigation should and would immediately qualify or deny each individual’s right to purchase a hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol.  The criminality of using a hunting rifle, shotgun, or pistol is most feared by law-abiding citizens whenever that weapon is used by a lawless and mutinous government, as well as by unlawful and psychologically ill individuals. 


Even less than a perfect solution, a m more comprehensive National Instant Criminal Background Check System can fix these glitches more quickly, accurately, effectively, and less expensive than any government(s) current laws and/or added legislation(s).


Our USA has become a nation with absent, and somewhat, lawless leadership of elected and appointed individuals who choose to obey or disobey our Constitution and US Code as they choose.  Furthermore, these lawless criminal officials are not being investigated, arrested, prosecuted, and if found guilty, sentenced to prison.


Any further gun control legislation will further tarnish (y)our Constitutional freedoms.

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1995 When It Was Our Justice Dept.,An Aussie shames the U.S. Narcisistic Media…

Justice Department Statistics About Black On White Race Violence
’The Race War Of Black Against White’ by Paul Sheehan The Sydney Morning Herald , Australia, 20 May 1995
The longest war America has ever fought is the Dirty War, and it is not over. It has lasted 30 years so far and claimed more than 25 million victims. It has cost almost as many lives as the Vietnam War. It determined the result of last year’s congressional election.

Yet the American news media do not want to talk about the Dirty War, which remains between the lines and unreported. In fact, to even suggest that the war exists is to be discredited. So let’s start suggesting, immediately.

No matter how crime figures are massaged by those who want to acknowledge or dispute the existence of a Dirty War, there is nothing ambiguous about what the official statistics portray: for the past 30 years a large segment of black America has waged a war of violent retribution against white America.

And the problem is getting worse, not better. In the past 20 years, violent crime has increased more than four times faster than the population. Young blacks (under 18) are more violent than previous generations and are 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than young whites.

Nearly all the following figures, which speak for themselves, have not been reported in America:

• According to the latest US Department of Justice survey of crime victims, more than 6.6 million violent crimes (murder, rape, assault and robbery) are committed in the US each year, of which about 20 per cent, or 1.3 million, are inter-racial crimes.

• Most victims of race crime—about 90 per cent—are white, according to the survey ”Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims”, published in 1993.

• Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.

• Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

• According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

These breathtaking disparities began to emerge in the mid-1960’s, when there was a sharp increase in black crime against whites, an upsurge which, not coincidentally, corresponds exactly with the beginning of the modern civil rights movement.

Over time, the cumulative effect has been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparisons 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war.

When non-violent crimes (burglary, larceny, car theft and personal theft) are included, the cumulative totals become prodigious. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were committed in the US in 1992, and the survey found that 31 per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse).

When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years. It is the great defining disaster of American life and American ideals since World War II.

All these are facts, yet by simply writing this story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be deemed a racist by the American news media. It prefers to maintain a paternalistic double-standard in its coverage of black America, a lower standard.


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by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism


The other day on a Southwest Airlines flight back to Houston, I saw him, Cooter. He was one big dude, and he was making his way down the aisle of the plane carrying his duffel bag and his hardhat. As usual, his hardhat was decorated with stickers from most of the plants where he had worked. Since Cooter does contract work, he had a lot of stickers! The row I was in was full. It just so happened that Cooter’s traveling companion, Bubba, was seated in the window seat of my row. So Cooter put his carry-on in the overhead and sat in the row behind me.


Ok, I didn’t really know if his name was actually Cooter, but I know a lot of Cooters. Cooter is a slang name for a group of working people across the United States. Cooter builds cars in Tennessee, raises cattle in Kansas and installs cat crackers in refineries in Texas. Cooter is good at what he does. He takes pride in his work, his family and his yard. You wouldn’t want to make Cooter mad if you were another man. However, he loves babies and little kids.


Cooter voted for Carter, Reagan, Clinton and George W Bush (the first time). He didn’t vote at all in the 2008 election because he was disgusted with the candidates. Cooter often chooses not to vote unless something has him fired up. He can get fired up about anything that he thinks impacts his family.    Continue...
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Rajjpuut's Folly: Cosby's Ghettosburg Address

Here's is Bill Cosby's address which became famous despite the fact that no part of
the mainstream media wanted anything to do with it; and none of them have ever published it. Juan Williams, the ex-NPR commentator, wrote a whole book on the subjects raised by this speech, but Cosby says it best . . . .

The “Ghettosburg Address”

from Dr. Bill Cosby
at the 50th Anniversary commemoration**of the Brown vs Topeka Board of Education
Supreme Court Decision
Ladies and gentlemen, I really have to ask you to seriously consider what you've heard, and now this is the end of the evening so to speak. I heard a prize fight manager say to his fellow who was losing badly, “David, listen to me. It's not what's he's doing to you. It's what you're not doing. (laughter).
Ladies and gentlemen, these people set, they opened the doors, they gave us the right, and today, ladies and gentlemen, in our cities and public schools we have fifty percent drop out. In our own neighborhoods, we have men in prison. No longer is a person embarrassed because they're pregnant without a husband. (clapping) No longer is a boy considered an embarrassment if he tries to run away from being the father of the unmarried child . . .
Ladies and gentlemen, the lower economic and lower middle economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. In the neighborhood that most of us grew up in, parenting is not going on. (clapping) In the old days, you couldn't hooky school because every drawn shade was an eye (laughing). And before your mother got off the bus and to the house, she knew exactly where you had gone, who had gone into the house, and where you got on whatever you had one and where you got it from. Parents don't know that today.
I'm talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit. Where were you when he was two? (clapping) Where were you when he was twelve? (clapping) Where were you when he was eighteen, and how come you don't know he had a pistol? (clapping) And where is his father, and why don't you know where he is? And why doesn't the father show up to talk to this boy?
The church is only open on Sunday. And you can't keep asking Jesus to ask doing things for you (clapping). You can't keep asking that God will find a way. God is tired of you (clapping and laughing). God was there when they won all those cases. 50 in a row. That's where God was because these people were doing something. And God said, “I'm going to find a way.” I wasn't there when God said it... I'm making this up (laughter). But it sounds like what God would do (laughter).
We cannot blame white people. White people (clapping) .. white people don't live over there. They close up the shop early. The Korean ones still don't know us as well...they stay open 24 hours (laughter).
I'm looking and I see a man named Kenneth Clark. He and his wife Mamie...Kenneth's still alive. I have to apologize to him for these people because Kenneth said it straight. He said you have to strengthen yourselves...and we've got to have that black doll. And everybody said it. Julian Bond said it. Comedian Dick Gregory said it. All these lawyers said it. And you wouldn't know that anybody had done a damned thing.
50 percent drop out rate, I'm telling you, and people in jail, and women having children by five, six different men. Under what excuse, I want somebody to love me, and as soon as you have it, you forget to parent. Grandmother, mother, and great grandmother in the same room, raising children, and the child knows nothing about love or respect of any one of the three of them (clapping). All this child knows is “gimme, gimme, gimme.” These people want to buy the friendship of a child....and the child couldn't care less. Those of us sitting out here who have gone on to some college or whatever we've done, we still fear our parents (clapping and laughter). And these people are not parenting. They're buying things for the kid. $500 sneakers, for what? They won't buy or spend $250 on Hooked on Phonics. (clapping)
Kenneth Clark, somewhere in his home in upstate New York...just looking ahead. Thank God, he doesn't know what's going on, thank God. But these people, the ones up here in the balcony fought so hard. Looking at the incarcerated, these are not political criminals. These are people going around stealing Coca Cola. People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake! Then we all run out and are outraged, “The cops shouldn't have shot him” What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand? (laughter and clapping). I wanted a piece of pound cake just as bad as anybody else (laughter) And I looked at it and I had no money. And something called parenting said if get caught with it you're going to embarrass your mother. Not you're going to get your butt kicked. No. You're going to embarrass your mother. You're going to embarrass your family.
If knock that girl up, you're going to have to run away because it's going to be too embarrassing for your family. In the old days, a girl getting pregnant had to go down South, and then her mother would go down to get her. But the mother had the baby. I said the mother had the baby. The girl didn't have a baby. The mother had the baby in two weeks. (laughter) We are not parenting. Ladies and gentlemen, listen to these people, they are showing you what's wrong. People putting their clothes on backwards. –isn't that a sign of something going on wrong? (laughter)
Are you not paying attention, people with their hat on backwards, pants down around the crack. Isn't that a sign of something, or are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up (laughter and clapping ). Isn't it a sign of something when she's got her dress all the way up to the crack...and got all kinds of needles and things going through her body. What part of Africa did this come from? (laughter). We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans, they don't know a damned thing about Africa. With names like Shaniqua, Shaligua, Mohammed and all that crap and all of them are in jail. (When we give these kinds names to our children, we give them the strength and inspiration in the meaning of those names. What's the point of giving them strong names if there is not parenting and values backing it up).
Brown Versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person's problem. We've got to take the neighborhood back (clapping). We've got to go in there. Just forget telling your child to go to the Peace Corps. It's right around the corner. (laughter) It's standing on the corner. It can't speak English. It doesn't want to speak English. I can't even talk the way these people talk. “Why you ain't where you is go, ra,” I don't know who these people are. And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk (laughter). Then I heard the father talk. This is all in the house. You used to talk a certain way on the corner and you got into the house and switched to English. Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can't land a plane with “why you ain't...” You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. There is no Bible that has that kind of language. Where did these people get the idea that they're moving ahead on this. Well, they know they're not, they're just hanging out in the same place, five or six generations sitting in the projects when you're just supposed to stay there long enough to get a job and move out.
Now look, I'm telling you. It's not what they're doing to us. It's what we're not doing. 50 percent drop out. Look, we're raising our own ingrown immigrants. These people are fighting hard to be ignorant. There's no English being spoken, and they're walking and they're angry. Oh God, they're angry and they have pistols and they shoot and they do stupid things. And after they kill somebody, they don't have a plan. Just murder somebody. Boom. Over what? A pizza? And then run to the poor cousin's house. They sit there and the cousin says “what are you doing here?” “I just killed somebody, man.” “What?” “I just killed somebody, I've got to stay here.” “No, you don't.” “Well, give me some money, I'll go...” “Where are you going?” “North Carolina.” Everybody wanted to go to North Carolina. But the police know where you're going because your cousin has a record.
Five or six different children, same woman, eight, ten different husbands or whatever, pretty soon you're going to have to have DNA cards so you can tell who you're making love to. You don't who this is. It might be your grandmother. (laughter) I'm telling you, they're young enough. Hey, you have a baby when you're twelve. Your baby turns thirteen and has a baby, how old are you? Huh? Grandmother. By the time you're twelve, you could have sex with your grandmother, you keep those numbers coming. I'm just predicting.
I'm saying Brown Vs. Board of Education. We've got to hit the streets, ladies and gentlemen. I'm winding up, now , no more applause. I'm saying, look at the Black Muslims. There are Black Muslims standing on the street corners and they say so forth and so on, and we'rere laughing at them because they have bean pies and all that, but you don't read “Black Muslim gunned down while chastising drug dealer.” You don't read that. They don't shoot down Black Muslims. You understand me. Muslims tell you to get out of the neighborhood. When you want to clear your neighborhood out, first thing you do is go get the Black Muslims, bean pies and all (laughter). And your neighborhood is then clear. The police can't do it.
I'm telling you Christians, what's wrong with you? Why can't you hit the streets? Why can't you clean it out yourselves? It's our time now, ladies and gentlemen. It is our time (clapping). And I've got good news for you. It's not about money. It's about you doing something ordinarily that we do—get in somebody else's business. It's time for you to not accept the language that these people are speaking, which will take them nowhere. What the hell good is Brown V. Board of Education if nobody wants it?
What is it with young girls getting after some girl who wants to still remain a virgin. Who are these sick black people and where did they come from and why haven't they been parented to shut up? To go up to girls and try to get a club where “you are nobody..,” this is a sickness ladies and gentlemen and we are not paying attention to these children. These are children. They don't know anything. They don't have anything. They're homeless people. All they know how to do is beg. And you give it to them, trying to win their friendship. And what are they good for? And then they stand there in an orange suit and you drop to your knees, “(crying sound) He didn't do anything, he didn't do anything.” Yes, he did do it. And you need to have an orange suit on too (laughter, clapping).
So, ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for the award (big laughter) and giving me an opportunity to speak because, I mean, this is the future, and all of these people who lined up and done..they've got to be wondering what the hell happened. Brown V. Board of Education, these people who marched and were hit in the face with rocks and punched in the face to get an education and we got these knuckleheads walking around who don't want to learn English (clapping) I know that you all know it. I just want to get you as angry that you ought to be. When you walk around the neighborhood and you see this stuff, that stuff's not funny. These people are not funny anymore. And that 's not brother. And that's not my sister. They're faking and they're dragging me way down because the state, the city and all these people have to pick up the tab on them because they don't want to accept that they have to study to get an education.
We have to begin to build in the neighborhood, have restaurants, have cleaners, have pharmacies, have real estate, have medical buildings instead of trying to rob them all. And so, ladies and gentlemen, please, Dorothy Height, where ever she's sitting, she didn't do all that stuff so that she could hear somebody say “I can't stand algebra, I can't stand...and “what you is.” It's horrible.
Basketball players, multimillionaires can't write a paragraph. Football players, multimillionaires, can't read. Yes. Multimillionaires. Well, Brown V Board of Education, where are we today? It's there. They paved the way. What did we do with it. The white man, he's laughing, got to be laughing. 50 percent drop out, rest of them in prison.
You got to tell me that if there was parenting, help me, if there was parenting, he wouldn't have picked up the Coca Cola bottle and walked out with it to get shot in the back of the head. He wouldn't have. Not if he loved his parents. And not if they were parenting! Not if the father would come home. Not if the boy hadn't dropped the sperm cell inside of the girl and the girl had said, “No, you have to come back here and be the father of this child.” Not ..“I don't have to.”
Therefore, you have the pile up of these sweet beautiful things born by nature raised by no one. Give them presents. You're raising pimps. That's what a pimp is. A pimp will act nasty to you so you have to go out and get them something. And then you bring it back and maybe he or she hug you. And that's why pimp is so famous. They've got a drink called the “Pimp-something.” You all wonder what that's about, don't you? Well, you're probably going to let Jesus figure it out for you (laughter). Well, I've got something to tell you about Jesus. When you go to the church, look at the stained glass things of Jesus. Look at them. Is Jesus smiling? Not in one picture. So, tell your friends. Let's try to do something. Let's try to make Jesus smile. Let's start parenting. Thank you, thank you (clapping, cheers)
Ya'all live long, strong and ornery,
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“ . . . the result of 45 years of feminism is that we’ve destroyed the American family, made motherhood something to be apologized for and created a carping, bitter useless class of women leaders so on the alert for discrimination and unfairness under every paper clip that they’ve become miserable malcontents totally UNsuited for all but one profession: academic feminism . . . propagating further female misery. Worst of all, the feminists have corrupted the advancement of human potential revolution known as the ‘Women’s Movement’ into something shallow, hideous and destructive. Only one group has prospered from these insidious changes: the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.” Rajjpuut
Crocodile Tears of the Left
Flood America with Corruption
as the “BIG LIE” Dominates
Part III: Victim #3, Responsibility and the Human Potential Movement
In this blog series, we’ve been exposing the self-described “victimhood” of progressives at the hands of their evil, racist, etc. conservative oppressors and showing you where the real victimhood is:
In part I of the series (the link immediately above) the victim was “TRUTH” and among six key areas we hit Rajjpuut documented and exposed this truth:
Using the same Cloward-Piven** strategy that DELIBERATELY created the bankruptcy of New York City earlier between 1967 and 1975 by deliberately overloading the welfare rolls . . . beginning especially after 1992, ACORN, OBAMA, First ACORN PRESIDENT Bill Clinton, and oodles of progressives (98% of them Democrats) DELIBERATELY were pushing the car toward a 500-foot cliff. George W. Bush jumped in and grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. Bush was able to create a controlled-skid and guide the car to rest in a friendly-looking ditch!
The chain of evidence producing that statement is something that every American ought to be aware of, just as every American ought to be aware of the identities of Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward and Frances Piven and be able to articulate what Cloward-Piven strategy is . . . the fact that most Americans are totally ignorant of these things means someone hasn’t been doing their job.
In Part II of the series we examines the “Fourth Estate” and how their willful actions and inactions and choreographed responses (the scandal known as the “JournOList” which many Americans have not heard of because it’s too embarrassing for the liberal media to reveal that over 400 of its people have been colluding on how stories ought to be presented – to the benefit of the progressive political movement in this country) have sabotaged the nation and freedom and the Constitution. In Rajjpuut’s J-school classes reporting was all about revealing TRUTH in an ‘inverted-pyramid’ of Who? What? Where? Why? and How? That immediately put the most important facts at the top of the story and gradually petered out as less important details were shown. Today the inverted-pyramid has disappeared and unsupported opinion has replaced TRUTH in much of what passes for “NEWS.” Now let’s look at how the false victimhood of the progressives (we must “progress” beyond the outdated and flawed U.S. Constitution) has created another real victim:
Victim #3: Responsibility
Americans are very proud of freedom and rightfully so. However, there has always been a dark side to freedom: license. License is the unabated expression of freedom without exercising responsibility. The reason that progressives want to limit our freedoms and our free markets so much is that they don’t trust human nature without government controlling its every ebb and flow. Since they’ve been so instrumental in creating the culture of sexual license in particular it’s easy to see where their fears come from. There are perhaps a hundred key areas of American life that have been corrupted by the false-victimhood of progressivism, but just one will expose the root insanity of it all . . . .
So now let’s talk about a third victim of progressivism in America, RESPONSIBILITY. No area of progressivism so cries out for a full and deep disclosure of truth than progressives creating the victim mentality by insisting upon irresponsibility for their own lives and the lives of other so-called victims. Let’s start out with an attack on another of their sacred cows: single-motherhood, the very crux of feminism (not the women’s movement, feminism). Feminism is another area built up from lies, half-truths and myth having no relation to reality, history, or American culture.
First, however, let’s clear up what the “women’s movement” was and contrast it to feminism. Rajjpuut put his ex-wife through law school and (in her words) was the driving force for her eventually becoming a municipal judge. He also was the early childhood educator of his daughter and her first coach in five or six sports (tennis, swimming, 800 meter dash, chess, soccer, cross-country, and basketball). His daughter set the still-standing 800 meter dash record at her middle school; was a chess champion; earned the MVP honors on her freshman basketball team and on her C-squad basketball team; and an athletic and academic scholarship to college. The women’s movement is really, then the “human movement” where we seek full successful expression of every individual regardless of gender, color, etc. etc.
Feminism is an ugly expression only loosely related to the women’s movement. It’s been built on lies from the start. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”; “Every act of sexual intercourse, including on the marriage bed, was a rape.” “Great leaders” of the feminist movement began by proselytizing lies like that and the only two things that have changed since they began are that the lies are much more subtle and often statistically based today, and they’ve used the lies to maintain the jobs of 12,600 Women’s studies professors and other feminists for about 40 years now all the while making the world a much worse place. Roughly half the human race is female and half male . . . nothing in the six million years of our evolution has been so important as our families, infant human beings need a minimum of twelve years of care before they’re ready to face the world and that care comes at a huge cost to their parents. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the lies of a few angry women are placed above the truth of our human history . . . .
Beginning with Betty Friedan, American feminists have claimed that women who prefer to be full-time wives and mothers are parasites, leeches upon society and that patriarchal society which created these ‘weak-willed, helpless creatures’ must be overturned. The result of 45 years of feminism is that we’ve destroyed the American family, made motherhood something to be apologized for and created a carping, bitter useless class of women so on the alert for discrimination and unfairness under ever paper clip that they’ve become miserable malcontents suited for only one profession: academic feminists propagating further female misery.
Worst of all, the feminists have corrupted the advancement of human potential revolution known as the ‘Women’s Movement’ into something shallow, hideous and destructive. Only one group has prospered from these insidious changes: the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Because so few women bother to question the illogical underpinnings of feminism, 54% of female voters support the Democrats.
While it is true that until the recent invention of items like the sanitary pad, the tampon, reliable contraception and especially “the pill,” for the most part women did not have a whole lot of control of their own bodies . . . and were often “imprisoned” somewhat by their own bodies . . . and by male dominated society . . . let us attack the great sacred cow of feminism: the single mother. Feminist would have you believe that since their movement arose, women are much freer now than they ever were.
The truth is that feminism has been a self-inflicted nuclear attack upon America and devastation to womankind; and more to the point feminism has enslaved American women into voluntary poverty and destroyed the American family. The crux of the feminist movement is the single-mother; she lies as the glorified desiderata of feminism. A bold, intelligent and free woman using some man or men as sperm-donors and raising her child or children free of evil male involvement. Why is the single-mother so important? As we’ll show very soon, single-motherhood is the single largest predictor of poverty for women and children and for criminal behavior in children once the teen years are reached. Single-motherhood has devastated the lives of American women in general and most specifically of Black American women . . . more later . . . .
Feminists want their cake and to be able to eat it too. Of all the tenets of feminism the most illogical and most hallowed is that women should be free to act like men in sexual matters. Indeed, thanks to feminism, a new breed of highly irresponsible men have arisen alongside the sexually-free feminists -- men scattering their semen across the hitherto virgin landscape . . . men who feel freer than ever (not necessarily happier, but certainly freer in sexual matters) to impregnate women and create families they’ll never be responsible for.
Why is the statement “Women should be as free as men in sexual matters” illogical? DUH! Men don’t get pregnant. Men don’t wind up with a disruptive (often times unwanted) guest inside their bodies for nine months. Men, under the rules of our new and enlightened feminism don’t have a new human being thrust upon them and into their lives for the next 18 years or so. Men don’t have to pay for and care for and be involved with the newly conceived human beings. Men have been utterly freed by feminism’s sexual freedom; women ironically have been enslaved by it.
“Wait! Wait!” you say, “what about birth-control? What about abortion?” Well what about them? Abortion pretty much on-demand has been the law of the land for 37 years now (that’s one and a half generations of women) so single-motherhood and unwed motherhood ought to be pretty much wiped out, no? The United States has the highest percentage of single-mother families in the world. Not talking widows. Not talking even divorcees (although the de-emphasis and hate for men spawned by feminists has seen divorce jump from 4% in 1955 to 56% today and that’s a dramatic undermining of the American family in and of itself) . . . just talking about true single-mothers. This is the supposed age of sexual enlightenment as well as freedom . . . how do, why do we Americans experience this massive onslaught of single-motherhood? Obviously . . . .
If birth-control were 100% effective . . . .
If women were 100% perfect in their applications of birth control . . . .
If, birth-control failing, anything close to 100% of women inconveniently impregnated opted for abortion . . .
If any of these three conditions, particularly the last one were true . . . single-motherhood would not be found except in miniscule numbers. But besides its other shortcomings, the feminist movement has made the single-mother into a progressive cultural icon and hero. She’s virtually always depicted as a heroic, intelligent, strong-charactered young woman who knows what she wants out of life perfectly balancing children and career in her utterly self-determined life. Sort of a Virgin Mary without a hymen, eh? Young girls are shown on all fronts the glory of single-motherhood on TV, in movies, in magazines, on the internet, etc., etc. Glory? What are the facts? Well, as one way of expressing this glory -- “Mugged? Thank a single-mother!”
Before going further, remember we’re talking about American RESPONSIBILITY being a victim of the false-victimhood mentality pushed everywhere upon us by the progressive-left movement. So far incidentally, we’ve seen that large quantities of men freed dramatically from the need to feel responsible for sexual acts or their consequences have become far more irresponsible in this area than at any time in American history.
We’ve seen that many women striving to live up the standards of the most licentious of men from a bygone era now claim the right to act sexually-liberated without the corresponding responsibility to realize that all responsibility for the consequences of sex can and very well might be borne by them and them along.
And we’ve seen a carping sisterhood of b_tchy feminists who have undermined the American family at every turn since about 1965 and who glory in the so-called “gains” of their movement, while taking no responsibility for its decadent effects upon America, and American women; feminists who portray the single-mother as a heroic standard-bearer of their movement. Ahem, so what is the truth about that single-motherhood?
Just as the whole feminist agenda, single-motherhood is a propagation of lies about victimhood. All traditional interactions between men and women are suspect as part of the patriarchal hostility of men toward women. Gloria Steinem’s famous dictate “Every incidence of sexual intercourse, even on the marriage bed, constitutes rape” is the classic example of this principle.) Unless the whole scheme of intergender interactions are shifted 100% toward the feminist delineation of perfection in these spheres they remain examples of evil men dominating and exploiting women. In other words, women have no free will at all unless it’s imposed by feminists? How far have we strayed toward that despicable goal? At the 2001 Academy Awards, three of the five women nominated for Best Actress played “strong, successful single women” and one played a long-time widow. No need for those “pesky men.”
Ann Coulter, in her magnificent expose Guilty: liberal “victims” and their assault on America, devotes her 39-page second chapter in the book to single-motherhood. She begins, “The most worshiped figure in modern America is the “single mother. Politicians tout their programs explaining how they will help single mothers . . . a sure way to draw applause from the crowd is to introduce single mothers in the audience.” Ah, yes victimhood. “Jesse Jackson,” she says, “. . . compares single mothers to Mary the mother of Jesus.” Terms like “unsung heroines” are bandied about frequently while the phrase “single mothers hardest hit” shows up somewhere in speeches, liberal media reports and policy-making bodies perhaps a hundred times each week. Single mothers are the ultimate phony victims. Remember contraception? Remember the morning after pill? Remember abortion? Remember GASP! “choice?”
That is the key word, the choices and compounding of their choices means that more than a million unmarried women every year CHOOSE to needlessly expose themselves to pregnancy and CHOOSE to bear a child out of wedlock . . . not considering that the consequences to themselves, their children and the very fabric of American society are horrendous. While the progressives like to lump widows and divorcees into the category “single mothers.” Widows, on average, do almost as well as married moms financially and in the outcomes of their children. Divorcees usually not nearly so well as married women, but compared to bona fide single moms, divorcees and all other groups of women with children are socially aware and noble plutocrats. Divorced women are not solely to blame for the hardships they and their children face . . . divorced men share some of the blame. So what is the outcome of single motherhood on American society?
Whether the pregnancy is unplanned, unwanted, accidental, or even connived for . . . this makes little difference. The choice to bear children without a father is devastating to the child, the mother and society at large. Girls raised without fathers are far more promiscuous and more likely to become single mothers or to have their marriages end in divorce. The strongest predictor of a child spending time in prison is single parenthood and overwhelmingly single motherhood, 70+%; juvenile murderers72%; rapists, 60%; all of the following situations teenage births, school dropouts, suicides, runaways, juvenile delinquency, and murderers of their own children . . . 70% or more were raised by single mothers.
Here’s a key factor that explains much about so-called Black victimhood . . . if single-motherhood is taken out of the equation for both Black and White crime statistics, there is NO difference between the races in criminal activity. The deliberate creation of and the great expansion of the welfare state by the progressive left has shattered the solid Black family in existence in 1950 or 1960 and has created not only false-victims, but also a vicious cycle of new victims. And these victims beget new methods among Blacks . . . 84% of all prison inmates, 92% of all runaways and active gang members, and 89% of all homeless children are associated with single motherhood. Did we remind you, this was a choice? By 2005, more than one third of all children born in the United States were illegitimate; in the Black community the number is closer to 48%. 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers regardless of race. Half of all single mothers in the country live below the poverty line and children of single mothers (they tend to repeat their indiscretions) are six times** more likely than other children to live in poverty. We have the sainted single mothers and the feminist strategy of false-victimhood almost singly to blame for the disintegration of the American family and for the devastating consequences that followed in its wake.
While old-fashioned “Scarlet Letter” approaches to single-motherhood are despicable by modern standards, one thing is certain, they seemed to work. The social pressure to conform and “is a good girl” in ages past when reliable contraception was unknown was dramatically effective. What is the answer? Rajjpuut would suggest a GlennBeckian approach along those ancient lines . . . NOT OUTSIDE PRESSURE, but a new understanding by girls and women of the true reality of single motherhood outside of the glorified “single motherhood” image now being propagated by feminists and by Hollywood should lead them to a new pragmatic morality for the benefit of themselves, their children and America.
Next Time: First Crocodile Tears, then Dismemberment Part IV
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** How can this shocking statistic be true? Are single mothers literally breeding a whole new “underclass?” Yes, single moms do tend to give birth to other children out of wedlock but this is hardly the “cause.” One reason is that America has more than twice the teenage pregnancy rate as other developed nations. Whereas a French single mother, for example, might typically be 28 or 33 years of age, and have a career and an education, huge amounts of American single mothers are teenagers with neither a career nor an education. Neither “just say ‘NO!’ nor contraception, etc. seems to work because so many Americans are raising girls to be irresponsible, to have low self-esteem; and seeing the glories of single motherhood flaunted around them in the media. Another reason is that in most of the rest of the world the ‘extended family’ is still a viable social model. People elsewhere are far more likely to care for their extended family then to leave their fate to welfare. Family is important, especially when you get in a bind.
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Government "CRIME INC." ?

Glenn, bold and brave, opens huge can of worms, corruption and crime in government. Just heard Investment Daily is picking up on this major news story.

Must see video: Crime Inc.:

Crime Inc.

April 30, 2010 - 1:04 ET

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On Monday, we gave you a story and explained that you can't have financial regulation done by the crooks and thieves we currently have in Washington, D.C. The best way I can explain it is with George Clooney.

Do you remember the movie "Oceans 11"? They go in and rob the casino and Andy Garcia's character calls the police. But he wasn't really calling the police. When the cops arrived, it was George Clooney's team of crooks dressed up as cops. They rigged the phone lines and the real cops had no clue. Garcia actually called the m>robbers to come and help stop the crime they were committing.

So we're Andy Garcia on the day of the robbery: We call the police and these are the robbers.

This is what's happening; the only difference is there are trillions dollars at stake.

It's been 17 months since the financial scandal that resulted in entire life-savings being wiped out. No one's been arrested. And now Goldman Sachs is being painted as the bad guy. There are plenty of bad guys to go around. This question led us to show you what has turned out to be a wormhole of bad guys: the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Here's a quick review of what we've covered so far, to get you up to speed:

Cap-and-trade — what is it? It's the trading of puffs of air. Company A pollutes more than Company B. Company A must pay a fine, which is transferred to Company B, who earns a credit. The companies continue to pollute the exact same way, it just costs Company A more and Company B gets rewarded.

If I am going to build this into an industry, I need a to-do list:

First we have to put together a carbon exchange:

While Obama was on the Joyce Foundation board, the group steered $1.1 million in grants instrumental in developing and launching the privately owned Chicago Climate Exchange.

Now we need investors:

Al Gore's company — Generation Investment Management — is the fifth largest shareholder in the Chicago Climate Exchange. Gore's company has several former Goldman employees on the roster.

Then Goldman Sachs steps to the plate and buys 10 percent of the combined company.

Next we need the technology:

Fannie Mae, under the leadership of the Franklin Raines, purchases patent on system to trade residential carbon credits that was described as "how carbon and other pollutants yet to be determined" would be "combined into a single emissions pool" and traded — just as Fannie's toxic portfolio of subprime mortgages were. It appears Raines wasn't content with destroying only the housing market.

So you have the same crooked people who have contributed to the financial meltdown — Goldman, Fannie, socialists and out and out crooks — actually trying to "fix" the economy and the environment and, oh boy, believe me the fix is in.

Now we need the law:

Well, the law is cap-and-trade. Remember when cap-and-trade was supposed to happen right after health care? Well, immigration has Congress' attention now, so let's skip ahead to:

The cover:

Al Gore has been pushing cap-and-trade for quite some time. Obama has been pushing it as well. Many on the progressive left want it. Why? If it's about the environment, cap-and-trade is a proven failure. It's been tried it in Europe: failure. Now, a voluntary system — the Chicago Climate Exchange — is tanking. Why? Because you can't get people to voluntarily buy air, when there's plenty of air to go around. It's scam. It's like being at the beach and selling people a bucket of saltwater. I'm three steps away from the ocean — it's free.

The entire green movement can't stand on its own two feet and the only time anything green ever gets money is when it comes from government. Even some of the top scientists who believe in global warming say this won't do anything to stop companies from polluting. They'll just be paying a little more for it and companies like Enron were scheming to make money off of it — they even lobbied for cap-and-trade.

Some of the eco groups don't even do what they promise. The Vatican found this out when they became "carbon neutral," but not one tree was planted in Hungary's so-called "Vatican forest" for offsets. Who scams the pope? You want to know about warming? I got "eternal warming" for you.

SoSo the question is: Why is it still being pushed? The redistribution of wealth and to enrich the corrupt.

We did a little digging and followed the money and the answers tell a familiar story. And before we get going on this, I just want to warn you: If there's one thing I'm learning about progressives, they really like creating groups. They've got tons of them and it seems they just pass the money from one to the next. It's almost like money laundering. It's why health care can pass: You don't know what the hell anyone is talking about and everyone always sounds so happy. Words and names of groups mean nothing. Unfortunately for them, people's faces still matter. We know them by reputation.

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