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Patriot and conservative activist Miki Booth will be joining us on Tea Party Radio again tonight at 9 pm EDT!  Miki has been "in the trenches" for a long time now.  We'll be discussing what's going on with her ongoing efforts to rid this nation of "Obama," her new book just out---"Confessions of a Community Organizer from Hawaii"  which is now available on Amazon.com in hard-copy, Kindle and computer download (link is below)  Here is some of  what I discussed with her earlier today, and we will be talking about on the air tonight:

Below is the CBS Ch. 5 AZ report of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Press Conference. More than half a million views so far but apparently its not enough to force the lamestream to report it. CONTINUE TO SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW UNTIL EVERYONE KNOWS THE TRUTH - THE 'BIRTHERS' WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!

Please view and share Carl Gallups Youtube: I REMEMBER! I WILL NOT FORGET! Obama-Fraud Saga - who is responsible?

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