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Ron Robinson is author/founder of, the online app that broke the PDI/VoterVault monopoly for your precinct walk lists and is a GOP precinct committeeman/state delegate in California.)Rushing past us now like the windows of a fast train are the precinct, county and state caucuses/conventions where the GOP leaders for the next 2 years are chosen. If it's your intent to change the direction of the GOP, you need to get involved now.Obama used the metaphor of a car that had driven into a ditch in the last campaign. Of course, he had envisioned that the car had gone off into the ditch on the right. Tea partiers see the car swerving to the left. What do you do when your youngster is driving and drifting off the the left? Send a fax or email? Sign a petition? No! You grab the wheel and yank the car back over into the proper lane.That's just what more and more Tea Party types are doing this season as they show up at the precinct and county caucuses to choose the new GOP leaders - the new leaders who will put our party back on track. They are getting involved and taking over governance of their own party.We tried letter, faxes, protests and petitions. Not much help. But as the GOP swings back t the right bit by bit, we are learning that our work is taking effect.Take responsibility for the governance of your party today. If you don't know how, you can go to to learn.(headline h/t: Pogo)
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It's been said many times in many places: becoming a precinct committeeman makes you the most powerful public official in the nation. Why? Because it's mostly precinct committeemen who choose sounty and state party chairs, party candidates and delegates to state parties, the RNC and the presidential nominating convention.

If you are not a precinct committeeman, you are leaving your party ungoverned! Beleive it or not, most precinct committeeman seat in our country are unoccupied - empty - nobody is going that job or casting that vote for our party leaders. You should fill that empty seat.

As an example of just how much power a precinct committeeman ((PC) has, the PC in one tiny legislative district recently dumped (took out) the state chair for the party in AZ. How? Isn't the state chair for the entire state? Yes, but to qualify to be state chair, a person must be a state delegate. The home district of the state chair decided to give the state chairs delegate seat to someone else. Accordingly, the chair lost his basic qualification to occupy the chair. This guy was also the RNC Treasurer! So if you thinks PC is the bottom of the food chain and has no power, think again.

PROCINCT (as in Proactive Precinct) was started six months prior to the last election to provide precinct walk lists for Tea Party and 9/12 activists who could not get those walk lists from their local party. It was a splendid success providing walk list to activists in 20 sates, helping them reach 16 million voters. That aspect of PROCINCT is still available to you for your upcoming city/county elections or scholl board elections, etc.

But the good folks over at PROCINCT knew that more is required for long-term victory of conservative ideals. That's why they just put up a special resource so you can learn how to become a PC in your state. Using resources similar to here where you can post your opinions and questions (and get answers) and receive documentation on just how the process works in your state. The emphasis is on authoritative information that you can rely upon to be seated on your party central committee and actually govern your local party.

A good example of how PROCINCT is serving the needs of folks trying to join their party central committee comes from the state of New York: PC activists in NY discovered that the local Board of Elections had taken them off the ballot! PROCINCT researchers investigated. In the process of investigating the event, we discovered expert and native help right in NY that has been helping folks get elected to their PC seats for years, and we are connecting PC activists with that agency.

So it's not just about furnishing authoritative information, it's about removing obstacles - even unjust obstacles - wherever we find them.

The goal is to have our party governed by the true conservative grassroots - and PROCINCT connects the people who are trying to do that.

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Take Over the Party - From the Inside

Many of you may have heard about the Precinct Committeman project where we encourage patriots to get involved with their local parties and actually *govern* their parties from the inside.

Of course, the theory is that many of us will be drafted upward to state and even RNC service where we can exert real influence and finally have the party we desire.

But in the next few days and weeks, there is an opportunity in many states to bypass that local level and acquire a seat directly on your state party committee.

Many state committees have a bylaw that allows candidates (even in UNsuccessful races) to make one or several appointments to their state party committee. If you worked on one of these campaigns, you are certainly in a position to request one of those appointments.

Those appointments certainly won't go to people who do not ask for them!
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