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One of the tactics the liberals used to get out their vote is a two step process using push polls. It works like this: first they have a pollster call, asking for your valuable opinions on a variety of generic political topics. The final question is “how likely are you to vote in the upcoming election?” They mine the list of likely voters for those they can sway to their candidates. They also determine what kind of lies and propaganda they need to move people to vote, based on the answers they gave in the earlier poll.
Next comes the push poll. This is not a real poll; it’s a propaganda interview intended to force an opinion on you after directly feeding you misinformation. For example, they will state that all of the noteworthy environmental groups oppose the Keystone Pipeline because of the devastating damage it will do to the environment. Then they state that Romney supports this project since it will make the oil companies wealthier. Then they ask if you support the pipeline.
Another question will be about abortion. It will be phrased in a way that they can state that Romney and the Republicans want to prevent women from having access to birth control and control of their own bodies. The questions are always preceded with lies and misinformation!
These tactics work on uninformed voters; they proved it in the last election.

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