Apologize, why should I?  Until you contacted me I really hadn't considered it, what's more, I can't think of any logical reason why I should.  Simply because I'm  not shy about the fact I have no admiration or respect for Baraka, most of his administration and many in the house and senate.  No, I will not apologize for it.  However I will say, I completely lack any respect for them, you and I offer the following in support of the contempt you and they have earned.

 I'm not a "touchy feely" kind of guy like liberals and progressives.  If someone acts like an idiot or behaves like a fool I am not going to entertain their ignorance and stupidity.  I have no difficulty letting them know they are either an idiot, a fool or stupid and often, as with this administration, all three.. 

A large part of my ancestry is Native American mixed with a little Irish, German and I've been told some black.  I claim my Native American blood more than the rest, it fits best with the way I think.  I consider myself fortunate to be of mixed breed because it gives me a better chance of  having some beneficial character traits than a pure breed might have.  I mention this only so you have some idea with regard to my point of view.

Because of my heritage some might believe I should have less pride in our country than someone who's ancestors came here from Europe.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When I reflect on the sacrifice and struggle that "brought forth upon this land a new nation" I understand the desperate need of mankind to be free.  My God given right to be a free man is a powerful emotion I hold dear.  When I contemplate the reality that there are those who seek to remove my freedom, tell me how I think, raise my children, where I may and may not go, etc an instant rage overtakes my very spirit.   

 America, because of the vision of a few courageous, wise, and loyal men, became the greatest achievement of mankind in the history of the world.  This achievement came at a very high price for those who struggled and fought to make their vision a reality.  On September the twelfth, seventeen eighty seven, a single document, inspired by God and forged by the blood of patriots, gave birth to the greatest nation on earth.  This document, nothing more than words on a piece of parchment, became the most powerful utterance of mankind in the history of the world, and it remains so today.  Originally thirty nine men signed the Constitution Of The United States Of America, each staking their fortunes, their sacred honor and their very lives on it.

America became beacon to those living under tyrannical governments and totalitarian regimes.  It became a beacon of hope offering every man woman and child the dream of freedom, liberty and justice.  By the thousands they came, all willing to accept the rules and laws necessary to become a part of this glorious experiment in human dignity.  It wasn't easy for them, but then what worthwhile thing is easy. 


They struggled to make their lives in America and all were rewarded for their sacrifice.  Almost every one of them became outstanding citizens and never complained about the hard work or that the government didn't feed, clothe and house them.  All they felt was gratitude, because they were at last free.


The United States of America is very different now.   Far too many  America's citizens have been manipulated, cheated and robbed of their dignity.  Millions of our citizens have been enslaved by ultra rich people calling themselves Liberals and Progressives who hide behind the guise of being Democrats.  These Liberals and Progressives created the most destructive programs to human dignity ever devised.  They disguised their scheme as a compassionate humanitarian effort called welfare and food stamps.  They knew once they had a large segment of the population accepting their poison it would be like an addictive drug.  They would then control their victims lives.  The most immoral part of their scheme is the how it destroys its victims individual identity and dignity.  Those caught up in the welfare and food stamp scheme will never know the pride and dignity of knowing individual responsibility.  Their lives will always be limited by the attitudes of filthy rich Liberals and Progressives who decide how much or how little the "disadvantaged" should receive.  Welfare, food stamps and almost all government assistance programs have evolved into permanent chains of slavery for those who receive it.  Every time I find myself in need I never seek assistance from any government program.  The only place I ever seek assistance is inside myself, there is always a way I can succeed in America without selling my dignity and honor to some politician.  Anyone receiving government assistance is not free, they have simply accepted slavery.


So, Again Mr. Congressman, apologize?  Never, why don't you apologize for your inhumanity, corruption, disloyalty and abuse of our Constitution and your position?  I'll be glad to accept your apology here on Face Book as well.  No, I won't publish your name, though I should, you simply have too much company amongst your peers to single only you out.  There is more Congressman, if you can handle truth keep reading, I will be surprised if you have read this far.   I continue:


America Is and has been from its founding the greatest nation on earth.   The undisputable and only reason our Republic is in trouble at this time is a direct result of dysfunctional leadership, misguided and corrupt welfare programs, and a great lack of ethics and morality in the Whitehouse and halls of congress.  The United States will again be the great nation is has always been.  However, congressman, it will have nothing to do with you or anything you say or do.  It will be because Freedom loving people will see to it that you and those like you are removed from your positions.  You already know this, you can see the contempt most have for you, you no longer enjoy the respect or  positive regard you once did. 

 Hopefully when you are out of office we won't be bothered by you again, if you have any self respect you will simply fade into obscurity and keep your dishonest mouth shut.  I would hope many of you are tried for the theft, treason and other crimes you have committed against our people and our Constitution.  Apologize? Hell no!

Not too long ago we were Honored and privileged to have a president known as Ronald Reagan, now we are cursed with a tyrant known as Baraka Obama along with the two most incompetent congresses America has ever known.   We have come to a point where intelligence has been replaced by intellectual ignorance, intellectual narcissists and credential worshipers.  Our highest positions are held by elected officials many of whom are ignorant of ethics, devoid morality, and completely incapable of performing the duties and responsibilities of their offices.  Because they are unable to do their jobs and they lack even a small amount of courage they are willing to allow the most destructive unconstitutional president in history destroy what millions sacrificed and died for.

And finally I want to let you know one thing your Liberals and Progressives have given us where our society has  broken down.  It makes sense that there would fewer women becoming Lesbians if fewer men were of the "touchy feely" kind.  For sure there would be fewer homosexual men if society would allow boys to be boys and grow into men. I know it seems I am off subject, but I think you  see the connection.  I can't speak for anyone but myself, but when I hear people say a child abuser or molester is simply misunderstood or "youth attracted" as though they are "expressing their love", well... I simply want to puke, that is your world not min.

Mr. Congressman, I hope this will fulfill your request that I apologize, if not, I don't know what you expect  considering what you have given me to work with, your reputation.


Art Phillips


A real American,

Loyal, legal, law abiding and patriotic!  


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  • Thanks Art: Since Ive known you from here at the Tea Party as well as other sites Ive grown to have much respect for you. Were in for a heck of a fight to take our country back, this will take much more than a vote come nov. We The People have neglected our great nation for way to long, the work ahead is on us no passing the buck no excuses no nothing but alot of hard work. No more silent,no more hiding no more sleeping no more fun & games. Time to go to work 24/7-365,for how ever long it takes to get back in the good blessings of God. This is for our kids & grandkids future freedoms & liberties just as our forefathers gave us remember all that blood & death in the Revolution for our freedom of today. Now look at what We The People allowed corrupt DC to do, this isnt new its been yrs now it appears some think this is new, but the truth theyve been sleeping, head buried in the sand, hidind, selfish, self centered. I hear the winds of WW3, I see a Revolution. Is this Gods time, maybe. How close are we for muslum terrorist to go into our schools remember Al Quieta & there threats how about the muslum brotherhood  how about the 80 commie socialist in congress the list that Cain put out the list goes on seems never ending, We The People allowed this to happen, no passing the buck no finger pointing at politicians we allowed this to happen its up to us to correct this mess no one else. God Bless The Tea Party & GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Loral, you are so right.  We need to stand up to all these idiots that we have in congress and take our government back.

  • I wrote that wrong.  Should be America.   And Thank you so much for serving our country.  

  • You go Art!   You are so right.  They have slowly rotted society and act like they are being good to us.  I feel sorry for the kids that will never know how good it feels to succeed in life.  They don't know what they are missing.  May God forgive us for all we have done to allow this country to become what it is today.  We must pray for our country in hopes of being forgiven.  May God bless Amreica.

  • Why In The World Are They Spraying?
  • Why should any of US hold any respect for a Congress that is NOT doing its job - -they are NOT doing what WE THE PEOPLE sent them to DC to do.  If Speaker Boehner and the GOP leadership is "standing in the way" of contempt charges against holder, the DOJ AND obama-soetoro, call them out on it NOW.  Send them email, faxes, call them- -tell them, plainly, WE ARE NOT PLEASED with their performance, or lack thereof!

  • I am glad I read this. You have put into words which many of us like myself would like to do. Give'm Hell Art and I'll die backing it up. I would like for so many other Patriots get to read and share this message.

  • GOD bless you Art Phillips! You speak for so many of us! And Deborah Corey, you are not taking anything that you have not security is YOUR is NOT government money. You worked and paid into that system. It is not a handout, you EARNED IT dear patriot. GOD bless you, you will be in my prayers. HOW LONG WILL WE TOLERATE THIS? It is INFURIATING. "Woe unto them who call good evil and evil good".

  • God Bless!   You tell 'em!

  • God bless you Mr. Phillips!

    You are covered in prayer!

    Your new friend and fellow Patriot,

    Kristin Scharf


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