The militarization of our local police forces continues, and as local law enforcement gets their hands on high-grade, weaponized and war-ready equipment, an authoritarian streak goes right along with it.

The sheriff of Erie County, New York, told the State Legislature it was none of their damn business how they use their high-tech cellphone “sniffers” to spy on Americans.

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Timothy B. Howard told a committee the “Stingray Tracking Device” his department has owned for six years wasn’t being used to tap into citizen’s phone conversations, but only for tracking their movement. And that’s all he would say. The Erie County Sheriff’s Department received the device – and other surveillance equipment – from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as part of an ongoing effort to supply local law enforcement with high-grade military equipment.

He wouldn’t tell the elected officials about the scope of the device’s capabilities, how well it worked or how many times his department has used it.

With no disrespect to this honorable body … the specific use of the device should be left to the monitoring of the courts and not to the Legislature or to the media,” he said.

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  • I am not against supplying our police and Sheriff depts. with better equipment with which to fight "Real crime". I do have a problem and a queasy stomach over what sort of price tag the federal agencies supplying them may attach to all this "free or very low cost Militarized equipment". With the very bad track record of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, IRS, BLM I find myself having to be extremely uneasy of the unholy alliance these things can bring about. The County Sheriff is our elected LEO and is to me really our last line of defense against tyranny. By compromising their loyalty the Regime in Washington DC has weakened that local block that is meant to Protect and Serve we the People

  • and nowadays many judges or man made gods have hemorrhoids harry for a goddess mummy...

    Harry Reid on a rampage: Threatens rule changes to give Democrats more power (click here).

    Harry Reid on a rampage: Threatens rule changes to give Democrats more power
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid raised the possibility Tuesday of another rules change to curtail filibusters, saying he is increasingly frustrated…
  • Federal Court Essentially Nullifies 2nd and 4th Amendments! (click here)

    A judge and his sheriff... a man made god and his stupid son.

  • Show the jerk by passing a law to MAKE it illegal. You aren't a god and you answer to representation.

  • When  you consider the average mentality of a deputy sheriff, we are in deep, deep trouble.  I hope those that believe civil strife is avoidable are correct...4086901978?profile=original

  • He should know that he is being watched even more then the average Joe by the NSA, I bet him they have bugs on his keyboard (keystrokes) cameras in his bedroom and are watching him all of the time because they have to be sure all of the time he is not going to turn on them...When they are finished with him they will dispose of him that is what they do....

  • Our judicial system must authorize "wire-tapping". Since when does a sheriff get to violate such laws without judicial authorization without showing just cause?

  • Hey Idiots Iv'e been saying it for years leave your phones at home,and turn off your computers when not in use.Block your cameras and use a 1/8 inch phone jack plugged into your computer to cut the internal mic.So this way they have to take extra steps to find out what your doing in your home or online.Download an IP address jumper to hide your IPs where ever you want.

  • You people should know better then to believe everything you read in the LIBERAL  media.

    This man just won re-election in Erie County against a well financed push by Dumbocrats to take over this position. And this in a heavy heavy Dumbocrat area. His challenger pushed for strict gun control and everything Oblama wants.

    I voted for this man, and would do it again in a heartbeat.  If you do not live in our county or our state, you have NO real idea of what or who is doing what. SO, shut the F--K up about it till you learn the absolute truth.  WHICH MEANS, STOP BELIEVING IN WHAT THE LIBERAL PRESS WRITES.

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