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In January 2017, Barry Donadio was appointed as the Sergeant at Arms of the Maryland Republican Party.

The Honorable Dirk Haire, who is the newly elected Chair of the Maryland Republican Party and campaign counsel to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan appointed Barry Donadio.

Mr. Donadio will serve a 2 year term as Sergeant at Arms and be responsible for maintaining order during MDGOP conventions. Barry Donadio was already handling protective security details for Republican Party through his firm Public Security LLC.

When the MDGOP needed executive protection for their guest Alevda King, they called on Barry Donadio and the Private Detectives from his firm to carry out the task. Alveda King is a Republican, American Activist, Author and former State Representative for the 28th District in the Georgia House of Representatives. She is also the niece of Martin Luther King. 

In 2014, Mr. Donadio was elected to the Queen Anne's County Republican Republican Central Committee in Maryland and is currently serving a four year term.

Since then, he endorsed Conservative Republicans like Nicolee Ambrose (The RNC Committeewoman for Maryland. On April 27th 2016, Barry Donadio also publicly endorsed David Bossie for RNC Maryland National Committeeman. In September 2016, Mr. Bossie was subsequently appointed as a Deputy Campaign Manager by United States President Donald J. Trump.

Barry Donadio stated " I would like to personally thank MDGOP Chairman Dirk Haire for appointing me as Sergeant at Arms for the MDGOP. Like Chairman Haire, I take my position with the MDGOP seriously. I will serve the Republican Party with professionalism, fairness and impartiality regarding my protective duties. "

Mr. Donadio also stated "When I was appointed as Sergeant at Arms, I inherited over 200 protectees consisting of the appointed and elected officers of the Maryland Republican Party. These protectees consist of all the members of the Republican Central Committees from each county in Maryland. Included in that group are also Republican Candidates for office and visiting dignitaries. It is a great honor for me to serve them all. As Sergeant at Arms of the MDGOP, I will be always be available to my protectees even when the convention is not in session. When needed, I will oversee other tasks for the MDGOP such as: executive protection, security, Police liaison duties, impartial political negotiator, and be a dispute resolution mediator for opponent political candidates."

Barry Donadio is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service that served at the White House during the Bush and Obama administrations. He is also a Military War Veteran that served in multiple Middle Eastern war zones during his career.

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Blame Black Lives Matter Movement for Dallas Carnage


Dallas police chief David Brown said all we need to know about the inspiration and motives of the thug who assassinated five Dallas cops. As NBC News reported:

Brown said the suspect, who he would not identify, told a hostage negotiator that he was upset about the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent police shootings of black men elsewhere in the U.S.

The Dallas shootings are the logical extension of the demonization of police officers by the racial grievance industry spearheaded by the Black Lives Matter movement, a demonization that began almost as soon as President Obama took office. ...

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Daniel John Sobieski is a freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in Investor’s Business Daily, Human Events, Reason Magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.  

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/07/blame_blacklivesmatter_movement_for_dallas_carnage.html#ixzz4E7Wy7eqR
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Political Correctness and the Criminal Element

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots

ll-1.jpg?width=229“The Department of Justice is committed to giving justice-involved youth the tools they need to become productive members of society.”
– The Obama regime’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Once again, the Obama regime and liberals at large are trying to spare the oh-so-delicate feelings of an element of our society that simply doesn’t give a crap about anything, anyone else and for that matter, themselves.

What Lynch is talking about, what she is calling “justice-involved youth” are punks, thieves, delinquents, thugs, drug users and whatever else today’s youths do to break the law. It seems, to her, the Obama regime and assorted liberals and socialists, all those little criminals need is a new label, a round or 2 of Kumbaya and an atta boy or girl to make them productive members of society.

They aren’t society’s losers…not according to the liberal/socialist agenda anyway…what they are is participants and being called “justice-involved youths” is their trophy…their reward for just showing up.

We can’t damage their complete lack of self-esteem by calling them exactly what they are now can we? No…we must somehow find a way to make them feel more proud of their criminal activity by calling them what they are most certainly not.



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Demand justice for Sandra Bland's

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist -  texusa2016@gmail.com

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

The truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.


Police brutality is a crime. http://www.texasobserver.org/horror-every-day-police-brutality-houston-goes-unpunished/



The Sandra Bland's case was a murder. Texas will do anything to protect their police officers and plant evidence to justify the arrest and murder of Sandra Bland's The people must demand an investigation by a private investigators that do not have any connection with the Texas law enforcement that are connected to this case, The cover up of this case is at work. The Police force in Texas are protect by their own that is why they get free of the many crimes committed by the police force. It is a shame that we have police officers in Texas like this idiot, he is a bully and abuse his power; The worse is that they are being protect by the system; police officers they cover up their crimes and plan evidence of a crime to justify their actions, impunity for their crimes are a norm, this lady should never be arrested nor harassed. No question about it, this policeman is an idiot, he fail to follow the constitutional right of this lady, she have the right to stay in her car, he do not have the right to demand that the lady put her cigarette down or get out of her car for a minor traffic violation. He should be fire, we do not need police officer that abuses their power, they forgot that they work for us the people and their job is to protect the people not to abuse us. That is why most people hate the police officers in this country, they are bullies that believe that they can abuse people at will; I assure you they will not do that to a white person. I know by my own experience police force abuse is rampant and against the Black and Hispanic community. We the people must demand that all police officers be educate on people skills and the US constitution. Most police officer in most cases violate the constitutional rights of the Blacks and Hispanics because they believe that they do not know their constitutional rights and they are poor and are at the mercy of court appointed lawyers that work for the system, that in the first place is against them.(Blanks and Hispanics) This is sad but truth. Police Impunity is rampant in Texas. We need to stop this and restore our trust in our police force. Seek the truth and arrest and prosecute the criminals’ police officers.

The issue is Racism. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/07/16/1402770/-Texas-Sheriff-involved-in-the-death-of-Sandra-Bland-fired-from-previous-post-for-racism

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You Can't Legislate Away Morons

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on cprworldwidemedia.net

stap-1.jpg?width=152It was the 4th of July and after drinking,, 22 year old Devon Staples of Calais Maine thought it would be…funny…if he placed a fireworks “mortar” tube on top of his head…dropped a round into it and lit the fuse.

According to his older brother, Cody, who said that friends apparently tried to dissuade him…“Devon was not the kind of person who would do something stupid. He was the kind of person who would pretend to do something stupid to make people laugh.”

It was the last thing Devon Staples ever did.

When the round ignited…it killed him instantly. Again, according to Cody Staples, who was just a few feet away…“There was no rushing him to the hospital. There was no Devon left when I got there.”

We are not talking about some kid here. This was not some adolescent playing with fireworks sans adult supervision. This was a full grown idiot who should have known better but let’s get back to his brother, Cody, for a moment.

Cody Staples, 25 years old, is on record describing the event this way…


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Barack Obama's War On Police

On December 18, 2014, Barack Obama officially began the war on police as he signed an Executive Order establishing the President’s Task Force on 21st Century PolicingSince the signing of this Executive Order, 55 Officers have been killed in the line of duty. Yet, this mattered little to Obama who justified his Executive Order as he spoke about “the distrust that exists between too many police departments and too many communities – the sense that in a country where our basic principle is equality under the law, too many individuals, particularly young people of color, do not feel they are being treated fairly.” In the name of equality, the President wrote that the purpose of his task force was to identify and “bring unity and consensus on best practices to a nation with 18,000 separate law enforcement agencies.”

On March 4, 2015, the task force released its interim report on 21st Century Policing in which the report identified “six pillars on how policing practices can build public trust and promote effective crime reduction” based upon “input from community members, law enforcement officers, associations, stakeholders, academic experts, and civic leaders across the country.” In order to implement the strategies identified in the report, the federal government will “provide funding for state and local police, dependent upon such police departments meeting requirements established by the federal government.” In short, what this means is that the administration will attempt to gain federal control of local police practices via conditions placed on the receipt of federal funds.

According to a multitude of recommendations under the report, the administration stresses the need to change the culture in which police do their work noting that “the use of disrespectful language and the implicit biases that lead officers to rely upon race in the context of Stop and Frisk”, must be abolished. Moreover, the report recommends that the “Federal government create a Law Enforcement Diversity Initiative to help communities diversify Law Enforcement departments to better reflect the demographics of the community…with discretionary Federal funding for Law Enforcement programs influenced by that departments efforts to improve their diversity.”

Lastly, the report notes that the “U.S. Department of Justice should charge its office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) with assisting the law enforcement field in addressing current and future challenges by establishing benchmarks and best practices for Federal, State, and Local police departments.” The report goes on to conclude that the President should “prioritize grant funding to departments meeting benchmarks.” Thus, creating the incentive for over 18,000 separate law enforcement agencies to follow the federal guidelines in order to receive funding.

In order to bring about the systemic reform of policing called for in the report, multiple activist organizations aided by the Civil Rights Division in the Department of Justice, have gone about exploiting local police communities throughout the country by using actual and perceived instances of injustice to reform entire police departments. Last week, James Cadogan, a senior counselor to the U.S. assistant attorney general, took to the United Nations’ Human Rights Council to highlight and condemn our police on the international stage for their “racism and brutality.”

Cadogan highlighted the past cases which have been exploited by the DOJ beginning with, “The tragic deaths of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Michael Brown in Missouri, Eric Garner in New York, Tamir Rice in Ohio and Walter Scott in South Carolina.” Cadogan then noted that these cases “have renewed a long-standing and critical national debate about the even-handed administration of justice” as “these events challenge us to do better and to work harder for progress — through both dialogue and action.”

Cadogan concluded by adding that the Department of Justice has opened more than 20 investigations in the last six years — including an investigation into the Baltimore Police Department — as well as the release of a report of the Presidential Task Force on 21st Century Policing in March, which included more than 60 recommendations. A glaring theme becomes apparent within each of the cases that Cadogan highlighted, primarily that being the exploitation of local police communities by Vanita Gupta, the head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division.

On Tuesday, Gupta spoke to the Colorado Lawyers Committee in remarks about the work of the Civil Rights Division. Gupta explained that the source of mistrust between police and the communities they serve couldn’t be “explained away as the kneejerk reaction of the ill-informed or the hyperbolic.” Gupta then went on to state,  “It’s in part the product of historical awareness about the role that police have played in enforcing and perpetuating slavery, the Black Codes, lynchings and Jim Crow segregation.”

This fringe viewpoint by Gupta epitomizes the mainstream view among the leftists who populate not only the Civil Rights Division but the Department of Justice as well. “It was no accident that these same leftists produced an absurd self-fulfilling report on Ferguson”, writes J. Christian Adams of PJMedia. “But that hasn’t stopped Gupta from trumpeting the report, or better still, using the report to shake down police departments across the country to change their ways or else.”

Gupta illustrates this point by concluding her speech to the Colorado Lawyers noting that, “in many ways, Ferguson is not an anomaly. Through our work around the country, we know there are similar police and court practices in many places..[and] cities around the country are beginning to re-examine their policing and municipal court practices, though we know there is much more work to do.”

Its unprecedented that our own DOJ would continue to use the example of Ferguson to highlight the need for changes within police communities given the fact that Michael Brown was in no way innocent of the actions that led to his death. The entire narrative that surrounded his death was fabricated and built upon a lie that to this day the media, the DOJ, and the Obama administration continue to peddle. Moreover, by attempting to claim that slavery, Black Codes, Jim Crow, and lynchings are apart of the “implicit bias” and historical context in which police today continue to enforce, the DOJ justifies the actions of thugs whom have used this same argument in order to commit acts of violence against our officers.

This view of our police officers is becoming the norm under the Justice Department, which at the same time is set to further exacerbate this hatred as Obama is set to unleash and fund community organizers on crime filled cities across the nation. By awarding $163 million in grants to various community-activist groups in order to combat urban crime and reduce tensions between racial minorities and the police. The Justice Department is looking for 10 localities to participate in a “collaborative reform” process to serve as a model for the rest of the country, emphasizing “procedural justice” and “implicit bias training.” This will only fuel further unrest by funding many of the so-called “community organizers” responsible for creating anti-police sentiment in American cities.

It should come as no surprise then that in the wake of recent events and events to come that law enforcement officers are at a “tipping point” that could spell dangerous consequences for the communities they serve. Testifying before a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke articulated this point. Clarke noted “We’re at a tipping point and it is something that I expressed not too long after what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, about the psyche of the police officer who watches these things go on, just like anybody else does, and the constant bashing and maligning of the profession is starting to take its toll.” According to Clarke, the result of the constant and unrepentant backlash against law enforcement by the Obama administration is inevitably leading to an erosion of “self-initiated” police work.

This is what the war on police looks like, officers are forced to second guess their actions out of fear of being exploited for simply doing their jobs. Look no further than officer Darren Wilson to confirm this fear. To make matters even worse it appears the war against our officers is only just beginning as the president ramps up his effort to polarize, dehumanize, and ultimately destroy the will power that is so essential to each and every individual police officer throughout the country.

Article from PoliticallyShort.com

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This is Ferguson, MO. Terrible reality

By: Juan Reynoso, activist - voteforamerica@gmail.com

http://anticorruptionact.org/.     STAND FOR AMERICA        http://www.teaparty.org/

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

This is Ferguson, Mo. in August 2014.

This is the terrible reality of what happens when authority goes wrong. Ferguson, Mo. Police become an armed force in August 2014. Even if the killing of Michael Brown, a black man;  was a case of justified armed violence, we are left with the same nasty taste: policing in the US has become a beast of terrifying burden, a dark promise of local brutality. The real story has been the sight of overpowering police forces confronting unarmed protesters who are seen waving signs or just their hands.

The case of Ferguson, with its police forces resembling an armed force, suggests that under the pretense of establish security; the protections of the people is being place in jeopardy and their constitutional rights trashed by an unruly policing manual, stacked to the brim with military kit. This militarization of the police forces in our country is the result of the patriot act. Our Bill of Rights is being demise under the pretense of “war on terrorism”. The Department of Homeland Security, that creature of feigned protectiveness, has been getting police authorities drunk with military grade hardware via “anti-terror grants”. We must stop the militarization of our police force; this military police force is inflicting terror on a civilian population that should be free of police brutality and abuse of power. We the people that should be protected by our police, become the victims of the police military manual that no citizen wants.

Protect your God given constitutional rights; contact your city mayor and councilman’s and stop the militarization of your city police force, their job is to protect the citizens not terrorize and abuse them

Contact the congress


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The militarization of our local police forces continues, and as local law enforcement gets their hands on high-grade, weaponized and war-ready equipment, an authoritarian streak goes right along with it.

The sheriff of Erie County, New York, told the State Legislature it was none of their damn business how they use their high-tech cellphone “sniffers” to spy on Americans.

POLL: Does the US legal system need to be reformed?

Timothy B. Howard told a committee the “Stingray Tracking Device” his department has owned for six years wasn’t being used to tap into citizen’s phone conversations, but only for tracking their movement. And that’s all he would say. The Erie County Sheriff’s Department received the device – and other surveillance equipment – from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as part of an ongoing effort to supply local law enforcement with high-grade military equipment.

He wouldn’t tell the elected officials about the scope of the device’s capabilities, how well it worked or how many times his department has used it.

With no disrespect to this honorable body … the specific use of the device should be left to the monitoring of the courts and not to the Legislature or to the media,” he said.

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agenda 21 south africa

South Africa has it all, rewilding, UNESCO’s Education for All which has dumbed downed an entire population, prohibition to thin out forests which leads to massive flooding, protection of endangered species resulting in private property forfeiture, job promotions and school admissions based upon mindless racial quota systems, policies supportingdepopulation and the installation of a system of living designed to destroy human motivation and the hope for a better future. Yes, Agenda 21 is gobbling up South Africa. And if America is not careful, South Africa’s hopelessness will soon become our national mantra as well.

South Africans Speak Out

In the last several weeks, I have received several communications from people living in South Africa. I have heard from a teacher, a professor, an engineer, a former police officer and a locally elected political official who contacted me through a third party in order to escape detection. All of these individuals found me as the result of my weekly radio show through our live streaming capability or through my radio archives. I come from a generation where I find this kind of international reach for a radio program broadcasted out of my home to be stunning. But even more stunning, is the total destruction of a country and its culture and that is taking place in South Africa. To a person, these people blame their adoption of Agenda 21 policies in one form or another.

POLL:  Do you think the New World Order is a conspiracy theory or the truth?

One of the more popular Agenda 21 policies centers around herding people into extremely cramped and densely populated urban centers. In the United States, we are beginning to witness the introduction of micro apartments in places like San Francisco,New York Cityand Ft. Collins, where the living space does not exceed 500 square feet. However, in South Africa, they have turned their urban areas into a type of prison characterized by filth and squalor and extreme political control.Stack and Pack Cities

Many of the urban residents live behind high walls, there is electrified fencing and the properties are frequently guarded by the South African version of Blackwater.

Local police forces have been decimated and the citizens are living in fear of these privatized security firms who rape and rob many innocent victims in their jurisdiction. These security firms do so with impunity as the private security firms strictly serve the elite and their prime directive is to keep the people in line and in fear of the one ruling political party. Movement of people, especially at night, is tightly controlled. South Africa is becoming a Marxist “papers please” society.  Both educators and person who did not identify his occupation who wrote to me stated that if you are a white male and you are arrested by these private security firms, you have a very high probability of being raped in the holding cell.

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A Letter To Our “Keepers”

Dear Mr. President, members of Congress, judges, FBI agents, Bureau of Land Management, EPA, IRS, Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, law enforcement officers, and anyone acting in any capacity for the government who think their job is to keep us down, keep us in our place, keep tabs on us, keep their hand in our pockets, keep inciting racial discord, keep spending money, and the rest of you government lackeys who never actually worked for a paycheck:

Eagle and Flag Patriot

It’s time for us to have a conversation. You don’t know me, even though you have sifted through my email, listened to my phone conversations, oversaw my blog and Facebook posts, taxed the hell out of me, never once actually acted on any of those letters, phone calls or emails I sent you expressing my opinion about upcoming bills, or how you govern the country. Let me tell you a little about myself before we get to the meat of the matter.

I am Mrs. Nobody, and I am Mrs. Everybody. You have passed me on the street and never noticed. I am pretty unremarkable, except, you see, I am not. I have spent most of my years as a student, a wife, a mother, a worker, a boss, a small business owner, an artist, a cook, a blogger, a reader, a Christian, a dog lover, a really lousy singer who likes to sing along to oldies, and a patriot. Recently, I achieved possibly the highest honor in my life with the birth of a little smiling girl and a happy  laughing boy. I became a grandmother.

That essential spark we humans carry inside us was fanned again into flame, as each new generation tends to do for us. We settle down into life and we become somewhat complacent until something rocks us, something so exciting and holding such promise for the future, so that naturally, as new parents and grandparents, we are stirred to passion and concern for our world and the world we will leave for our beloved children and grandchildren.

Maybe that’s why you guys are so big on abortion, because you don’t need all those new kids upsetting the status quo you have going on, but I digress.

POLL: Does the Federal Government routinely assume powers that it is not granted by the Constitution?

Back to our conversation. Several years ago I made the comment to my friend Yatz that if I were in the Army, I’d probably be a cook. I said that for a number of reasons, and on a number of levels it has meaning to me. At the time, it was pretty self deprecating, and meant to be, but I have had some time to think it over and I have decided you government jerks (I wanted to use the term pricks, but I thought better of it. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are in on this letter too) had better be afraid of us cooks.

This is going to be a chain of thought list here, in no particular order of occurrence or ranking of abuse. It’s Mother’s Day when I am writing this, and I have better things to do than lay out a history lesson and formal outline of your abuses. You commit them faster than I can keep up anyhow.

Hillary Shrillary You allowed my fellow Americans to die in Benghazi, and you didn’t even go to the security meetings while you schmoozed and boozed and slept and sent your minions out to lie and deceive, you stood in the way of military assistance, and then you flung your heinous, evil, “What difference does it make?” comment in the face of wives, children, mothers, fathers, friends, the world, and, oh, yeah, me. You sent the IRS to harass and persecute me when you stood in front of the Tea Party.

You are allowing veterans to die and fudging the numbers to cover your sorry, worthless, lemme say that one again, worthless butts. You are arresting parents at school board meetings who question your agenda. You are driving armored Hummers in my small town, you “peace officers.” You are harassing gun owners, you are attempting to use every tragedy, every nefarious method you can connive to take away or abridge my right to own and carry a gun, you are forcing me to pay for abortions and birth control, you are fighting my freedom of religion on every front, especially against my Christian brothers and sisters serving in the military.

READ MORE AT: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2014/05/12/a-letter-to-our-keepers/

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Two hundred and fifty years ago, American colonists who criticized King George III would find themselves arrested and thrown into prison.  Sometimes they lost their businesses, homes and families because of their sedition to the crown.  The colonists had no freedom of speech to criticize the king, parliament or even a British citizen.

When James Madison and George Mason penned the Bill of Rights, there was a reason why they made the freedom of speech part of the First Amendment.  It was the right to speak freely and openly criticize the government that was a right they fought for.  They knew that in order to have a republic, not a democracy, the freedom of speech was a vital importance to its success.  (In a democracy, people don’t need the right for free speech as the people elect their own dictators.)

POLL: Does Congress need to revive the House Committee on Un-American activities?

Over recent years, we have seen our freedom of speech being challenged and diminished by the whining’s of a liberal minority.  Now, we are on the verge of losing our First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey (D) and New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D) have introduced the Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014.  The opening of the bill reads:

“To require the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to update a report on the role of telecommunications, including the Internet, in the commission of hate crimes.”

“The report required under subsection (a) shall— “

‘‘(1) analyze information on the use of telecommunications, including the Internet, broadcast  television and radio, cable television, public access television, commercial mobile services, and other electronic media, to advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate, as de-scribed in the Hate Crime Statistics Act (28 U.S.C. 534 note);”

Read more at http://godfatherpolitics.com/15283/senator-introduces-bill-silence-christians-conservatives/#QwPGJCchbc0iuRLe.99


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More nonsense out of Virginia. their contact page;  https://www.governor.virginia.gov/AboutTheGovernor/contactGovernor.cfm ***************************************

Ms. Hayden,

I am sorry, but you are uninformed. This IS the Governor's lane......

What ordinances the City of Virginia Beach Police and the Larkspur Middle school employ to "determine" this incident was an involvement with a firearm, a child and the school - are predicated and based entirely on Virginia State Laws.... as in every other State of the Union.

For a City within the State of Virginia to redefine the word of the English language such as "firearm" to include a TOY gun... for the City of Virginia Beach to redefine the meaning of "school" to include the private property of this Child's parents (the Child's home) means the State of Virginia allows the City of Virginia Beach to re-write existing Virginia State LAW to include these descriptors.....

Funny, I have never heard of such a thing before. A Governor allowing a City to re-write existing State Laws for their own political agenda - without Statewide Citizens allowed a vote or your State Legislative input.

Sorry Ms. Hayden, but this is clearly Governor McDonnell's lane to address and I urge you to bounce this back for him to address it. Please be advised.... this is all over Social Media - and the responses I am seeing are exactly what I am writing to you - OUTRAGE!

And Ms. Hayden, I know it is confusing and I do not mean to sound like I am attempting to chew on you, quite the opposite.... but about twenty years ago they started putting the name "Aubrey" in the baby books as a girls name... The primary problem is.... for the past one thousand five hundred years (1,500).... it has been a mans name.


SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason San Antonio, Texas

cc; Social media

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Tea Party Command Center

************************************************************************line added to delimitate

From: OfficeOfTheGovernor@governor.virginia.gov

my email redacted

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 13:09:12 -0400

Subject: From the Office of the Governor CRM:0128817

Dear Ms. Mason:   Thank you for contacting the Office of Governor Robert F. McDonnell.  Governor McDonnell is in receipt of your letter and he has asked me to respond on his behalf.   By your letter, it is clear that this matter is of the utmost importance to you.  However, it has been determined that your issue is a local matter within the City of Virginia Beach in which Governor McDonnell does not have the authority to intervene. This issue involves the bus stop, or in some cases depending on location, school property of Virginia Beach City Public Schools. You may wish to contact the Office of the Mayor, William Sessoms, Jr. at 757-385-4581. I am confident that his office will be able to appropriately address your concerns.   Thank you again for contacting the Office of the Governor.  Please do not hesitate to do so regarding future matters.   Sincerely,   Kathy Hayden Director of Community Relations Office of Governor Robert F. McDonnell     PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL ADDRESS Messages sent to this e-mail address will NOT be read. To send a reply, please use the contact form on the Governor's website, located at: https://www.governor.virginia.gov/AboutTheGovernor/contactGovernor.cfm

------------------- Original Message -------------------

From: Aubrey L Mason

Received: 9/25/2013 9:41 AM

To: yy EadPortalGovCr

Subject: Virginia Beach Police and Larkspur Middle School administration

Governor McDonnell,


Sir, reading all of the news releases about this incident pains me... for the Virginia Beach Police department and the Larkspur middle school administration to defy logic and law - claiming a TOY is a firearm and using this as the grounds to suspend this child from school is inexcusable. The Nation is outraged! How can you allow this nonsense in Virginia? And from appearances, the Virginia Beach Police and Larkspur middle school administration are demonizing an innocent child who does not understand "gun control" or anything else along those lines of political discussion! The boy was playing!!!!!!! Why is your State allowing a child to be harmed for the promotion of a POLITICAL AGENDA???????????



SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

cc; Social Media

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I wrote a blog article  http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2013/03/obamas-america-                         becoming-a-police-state/   a while back pointing out how Barack Obama (Osama bin Obama) is putting the finishing touches on turning America into a police state. I have caught a lot of flak for my views, and have been called paranoid and a fear monger for pointing out the things I see happening to my America.   It seems pretty clear to me what is happening and I know many people agree with me on this while others disagree to varying degrees.

What really surprised me was to hear Bill Maher agree with me.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOUdeJqpt8s&feature=player_embedded To me, Bill Maher has always been a left-wing pompous jerk, with no semblance of reality apparent in anything he had to say.  When I saw this video clip I was astonished to say the least.  Bill Maher saying the same things I have been saying???  Maher must have lost his marbles or my ears were playing tricks on me!!!  But as I watched the clip I began to see something in him that changed my perspective.

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That was Janet Napolitano’s testimony recently. She praised her Department’s accomplishments (in other words: boasted in her own) saying that the border “has never been stronger.”

Check it out for yourself in the video and don't be surprised when you get pulled over and it's not law enforcement, but instead it's DHS. The next words you'll hear are everyone please exit the vehicle and keep you hands where we can see them. 


And she has evidence to back this up. The number of illegal aliens apprehended by the Department of Homeland Security has never been lower. Obviously, this means that fewer of them are managing to penetrate our border security and arrive in this country illegally. Obviously, we have less to fear than ever before as far as a foreign terrorist getting onto US soil with a plan and a weapon.

But perhaps you can think of another possible implication of the fact that DHS is catching fewer illegal aliens than ever before. Even under the best of circumstances, it would be possible that more illegal immigrants are escaping detection than ever before. How do we know that DHS is really doing its job? Can DHS offer us any way of double checking that this?

I don’t know if Janet Napolitano has an answer to that question. I could understand that it is hard to prove a negative. But there is a further problem. Rather than attempt to give us assurance of that point, DHS has changed their record-keeping to make it even harder to find out if they are really keeping the border strong. Fox News reports that DHS “no longer measures illegal immigrants who get away — only those it catches.”

Got that? Every single suspected or identified illegal alien who is pursued but who evade capture goes unreported and unaccounted for. So while she’s bragging on her record, she has actually made that record less accurate and herself less accountable.

These people are not our protectors, they are our prison guards. If some terrorist actually did manage to breach our border and kill Americans, we all know that the immediate response would be to give more power and money to DHS. That’s become the American way. No one with authority and a duty to guard Americans has anything to fear from a disaster. Quite the opposite. When Americans die, new powers are given to government agencies and new programs That really doesn’t matter. You simply can’t keep people safe if the most important overseers of safety know they will never be held to account. That may seem like a cruel truth in the case of a genuine anomaly, but it is still true. Presidents are supposed to protect the American people, not high ranking friends.

So no wonder Napolitano isn’t bothering to keep records that would give her a clue as to whether or not she was really doing her job. If no attack comes, she’ll brag on her record. If an attack comes, she’ll demand more money and power. She knows from history that we have a long tradition of never actually blaming the people in charge when anything goes wrong.

In the meantime, DHS is out there stopping Americans and interrogating them without cause within a hundred miles of a border. We’re not protected. We’re in prison.

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December 27, 2012

Photo: Michael Saechang.


California Democrat Dianne Feinstein will introduce legislation in January calling for the fingerprinting and registering of all gun owners in the United States.

On her Senate web page, Feinstein states her proposed legislation will add fingerprinting and photo identification to the National Firearms Act.

A firearms seller must currently submit Form 4473 to the government containing the name, address, driver license information, NICS background check transaction number, serial number and model of the firearm, and a short federal affidavit stating that the purchaser is eligible to purchase firearms under federal law. Feinstein’s bill will add a substantial layer of bureaucracy to the existing regulations.

The effort to expand firearms registration will include weapons grandfathered prior to the enactment of Feinstein’s proposed legislation. In other words, all gun owners will be required to register their constitutionally guaranteed firearms with a federal government inimical to the Second Amendment.

Feinstein’s registration process will likely surpass New York City’s handgun permit process, which is a bureaucratic nightmare. In addition to non-refundable fees totaling over $500, the permit process demands two recent color photos, a birth certificate, proof of citizenship and residence, a blizzard of affidavits, and other red-tape hurdles. Applications are routinely denied for spurious reasons, including non-violent misdemeanors and depression.

As Dean Weingarten notes, gun registration is de facto gun confiscation. Following mandatory gun registration, the government “will know who has legal possession of each firearm. They will know where the firearm is stored. When physical possession of the gun is desired, they can order you to turn it in. This has happened repeatedly,” most notably in Nazi Germany, Red China and Soviet Russia.

More recently, it has occurred in Kosovo, Great Britain, Australia, New York, and California. If Feinstein has her way next month, it will happen across America.

Democrats and their Republican co-conspirators are going all out to ban firearms. Feinstein’s bill will ban the sale, transfer, importation, and manufacturing of 120 specifically-named firearms, including semiautomatic rifles, handguns, and shotguns that can accept detachable and fixed magazines and have “one military characteristic.”

In addition, Feinstein’s bill will outlaw flash suppressors, bayonet mounts, thumbhole stocks and bullet buttons on firearms.

Make no mistake about it. Obama and his anti-Second Amendment allies in Congress are coming for your guns. If they have their way, the only legal firearms in America will be rifles with 10 round magazines and single shot and bolt-action rifles – and those firearms will be registered with the government and may be confiscated at any moment.

This article was posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 1:15 pm

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Firearm Confiscation Plan Announced For America

Dec 27, 2012

US senators, state governors and others are testing the waters to see if they can sell a national confiscation buy back program under an Obama executive order. This is a way of making all gun owners terrorists. This is the plan, the facts are indisputable. We are in deep shit.

click here to read more and see video.

This article was posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 6:15 am

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My beloved friends and love one ones in the United States and around the world, I am sending this urgent message to you asking for your support on a very important issue involving a young woman who was attacked and brutalized by Georgia law-enforcement. In that incident her unborn child was viciously murdered. On March 02, 2011, I suffered while resting in the comfort of her Jonesboro Georgia home, committed no crimes,  out of the blue my home was surrounded by swat teams and officers from three different law-enforcement agencies within Clayton county. She was terrorizes; she called 911 frantic for hekp but 911 dispachers were so cruel to this young womam, they threatened her and went as far as telling her not to call back. She was denied critical emergency services rgat could have saved the lives of her unborn child. 

 Hoverer, when she was trapped into her home with nowhere to go and no one to help, this pregnant victim was left to suffer some of the worse, if not the worse brutality in recent history.  Her front door was kicked in and she was brutally attacked in her home by all male officers whom held me at gun point, and tortured her. She was photographed naked before my children and was brutalized to the point where she started bleeding ot the scene,  resulted into the vicious murder of her unborn child "Baby Angel"
To date, this young woman had filed numerous complaints with Attorney General Eric Holder and state law-enforcement agencies.  She had also written numerous letters to President Obama asking the president  to insure that a thorough investigation is is completed into this case. But until present, no investigation has been conducted an no one is held accounted for these egregious crimes.  To the contrary, this innocent victim was framed and set up to stand trial on 15 fraudulent charges that carries maximum penalty of fifteen years in prison and 15 thousand dollars in fines. Please copy and paste the following link to your computer and sign her petition calling upon the attorney general to investigate this gruesome murder.

Thanks and may God Bless you for your support. This message is sent to you by the LIFA Committe, the place where a group of patrotic Americans take time from their daily lives to he help victims of injustice. Membership is free. To learn more about the LIFA Committee and the many lives you can touch by making your voice heard around the world. Please log on to thelifacommittee.ning.com.


Thanks and may God Bless you for your support!




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Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News


Most theme parks condition you to accept the Police State but at Dollywoodthey did not do Thumb Scans, not even bag searches.

While I was at Universal Studios, Disney World, and Kennedy Space Center they didone or more of the following to me while I was there:

  1. Searched my bags
  2. Checked my cameras to make sure they were cameras by forcing me to turn them on and show them the display screen.
  3. Made me go through a Thumb Scan
  4. Made me give some form of Identification or personal information

I had went through tyranny in 3 theme parks and it is all for the guise of NationalSecurity and stopping Terrorism.

While I went to Dollywood all I had to do was buy the ticket (They accept untraceable cash as well),take it to the gate along with my camera bags, the gate guards onlychecked my ticket and told me to go through and that was it. There wasno bag search, there was no retinal scan, there was no thumb scan,there was no request for Identification, there was no no-fly list thatcompares names of random people, the theme park was relaxed and had noneed for any bag searches.

Dollywood may lead the way to what Theme Parks used to be like before 9/11. The way all theme parks usedto be was if you didn't want to pay three to four bucks per drink youcould sneak a couple cans and nobody would be the wiser, and if youhave diabetes you can sneak candy and never have to pay loads just for abit of candy because since nobody searches your bags they can't bounceyou from the theme parks due to being unable to keep paying loads perdrink.

Dollywood is the only American theme park these days that doesn't tyrannize and force their patrons to pay loads more on food.

So while Universal theme park has a thumb scan database and other theme parks are heading that way Dollywood which is technically a themepark that has faith doesn't fear the terrorists so they don't give anypower to the globalists and their fake terrorist forces that are beingfinanced by the Rothschild controlled banking groups.

When all theme parks begin to do things such as forced thumb scans, forcedretinal scans, forced drug testing, forced Identification and forcedsocial security number requests, and forced bag searches the themeparks begin to precondition us to support the Police State, that aslong as we are safe it is ok to be tyrannized and in fact the themeparks sponsored by globalists may even promote these tyrannical securitymeasures as something fun, flashy, or something cool to get everybodyinto being used to Police State measures.

The Globalists want us to accept the Police State and bag searches everywhere like it is thenorm, that there is no Constitution, that we do not need a fair justicecourt, that only precrime and invasive bag searches at every facilitycan save us from the cursive terrorists.

I believe we need to boycott all theme parks except Dollywood because since they don'tsearch bags and don't give into to tyrannical police state measures weneed to make a positive example out of this and spread the message tothe world that we don't need to let the terrorists put us in fearbecause if we do then we Have NO Human Rights because security willdissolve Liberty.

Tell everyone to only visit Dollywood not just because they don't search bags but also because they don't believe inushering in the Police State for a One World Government run by a tinyelite.

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