Strange Bedfellows, Not So Strange After All 
                        On August 23, 1939, Nazi Germani and the Communist-controlled Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) concluded a Treaty of Non-Aggression between them just nine days before the Nazis launched World War II with its attack on Poland (a country situated immediately between the two great totalitarian states). Many in the United States were surprised, some even shocked by this turn of events. They, believing the lies they’d grown up with about the “Fascist Right” and the “Communist Left,” couldn’t understand how two such DISsimilar regimes could ever come to any agreement on anything.   Cases of “strange bedfellows” always catch someone unaware and what happened in 1939 and what’s going on in Egypt and the United States today definitely fit the bill . . . but they needn’t have.
            Compare the oldest instance first: the progressive or left wing “historians” in the United States have long put forth the distinction that Fascism is a “right-wing” ideology; and communism is a “left-wing” ideology.    Since everybody today is ignoring the fact that Communist leaders killed more than 122 million of their own citizens (its technically called “democide”) during the 20th Century, it’s convenient for American Progressives to have a bad example to point to on the right and they love to use the terms “Fascists” and “Nazis” for name-calling of conservatives. Only one problem:  Fascism began in Italy when labor unions got so powerful they took over the large corporations and then the large corporations took over the government under Benito Mussolini. Labor unions? Sounds like the left to me.  
The Nazi Party was the “National Socialist German Workers Party.” Socialists? Workers’ Party? That’s obviously from the left also, though perhaps not quite so far left as communism. Indeed, the Nazi literature proudly stated, “We are NOT communists and not capitalists. We are something different; something better.    So the non-aggression treaty between the Nazis and the Reds was very understandable: two great totalitarian leftist states, both looking to expand their borders agreed not to fight among themselves and to divvy up ultra-week Poland which still fought war on horseback. 
The progressives also like to lump despots like Egypt’s Mubarak, Panama’s Manuel Noriega, Uganda’s Idi Amin, and  Indonesia’s Sukarno into the so-called “right-wing dictator” category. The key item here is that these men all led totalitaraian states with their citizens allowed virtually no rights at all.   Those “right wing” American patriots such as the TEA Party who champion taking back our rights from a big-spending government are clearly not the same as any totalitarian dictators; and indeed all of this information has debunked the gross progressive lie that Fascists, Nazis, despots and dictators are different varieties of creatures all belonging to the right wing . . . in truth they’re all worthy of being lumped together in a different and leftist grouping known as “totalitarian leaders.” So much for leftist lies from the past . . . what about today? In Egypt? 
Prolific author Andrew C. McCarthy, famous for his 2010 masterpiece How Obama Embraces Islam’s Sharia Agenda, has outdone himself with his latest and perfectly-timed The Grand Jihad which is subtitled: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America.
                Much like the Non-Aggression pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Communists, any alliance between the left and Islam seems a strange marriage indeed. But once again proponents of atheistic totalitarian states where big government is looked upon as the prime agent of group salvation actually have an awful lot in common with Islamic fundamentalists. Both groups do advocate immense state-control over the individual; both carry a Utopian picture in their mind (from Marxism on the one hand; and from Allah on the other) and advocate the group salvation created by an over-arching state: both are anti-capitalist; both see the American way of life as a severe threat to the planet; and both of them are founded upon the belief that in public statement before the infidel, you can say whatever you like because the infidel is no good and doesn’t deserve the truth from you.  The fundamentalist Islamic theocracy founded by the Iranian Revolution in 1979 is the model to be feared, for example in Egypt where the infamous Muslim Brotherhood** is hoping to hold sway now that Mubarak is gone . . . and the differences between Iran's and the Soviet Union's totalitarianism are few indeed.
            One recent example of McCarthy’s premise is radical American leftist group Code Pink recently joining with Islamic terrorist group Hamas in proselytizing for Revolution; against Capitalism and Jews; and joint-financing a blockade running venture to Gaza last summer after which they condemned the Israelis for violence. Code Pink (Women for Peace) launched that so-called Gaza Flotilla with Hamas; and has been heavily involved with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist jihadist organization during the rioting in Cairo. But this is just one small example of what McCarthy has uncovered in this eye-opening book . . . . highly recommended.
Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,
** The Looming Towers:  Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 tells the story of the Muslim Brotherhood and its expansion into ever more and more violent activities culminating in the fall of the Twin Towers
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