Secure borders

Mr. Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution of The United States, he is suspose to be a Constitutional Lawyer. I think he should re-read Article 4, Section 4. We also should hold him to his affirmation / oath or resign. Never mind the spin. Deport the law breaking illegals and punish those who support them.

Rich R.

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  • if a law enforcement officer asks me for my id and i dont have one i am taken to the police station until proof of my idenity is found been that way since the 70s in michigan where i grew up. but police are not allowed to ask mexicans for id or its racial profiling. it just seems everything american is under attack constitution,christians, gun owners, free markets i guess thats what fundumental change is about the total destruction of the american way of life
  • Agreed. His problem is his interpretation of the Constitution. It's something that people do all the time when they lie. They listen to the question asked, change the obvious technical meaning of the words said, and interpret it so that they can lie without, in their mind, actually lying. It doesn't change the lie, but it should be punishable in court.
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