1SG... one can't ignore someone with a foot in your door and his hands going for your throat... Obama needs to be exposed for what he is... not ignored.  It is time that Boehner wakes up to the daunting task laid at his feet... a task, if ignored that will certainly bring great pain to us all. 

It is time that Boehner schedule 'Impeachment' hearings for Obama and several of his key minions... starting with Eric Holder, Elena Kagan, and Timothy Geithner.  Open impeachment hearings for these three individuals will create the National forum necessary to expose the vast corruption that has creped it's way into our system of Government. 

Attorney General Eric Holder is a prime target for impeachment... an ideal candidate to expose the core of Obama's plans to subvert the Constitution: the corruption of our legal system.  All governments operate by force of law.  Corrupt governments rule, thru the corruption of the law.  

Elena Kagan, should follow promptly on the heals of Holder. She represents the very worst kind of judicial activism and amoral character, currently holding our Courts in contempt of the people and their Constitution.  She and those like her are examples of the worst kind of 'Judicial Activist' todays corrupt courts have to offer.

Then on to Timothy Geithner, the wizard of diabolical machinations, who works the alchemy of the Bankster clan within Obama's Administration.  A corrupt tax cheat, has been given the keys to the US Treasury and our children's inheritance.  He and his minions have set the financial world on end; laying claim to heretofore unknown heights of financial irresponsibility. 

No other Secretary of the Treasury has worked such alchemy...  creating faux gold out of thin air with the stroke of a pen. This wizard of financial prestidigitation works in the shadows, with cunning lightening he loots our National treasury.  He can make trillions appear in one hand, only to see them mystically vanish... upon the stage in a cacophony of financial discord... All while, Congress muses at his wizardry.

Once the lynch pins of corruption in Obama's Marxist cabal are exposed... Boehner can move on too the President.  The National Media will be hard pressed to ignore such open political theater... and if the stage is set properly the House Republicans may well be able to capture the 'Bully Pulpit' and with it the nations ear... Something, they have not been able to do for several years.

Time doesn't wait... and history has now placed our nation at a cross road.  What direction will she take, this America... this shinning City set upon a Hill? It now rests with the captains of our destiny to helm the ship... too, bring her full tilt... too, set a course for safe harbors, or too be forever lost in a sea of distress.  Let us encourage those who helm the ship to abandon their reckless course and too once again bring us too calm seas. 

Start the IMPEACHMENT process... mount the 'bully pulpit' and expose the corruption that runs deep in our government. Let us start anew this spring with a good house cleaning.

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  • Col Nelson:

    I couldn't have put any plainer myself.But Col.We need leaders to lead us.I am sure there are many brave souls who would be glad to fight but dont know just how to go about doing it.Col.You seem to be the man we need to organize us and to take charge you being a retired Col.I know it took years in the army to become  a col so you would be perfect for the job How about fellow party members??Yes we do need to clean house we can start at the capitol and go straight thur to the whitehouse.

  • @Al Pambuena,
    They "get away with it"...because we let them.
    It's that simple.
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  • i thought for sure that obama would not get away with another coverup, after the fast and furious fiasco...but then came benghazi, and those 4 dead americans, which was pretty friggin sad, when there was no effort to at least pretend to help them....but then came the coverup....and they were so sure of themselves that they never even tried to coverup the coverup. both obama and hillary out in front of the cameras, telling the world how the attack on benghazi was because of some stupid video, then that rice goes on her crusade for obama, telling more lies, then obama goes before the united nations and tells the same thing, and hillary jets off to australia for a wine tasting party.....WOW....and the lies are still going on, even after hillary gets anointed at the senate hearings....i mean CRAP ALMIGHTY...where in the hell is the justice for those 4 americans, and where does hillary and obama get the friggin blame for this? ...... impeachment????? they should be run out of town on amtrak...i mean how in the hell do these people get away with this?

  • Yes, Yes, Yes and YES. This is exactly what coarse we need take without delay. We have a malignancy that is corrupting the soul of this Sovereign Constitutional Republic which if let go will surely end in a civil war. This nation can not continue in one crisis after another without end for four more years will be beyond the endurance of this nation, ending in exhaustion. It all points to the weaking of the will in which to resist what is before us.

  •    If they aren't capable of it the voters should make a point of it like they did in 2010 , only double down on their efforts to remind the ignorant communist MSM they are even MORE effective than then .  To all conservatives every where , start doing everything you can right now to get 2014 set up , re-enforce the TEA PARTY to send the MSM the message that the fight to save the constitution and the free republican is just beginning .

  • We're way past time for a thorough house cleaning. Time to dump the accumulated garbage in government.

  • If you have been listening to these Republicans about their amnesty bill it is clear that both parties are only pandering to the mexicans for their votes, If they do this no matter how much we threaten them, they will not care. They will have other votes to replace ours. I cannot believe that with the number of Americans out of work they are proposing to let these people come in and take our jobs, use our HC system and welfare system. How do we fight this with these traitors. What happened to Rubio. Another wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • This is an extremely lucid and well-stated case, Why is it that so many of the best arguments are also some of the shortest?

    At this point in history, the House of Representatives has only one job: to protect us from Mr. Obama.

    If they fail at the task, the nation will be lost. If they succeed, I truly believe we will experience a resurgence of national will, industry and good cheer. The candle is certainly worth the game.  

  • Impeachment won't happen until we clean house in both houses. Therefore, let's launch Recall campaigns in all the States that representatives and senators have ignored their oaths of office and the Constitution. We could have new TP representation in Congress by the end of summer!!!!!
  • Impeachment is never going to happen. It is unrealistic to expect this Congress to impeach a newly elected president who just won an election. Although there are far more impeachable offenses committed by this administration than Nixon in '72-'73, the US is a far more immoral society that is more tolerant of corruption and evil. Forget impeachment with the Dems in control of the Senate and the major media acting as the admin cheerleaders. Pursue forming a 3rd, Constitutional Party to speak with a clear conservative voice. Let's spend our time on this, not an impossible impeachment dream.

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