1SG... one can't ignore someone with a foot in your door and his hands going for your throat... Obama needs to be exposed for what he is... not ignored.  It is time that Boehner wakes up to the daunting task laid at his feet... a task, if ignored that will certainly bring great pain to us all. 

It is time that Boehner schedule 'Impeachment' hearings for Obama and several of his key minions... starting with Eric Holder, Elena Kagan, and Timothy Geithner.  Open impeachment hearings for these three individuals will create the National forum necessary to expose the vast corruption that has creped it's way into our system of Government. 

Attorney General Eric Holder is a prime target for impeachment... an ideal candidate to expose the core of Obama's plans to subvert the Constitution: the corruption of our legal system.  All governments operate by force of law.  Corrupt governments rule, thru the corruption of the law.  

Elena Kagan, should follow promptly on the heals of Holder. She represents the very worst kind of judicial activism and amoral character, currently holding our Courts in contempt of the people and their Constitution.  She and those like her are examples of the worst kind of 'Judicial Activist' todays corrupt courts have to offer.

Then on to Timothy Geithner, the wizard of diabolical machinations, who works the alchemy of the Bankster clan within Obama's Administration.  A corrupt tax cheat, has been given the keys to the US Treasury and our children's inheritance.  He and his minions have set the financial world on end; laying claim to heretofore unknown heights of financial irresponsibility. 

No other Secretary of the Treasury has worked such alchemy...  creating faux gold out of thin air with the stroke of a pen. This wizard of financial prestidigitation works in the shadows, with cunning lightening he loots our National treasury.  He can make trillions appear in one hand, only to see them mystically vanish... upon the stage in a cacophony of financial discord... All while, Congress muses at his wizardry.

Once the lynch pins of corruption in Obama's Marxist cabal are exposed... Boehner can move on too the President.  The National Media will be hard pressed to ignore such open political theater... and if the stage is set properly the House Republicans may well be able to capture the 'Bully Pulpit' and with it the nations ear... Something, they have not been able to do for several years.

Time doesn't wait... and history has now placed our nation at a cross road.  What direction will she take, this America... this shinning City set upon a Hill? It now rests with the captains of our destiny to helm the ship... too, bring her full tilt... too, set a course for safe harbors, or too be forever lost in a sea of distress.  Let us encourage those who helm the ship to abandon their reckless course and too once again bring us too calm seas. 

Start the IMPEACHMENT process... mount the 'bully pulpit' and expose the corruption that runs deep in our government. Let us start anew this spring with a good house cleaning.

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  • BTW Col. Nelson, this is a terrific article.   Nice writing.

  • Obama and Boehner are both gutless wonders.   No balls.   Obama refuses to do his job by enforcing the law.   Boehner refuses to do his job and impeach the President.   Birds of a Feather Flock together!   They both need to go.   Let us Clean the house.

  • This would be logical to all of us, but not to politicians, they only serve themselves and doing what is right would mean jeopardizing their political careers for the good of the country, these are politicians not statesmen, so don't hold your breath. 

  •  Contempt of congress should be MORE THAN ENOUGH grounds to NOT CONFIRM This slimeball again . Also they should pick which offence they are going to impeach O'krakhead on orjust go for the whole ball of wax ,ALL of the big O' offences and his cabinet don't forget Ma Barker herself HELLary.

  • Impeaching Holder should be the first step. He is the only one who works independently of Obama, Holder is Obama's lawyer paid for by american tax payers. Holder has a contempt of congress charge against him now, even tho nothing has been done about it. His second in command told congress " I will not prosecute one of our own." I'm not sure how you can demonstrate disobedience any clearer than that.

  • Colonel,
    I appreciate your clarity of thought and your verbosity. But, (imho) it ain't gonna happen.
    Congress is completely corrupted and complicit. Boehner has no balls. The Dems control the Senate.
    Either We The People do it or it ain't gonna happen.
    That's just a poor old country boy's opinion.
  • Thanks Dee-Col Nelson: I dont see anyone in DC with the guts to impeach, sounds good tho. Face it all of DC is corrupt, Issa chickened out with holder, Roberts in Supreme Court turned TRAITOR now we have taxation without representation one coverup after another by all of dc fast & furious brian terry, libya on & on. Face it America its up to We The People to take our country back. its time for all patriots to come tothe aide of our once great nation, its time for We The People to apply our Constitution, to rid all of DC of the TRAITORS all of DC. All of DC has committed TREASON & TYRANNY all of DC are domestic TERRORISTS. Only We The People can do this, We the People know what needs to be done-now pray for courage, something America has lost. Wake up America stop hding in your sleep, get your heads out of the sand remember America you did this to yourselves by sleeping 40 50 60 yrs. America do you really love your kids & grandkids your country do you America really love God Jesus & the Holy Ghost or has this just been a big lie by America?

  • Thanks Barry. They will probably get an earful.

  • Hell, obama won't even show his real birth certificate. So why would he stand for impeachment proceedings? It's going to get MUCH WORSE in the near future too. He's disarmed our military with help from the GOP (boehner) and his agenda is now centered on taking guns away. Come on everyone, united we stand......................

  • Try this Shirley Williams, and keep posting there... http://growthopp.gop.com/default.aspx

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