The New Jihad

In recent days the actions of the U.S. government have been remarkable.  After an amazing list of unilateral actions by the executive branch, Congress and U.S. citizens seem comfortable with the idea that allowing diseased aliens into the country is somehow normal and acceptable.  Maybe the sheer number of attacks on freedom and sovereignty have desensitized the public to the seriousness of these actions.

To put things into perspective, imagine allowing individuals with explosive vests to come across the border and into airports with no restraints.  This gives a new meaning to extermination by pandemic means.  No expensive explosives or extensive planning sessions are required.  The effectiveness is remarkable.  Just allow the biological agent in the individual to follow its course. The carrier can infect masses of people by traveling extensively throughout the country.

The number of carriers is unlimited by anything other than the physical resources required to move them from infected areas to the U.S.  If necessary one can add extra planes to ensure full exposure and dispersal of the diseases. The actors don't have to be fully indoctrinated into Islam to be effective. This is ingenious and simple.  Add to this the tendency of most Americans to be accepting of the politically correct doctrine.

The public seems to accept that public officials are doing their jobs and protecting them from dangers within our country and from outside our borders.  This is a perfect scenario for such a plan.

Another outcome of such a plan is ridding the country of older people whose immune systems are not as effective as the younger population.  The younger people, who do not have a good understanding of democracy and are easier to manipulate, make good recipients of socialist ideology. The older population includes more educated individuals and military veterans who are not as easily indoctrinated.

Our current administration is apparently trying to weaken our military capability.  Why not send our soldiers and national guard into hot zones to become infected and use them as carriers when they return to the country?  When seen from a subversion perspective, it makes perfect sense.  It serves multiple purposes and is accepted by the target groups as legitimate.

While this may sound like a script for "The Twilight Zone", it is happening now.  We must stand against this serious threat in every way possible.  This means voting the perpetrators out and pushing Congress to do their job by acting to protect us.

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