No more privacy and no where you can go to enjoy your personal privacy.  Now you know who's watching you and just how much they can see from a drone.  The real question is who is watching the watchers to ensure they do not violate our rights.

We must take a stand against this invasion of privacy under the guise of Homeland Security.  Contact your congressman and senator immediately to demand they take action against spying on US citizens now.  The time to take a stand is now because our constitutional rights depend on our vigilance every day.   

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  • The FAA has just awarded the following organizations with contracts to conduct UAV Test Sites:

    1.   Griffiss International Airport of Rome, New York/DTFACT-14-A-00001
    2.   North Dakota Department of Commerce of Bismarck, North Dakota/DTFACT-14-A-00002
    3.   State of Nevada of Carson City, Nevada/DTFACT-14-A-00003
    4.   Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi of Corpus Christi, Texas/DTFACT-14-A-00004
    5.   University of Alaska of Fairbanks, Alaska/DTFACT-14-A-00005
    6.   Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University of Blacksburg, Virginia/DTFACT-14-A-00006

  • This is not security and protection. This is not surveillance. This voyeurism of law abiding citizens by treasonous criminals in violation of the 4th amendment! Where is our right to security within our persons with giant turd birds flying overhead watching our every move?

  • Drone Wars!  Coming to a neighborhood near you.

  • How to defeat UAV's.  Hijacked from another thread:

    How to kill UAV
  • Thanks Rock & everyone, We The People are going to win this. Archie the govt doesnt have control of anything. The govt makes alot of threats. I was blocked on the net yesterday, however another laptop,another ID, another password. The FBI didnt get it a few yrs ago Im not the issue, messages will get thru. Theres always the HAM & many other forms of communication. Thanks again folks

  • @ Rock Thomson:  Sorry you're trapped in that Democrat enclave (Tucson).  But I got your back.

    Arizona-doing the job the feds won't do.  No permits required for concealed or open carry.  Conservatives welcome.  BYO fire support.  MOLON LABE,

  • Drones:  they're already there (in U.S. skies)............the real question is.......why? 

    The real answer!

  • you fight these people by finding out where these things are made, who are the workers and staffs there, which cars do they drive, where do they live, where do these drones take off from...and all of this can be done with simple stuff, and without being seen. everybody knows somebody, that is associalted with somebody else, who has some just goes on and on...we can play dirty, by low tech ways of getting to them. we can fight a jungle warfare within the cities, and vietnam and the mideast wars, were all training grounds for this. we have the people, the equipment to do what ever needs to be done, our forefathers beat back a tyrannical government and so can we.

  •  So what kind of firepower does it take to take this drone out of the sky ?

  • This is why i stated sometime ago on this site that the citizens don't stand a chance at fighting this criminal gov. They have control of all communications, roads highways, waterway, the air and the seaport, the skies with these drones and until someone comes up with a system that the gov can't spy on the citizens were at the mercy of the filth-Democratic communist gov. Leftists have been working on a totalitarian gov. for along time now. Someone has to start with a plan to remove leftist filth from this country or i foresee mass murder and prisons for millions of decent citizens.

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