The Pledge of Allegiance

Hello Fellow Patriots ! Americanmobi here, not to talk about my successful mobile company, but the pledge of allegiance to the flag we all made so many years ago  ! I was born in 1960 much unrest was upon our country at that time and America was changing, but America survived. I grew up in an era where Americans strived to be the best at whatever we did. I went to school and church, helped in my community, and volunteered to help those who were less fortunate. Everyone worked together because we had pride to be Americans and we were proud of what America stood for ! Well what happened ? I'll tell you. We stopped telling the story of how every generation, worked to make the next generation better than they were . They sacrificed so each generation could pick up their torch, and continue to preserve our liberty we take so much for granted. We learned to be good Americans, from good Americans. From people who would not stop until the job was done (HATS OFF TO ALL OUR SERVICE MEN,AND WOMEN ) we are great because we expect greatness from ourselves ! Other nations see this in us but cant replicate it because we are "one nation under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all ! " Patriots these words mean something ! These are the words our founding fathers believed in, and we should too ! Remember your pledge of allegiance ? Did it let you down ? Will you break your pledge you made in homeroom, with your left  hand over your heart so many years ago  ? I am 51 years old now and still respect and am grateful to the generations that came before me and protected the liberty that I am able to enjoy ! We will lose our liberty if we do not take a stand NOW ! Remember " a nation can only be free, If the if the nations liberty resides in its citizens ! Americanmobi ! " PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERY PATRIOT YOU KNOW THANKS ! REMEMBER YOUR PLEDGE  !

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