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Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of a minor victory by the Mexican military  over the French during the late 1800s; that has now resulted in a decree by  which American students must reverse their shirts or face expulsion for  potentially “inciting racial violence.”  This disgusting restriction of the  First Amendment right of these students is a clear sign something is seriously  wrong in not just California, but in our country.

Our national experiment always worked because immigrants assimilated to the  culture those American patriots (some wearing white powdered wigs) helped create  when they went to war with the British and dared challenge King George III’s  tyranny.

Today, our national experiment is fragmenting because of decisions like the  one by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which basically stated: “The  court said fears of racial violence by students outraged over the American flag  displayed on the T-shirts outweighed the right guaranteed by the  Constitution.”  Call me crazy (and I’m sure many of you do), but in this  situation I’m not sure what is worse: an American court of appeals blatantly  infringing upon the First Amendment rights of American citizens or immigrants,  who have voluntarily chosen to reside in this country, being incited to violence  by the mere appearance of its flag.

So to put this into the appalling perspective it deserves, because some  American kids dared to wear American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo, the court  declared the fear of racial violence outweighed the right guaranteed by the  Constitution.

What was the point of the American Revolution if students in this country  will be told they can’t wear the flag of their country on their shirt, because  it might offend and create racial blowback/violence?


Now what?

I pledge allegiance to the FLAG of the United States of American....What Happened?

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4063750308?profile=original  America’s heartland must fight to keep “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance


Fifty-nine years ago young children all across America walked into their respective schoolrooms and with pride bursting in their young chests they recited the Pledge of Allegiance. There was a new and deeper meaning reflected in the addition to this pledge because the words “under God” were inserted to read, in full, “one nation under God.”

Since that momentous year millions of elementary school students all across America have recited this pledge – some hoping that their teacher will select them to stand in front of the classroom to proudly lead the recitation. Yet deep within the hardened hearts of some in America – led by infamous atheists like Madalyn Murray O’Hair – a concerted effort began to tear God away from children in public schools.

That effort has been renewed by an atheist couple in Massachusetts. They are attacking the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance’s “under God” phrase. They claim in their Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court case that, the words are exclusionary to their atheist children and violate their kids’ rights under the Equal Rights Amendment of the Massachusetts Constitution.

One has to understand the full dimension and scale of this nearly sixty plus year assault upon maintaining God in the Pledge of Allegiance which began with infamous atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s frontal assault in the 1940’s and 1950’s. She waged a successful effort to remove prayer from public schools, and assisted the growing effort of the secularization of America. The goal was to create a socialist nation which undermined and removed the basic biblical principles of character and heartland values the nation’s children.

In 2004, 50 years had passed since the adoption of “under God” in the pledge and O’Hair’s war on God in America, when the U.S. Supreme Court took up a case that challenged the phrase. The court ruled unanimously ruled that the phrase “under God” may remain in the Pledge of Allegiance as recited in public school classrooms. Nine years ago, many felt the nation’s heritage of respecting God in the Pledge of Allegiance was safe. It was not.


In 2007, just three years later, the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit defending the constitutionality of the Texas Pledge of Allegiance which includes ‘one state under God’. Attorney General Abbott stated then, “Just as it is perfectly constitutional for Texas schoolchildren to pledge their allegiance to ‘one nation under God,’ it is also constitutional for students to pledge their allegiance to ‘one state, under God.” The Texas Attorney General was successful.


One has to ask, to what end and for what purpose does removal of God from the state of Texas public schools or from America’s national Pledge of Allegiance or removing his son Jesus Christ from the public square announcing his birth mean?


The clear and convincing purpose of atheists and secularists who denounce God and denounce Christ is to extinguish America’s connection to God in our spirit, in our heart, and most importantly in our soul. The purpose is to eradicate God and Christ and the principles and values that they exemplify as if they never existed.



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  4063639590?profile=originalWill House Speaker Boehner purge  of Tea Party membership on key House Committees backfire

While Washington D.C. political leaders battle on Capitol Hill and in the White House over the approaching ominous fiscal cliff, it appears House Speaker John Boehner has shoved conservative House Tea Party members over another type of cliff. In the military it is called “relieved of duty”, and that is exactly what Boehner has done in the 2012 post-election “House” cleaning.

The same conservative Tea Party House member that brought the GOP the largest surge of new members since the 1930’s, has resulted in several key leaders being quietly shown the committee exit door by Boehner. What is truly mystifying to many conservatives across the nation is why now?

With the House republicans retaining the majority and therefore holding onto the speaker’s gavel for Boehner, why not reinforce conservative leadership at a time when an overzealous president is making every attempt to neuter the GOP brand. Obama wants to force Boehner and House Republican eat their “No-tax hike” pledge in the fiscal cliff negotiations!

Deep within the bowels of the White House political office, there has to be plenty back slapping being shared, as they along with Obama watch the House Republicans take their unwanted political cheese bait. While the nation did reelect the president with bait and switch political tactics and epic character assassination methods, the House Republicans were still elected with a majority as well.

This conservative majority of Americans who came to the polls in November, could not imagine that Boehner would weaken his conservative hand, by shedding noted House Tea Party leaders like, Kansas’ Rep. Tim Huelskamp ( R-Kansas), who gained a well-respected reputation for standing up against Planned Parenthood, banning gay marriage and other conservative causes while a state senator. As it turned out, Boehner demonstrated his gratitude by booted him ...

This may be backroom and insider Capitol Hill politics, but was not changing the status quo of congressional GOP moderation the reason that the over whelming conservative swell of new congressmen and women were to be about after 2010 elections?

Apparently not the case according to congressman, Huelskamp, who stressed to his fellow conservative house caucus members, Tuesday, December 4th, “It confirms, in my mind, Americans’ deepest suspicions about Washington. It’s petty, it’s vindictive, and if you have any conservative principles, you will be punished for it.”

Yes, the punishment was swift and it cut deep into the heart of Tea Party conservative congressional members. Michigan’s own, Tea Party favorite Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), was dispossessed of his Budget committee seat. The purge continued with Arizona Rep. David Schweikert, being relieved of his seat on the powerful on Financial Services Committee. There were many others.

According to Slate, congressman Amash asserted this was this was a plain and simple congressional backroom “purge!”

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Dear Follow American,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Chief of Surgery at one of the largest hospitals in Las Vegas and lucky enough to be considered a small business owner. I am by no means independently wealthy, nor have any desire to pad a Swiss bank account on the back of anyone, even "the middle-class".

What I am is "the American Dream!" I came from a middle-class family. My father was an electrician and part owner of a motorcycle store. He worked nights and I rarely saw him come home before 8:00 pm. My mother worked as a nurse and even worked weekends. I went to public school. And yes President Obama, the government may have helped me get to the mountain, but what you forgot is, I Climbed it! I took out loans, and my grandparents sacrificed a portion of their limited savings to help me get through college. Following college I attended medical school, residency, and fellowship. And now, nine years later, I am Chief of Surgery.

Taking care of humans is what I have dedicated my life to. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than watching a person walk without pain and suffering. My dream did not involve becoming rich at the expense of hurting others financially. The American dream is about "making it!" It doesn't matter if you make it as a plumber, a pipe fitter, a gardener, or a rocket scientist.

I was taught greatness comes from elevating others around you. As a physician I feel it is my responsibility to pass my knowledge to young medical students in hopes that they will become even better than myself. When President Obama looks through my television and states that I, a small business owner, wants to fill a Swiss bank account instead of helping my community I realize how out to touch and misguided he it. Why would I want my community to have such a high unemployment rate? Why would I want people in my community to suffer? These are my neighbors, my friends, and my children's teachers.

I want to help and I have a solid plan but I need your help. I call it the "Nevins Small Business Pledge." I pledge if Mitt Romney gets elected, the day he gets sworn in, I will immediately hire a new employee. I am convinced that "trickle-down" economics works. Although I am a small business with a small office staff that is directly part of my overhead, I will be able to and WILL hire a new employee due to the tax savings I will receive.

With your help we can make this concept go viral. I predict within the next 60 days we can obtain a commitment for 100,000 plus new jobs the day Romney gets elected! This would first prove small business owners are not the evil, self-indulgent, aristocrats that the liberal world portrays us. Secondly, this would create a guaranteed number of new jobs. Third, this would prove, in a tangible way to undecided independents that trickle-down economics and private sector ingenuity is what makes America thrive and prosper.

I am presently building the web site where people can pledge to create a new job the day Romney takes office. The website is up and can be seen but won't be fully running until Monday or Tuesday. The website not only shows the jobs that will be available but also the estimated annual economic effect, as well as over President Romney's four years.

In conclusion, as a real small business owner, not the factious demagogue that Obama has created, want my community to thrive and will use my tax breaks to help when Romney gets elected. I ask that all small business owners join me on this crusade and take the Nevins Small Business Pledge!

I appreciate your time. I am glad that I was at least given the opportunity to express myself. If you can help me in anyway please contact me @702-429-0691 or


Russell Nevins, M.D.
Chief of Surgery
Spring Valley Medical Center
Las Vegas, NV

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As a Senior Citizen, and having been raised at a time when patriotism was an important part of daily life. Remember when we started our school day with the Pledge of Allegiance,  I am continually surprised at how vitriolic the reaction from the left wing zombies when hearing or repeating that pledge!

But, I suppose that these days there are a LOT of things that surprise me. And not I might add, a good surprise.  So I thought that I would enumerate what I think are the top ten reasons we are where we are.  So, here are my......


                                        "Were We Asleep At The Wheel - Top Ten":

  1. Ignoring the emergence of "new world order" as a term describing political thought.  (see Woodrow Wilson, "global justice" for a start)
  2. Increasing expectations as to the roll of "government".
  3. Increasing "public ownership" of private enterprise = socialism.
  4. Not understanding that socialism is the precursor of Communism (from Latin communis - common, universal) as a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order would would be packaged to appeal to the masses who didn't realize that it would not produce what it promised.
  5. Not realizing that the fall away from God would foster envy and avarice to prevail in the social order.
  6. Ignoring our increasing obsession with institutionalized snooping (to interest oneself in what is not one's concern) via television and mass media.
  7. Not venerating education and integrity above everything else.
  8. Thinking the "solution" to our problems was going to be easy.
  9. Not teaching our CHILDREN about the importance of patriotism.
  10. Ignoring our responsibility to VOTE!




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We The Kids

Hello, Tea Party Friends! 

If you are like me, you want to do everything you can to pass freedom on to the next generation. That is my mission with We The Kids (, a patriotic, freedom-loving web site designed for kids all across America.  Our We The Kids Reporters are blogging about American history in their own towns and states, interviewing their state legislators and Congressmen and Congresswomen.


Here is what Chuck Heath, Jr. (Sarah Palin's brother) said about We The Kids: "We the Kids is a wonderful site where kids, parents and educators can reconnect with out amazing history in a fun and informative way.  Who knows? Maybe one of this site's viewers will be inspired enough to become the next Sarah Palin!"


Here is a sample of what you'll find on We The Kids:

1)  The original video of Red Skelton’s pledge

2)  A report on the White House Association by Catherine, age 12

3)  A report on Abraham Lincoln by Tyler, age 13

4)  A brief history of the Pledge of Allegiance like you have never heard before.

5)  A "store" to purchase patriotic items like t-shirts and books to enhance your children's love for America

6)  Links to various museums around America


Please visit We The Kids and get your children and grandchildren actively involved in discovering the rich heritage of freedom in America.



wethekids - kid owned site



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The Pledge of Allegiance

Hello Fellow Patriots ! Americanmobi here, not to talk about my successful mobile company, but the pledge of allegiance to the flag we all made so many years ago  ! I was born in 1960 much unrest was upon our country at that time and America was changing, but America survived. I grew up in an era where Americans strived to be the best at whatever we did. I went to school and church, helped in my community, and volunteered to help those who were less fortunate. Everyone worked together because we had pride to be Americans and we were proud of what America stood for ! Well what happened ? I'll tell you. We stopped telling the story of how every generation, worked to make the next generation better than they were . They sacrificed so each generation could pick up their torch, and continue to preserve our liberty we take so much for granted. We learned to be good Americans, from good Americans. From people who would not stop until the job was done (HATS OFF TO ALL OUR SERVICE MEN,AND WOMEN ) we are great because we expect greatness from ourselves ! Other nations see this in us but cant replicate it because we are "one nation under god indivisible, with liberty and justice for all ! " Patriots these words mean something ! These are the words our founding fathers believed in, and we should too ! Remember your pledge of allegiance ? Did it let you down ? Will you break your pledge you made in homeroom, with your left  hand over your heart so many years ago  ? I am 51 years old now and still respect and am grateful to the generations that came before me and protected the liberty that I am able to enjoy ! We will lose our liberty if we do not take a stand NOW ! Remember " a nation can only be free, If the if the nations liberty resides in its citizens ! Americanmobi ! " PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO EVERY PATRIOT YOU KNOW THANKS ! REMEMBER YOUR PLEDGE  !

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