The True Beginning Of The Now "Tea Party"

4064203460?profile=originalThe Real Beginning of the "Tea Party" is Ross Perot's "Reform Party" that was formed back in 1995.

Article: The True Beginning Of The Now "Tea Party"

Back in the 1990's the republican party had no idea the democrats had turned to communism because it was so well covered up. The Reform Party went dormant after 2000 due to them splitting the vote and causing losses for republicans then came to life as the now "Tea Party" in 2008 when Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs sparked conservative protests commentating about Barack Obama's social communist roots. The Reform Party still exists but is still 3rd party without its supporters who are now active in the republican party base known as the "Tea Party" wing.

Ross Perot's dream political party did in fact become reality after 8 years of laying dormant with no leadership after the leadership of it's beginning fell apart due to Ross Perot not realizing the 3rd party movement was not working and he endorsed Pat Buchanan as the reform party nominee over Donald Trump for the 2000 presidential run then went further by endorsing George W. Bush over the reform party nominee which killed the reform party movement.

Ross Perot's reform party still existed between its fall in 2000 and the rising up of its supporters as the now "Tea Party" in 2008. The leadership of the present day reform party still hangs on to the failed 3rd party ideals while its supporters remain active as the now "Tea Party" in the republican base. The failed 3rd party ideals of leadership that never listen to or follow their supporters will always fail good or bad and only goes to show leadership that sticks to failed ways will always be the leadership of themselves only.

Had Ross Perot endorsed Donald Trump and ran Donald Trump on the republican ticket all the social and economic problems of today would not exist. There would be no Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and libertarian Bush's screwing up our lives and losing us our incomes. The borders would be closed and the economy booming in favor of U.S. citizens. The middle east war would have been ended and U.S. energy supplies would be abundant at a low cost.
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