One of the best articles in a long time!!!   Palin has it TOGETHER!   Her & her bear gets to the bare facts of a mentally barren liberal who will forever be in a corner with his dunce hat slipped over his face.

Why facebook has a monopoly on the tea party that doesn't include members is a mystery.    I was a facebook member until they sent me an email that I would have to prove to them that  I was me... think about it... "personal ID stuff... secrets like family tree, age, etc., that "they could verify".   If it's secret, how could they verify... & why???    They're a data bank, like NSA, who have access to their files.    The reality check is the fact that "personal data" is ubiquitous within government, healthcare, public records, commerce, & etc's forevermore!    It's a very profitable process for facebook & often very costly to people who think compromising ones privacy is fun... until lives are ruined when information is used against them... today, tomorrow, or 50 years later.   I'm simply not playing  their game.

The T-party problem is half communicating on face book & the other half on t-party & the result is a divided entity that  needs absolute unity!    I look at the blog column where member write stuff, & nobody reads or comments on it.    The stuff coming in on email directs members to a facebook only page & you either comply it delete it.    I go directly to home page once a day if then & delete everything else.   Don't play the personal ID game or the ID theft game & life will be infinitely better.

I really don't care if my posts are shared with facebook in context with the tea party or who passes it on.

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