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Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about Patriot Command Center?

been there several times

Is America a republic?


If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?


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Don MacDermid posted a blog post
Obama is clearly in rebellion against Article 2 Section 3 “…shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…” and Article 4 Section 4 “…shall protect each (state) against Invasion…”   The USA is being overthrown and destroyed by an alien locust…
Feb 6, 2016
Don MacDermid commented on John Fullbecker's blog post Senate Republicans Vote for Terrorists TO Have Guns. What the $*&%#@$%@!!!!
"Podunk said…
WAKE UP AMERICA… WE MUST LEARN TO READ and not listen to liars!! The Constitution is OUR FREEDOM and doesn’t belong to Obama, Congress, OR SCOTUS!
Abbreviated exact text of Supreme Law: Amendment 2 - "...right of the people to keep and…"
Dec 7, 2015
Don MacDermid posted blog posts
Jul 23, 2015
Don MacDermid posted a blog post
I received a tea party e-mail notice regarding the Lerner contempt & jail action by the Blaze.    THAT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – the first domino that can bring them all down!!! Problem is… when finished reading it, members can’t comment under their…
Jul 11, 2014
Don MacDermid commented on Aubrey Lee Mason's blog post The smoking gun in the ongoing debate of illegal immigration
"Treason knows no bounds.   Would you abandon your child, let criminals sneak them to a foreign county to grow up in a refugee camp run by ACORN, where 2+2=5, Christianity is a crime, and there is no truth, heritage, or individuality?
We have 12 to…"
Jun 20, 2014
Don MacDermid commented on Paul Z.'s blog post Electromagnetic Pulse; Urge Congress to Pass the Shield Act.
"The risk is extreme.   
Vulnerability is extreme.    Supposedly we can't even make the transformers etc. in the power grid.   That with all of the other off shore globalization of manufacturing etc., we appear to be beyond vulnerable.    Helplessly…"
Feb 10, 2014
Don MacDermid commented on john lillpop's blog post Urgent Need for Immigration “Principles” that Put America First!
"Good info - don't give up - by the time people get done mouthing on facebook & twitts, they have no time for facts   Dig for facts - people with a conscience read, think, and react, especially if they're on the fringes of crime and treason - when…"
Feb 5, 2014

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