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Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about Patriot Command Center?

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Is America a republic?


If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?


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Don MacDermid posted a blog post
Obama is clearly in rebellion against Article 2 Section 3 “…shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…” and Article 4 Section 4 “…shall protect each (state) against Invasion…”   The USA is being overthrown and destroyed by an alien locust…
Feb 6, 2016
Don MacDermid posted blog posts
Jul 23, 2015
Don MacDermid posted a blog post
I received a tea party e-mail notice regarding the Lerner contempt & jail action by the Blaze.    THAT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – the first domino that can bring them all down!!! Problem is… when finished reading it, members can’t comment under their…
Jul 11, 2014
Don MacDermid posted a blog post
One of the best articles in a long time!!!   Palin has it TOGETHER!   Her & her bear gets to the bare facts of a mentally barren liberal who will forever be in a corner with his dunce hat slipped over his face.Why facebook has a monopoly on the tea…
Oct 26, 2013
Don MacDermid posted a blog post
Open message for Alexander and Corker.   Tennessee is still a place where your “word” is still important – a place where God, Country, and Constitution still matter, be it democrat or republican.I recall a very nice straight talking man in a plaid…
Sep 27, 2013
Don MacDermid posted a blog post
Best news presentation I've ever seen.    Worried about a rodeo clown's mask???   Kerry is what he is & always has been - clip by clip!     I think he may have set the good ship "Lollypop" afire.    Watch out for scurrying rats.Sitting and listening…
Aug 27, 2013
Don MacDermid posted a blog post
How many legislators voted to pass Obama care based on false pretenses!     All officers are oath and duty bound to the highest standards of honesty, truth, and integrity.    Are there any who had read and understood the legislation when they voted…
Aug 18, 2013
Don MacDermid posted a blog post
THERE ARE REASONS "The Affordable Health Care Act" is the most destructive and unaffordable piece of legislation ever passed by US executive-legislative-judicial officers! It begins with fraud, theft, and extreme malice.The bill was written in…
Aug 7, 2013
Don MacDermid posted a blog post
The amnesty gang of 8, the president, Mr. Holder, and their bipartisan progressive soldiers owe citizens some real answers!What part of income tax evasion, Social Security tax evasion, workman’s’ compensation evasion, unemployment compensation tax…
Aug 1, 2013

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