By John W. Lillpop

Republican leaders in the US House of Representatives have issued a list of ‘Immigration Principles’ to support their abdication to those who believe that America is no longer a sovereign entity worth defending.

Indeed, the so-called Principles appear to be an open invitation to millions  who would ignore our borders and laws, all at the expense of real Americans.

GOP leaders seem to be saying, "Come one, come all! Our borders and laws mean nothing to those who will work for nothing and vote Democrat!" 

Americans must reject, out of hand, John Boehner’s foolish attempt to sabotage America’s language, culture, and borders.

Instead, the US Congress and President need to regard immigration as an issue which must be addressed intelligently to restore adherence to the rule of law, with the interests of the American people first and foremost.

Policy based on growing the Democrat party or importing cheap labor should NOT be at the heart of America’s immigration plans.

Rather, immigration standards should reflect what is best for Americans and the nation as a whole.

The following principles should be signed into law:

*America is a sovereign nation, totally independent of foreign influence. It has been that way for well over 200 years. We intend to keep it that way.

* Demanding that our borders be secured and that the law be enforced is the right of all American citizens; doing so does not make any one a racist or bigot.

*U.S. immigration laws exist to protect American citizens & others here legally, not to facilitate a foreigner’s pursuit of a better life.

*America operates according to the rule of law which applies to everyone. This is true whether one is brown, black, yellow, lily-white or red.

*Being hard-working and good hearted is commendable. However,  qualities do NOT entitle anyone to enter America illegally.

*Celebrating one’s cultural heritage is perfectly fine--as long as it does not interfere with complete and prompt assimilation into American culture, including mastery of English .

* People here illegally are criminals, and as such, are  unwelcome. American citizens will fight to have such miscreants deported, regardless of whether or not families are involved. Illegal is illegal, Family or not.

*Those who come to America must adjust to our culture and traditions. We have no obligation or desire to change in deference to foreign newcomers.

The above principles should be pounded into the heads of John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and all other RINOs who would give America away, for 30 pesos of silver, or less.

RINOs need to be reminded that they do not OWN this great nation, and, thus, it is not their to give away!

Real patriots will work diligently to defeat those who would voluntarily convert America into a third-world nation.

As for a path to citizenship, such a path already exists!

However, said path does not involve jumping a fence and running like hell to hide in the shadows. Rather, the real path involves standing in line and complying with the background, financial, criminal, medical and documentation  checks needed to protect the American people!

Again: Immigration policy should be based on rule of law, rather than racial and electoral politics and cheap labor!
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  • Hurray!! Cantor is out. Governors need to send state guards to their borders. They also need to call president of Mexico and request Mexico cease assisting these women and children!!
  • Good info - don't give up - by the time people get done mouthing on facebook & twitts, they have no time for facts   Dig for facts - people with a conscience read, think, and react, especially if they're on the fringes of crime and treason - when they flip & turn, the bad guys go down.   Redemption is good!

    Here's some highly pertinent info progressives can't deny because it's their reported data without spin, that are compliant with "real" accounting standards.    Verification & challenge makes things believable and "true" as in truth.

    12 year average Bureau of Labor Statistics data establishes a pre-recession (1997/2008) 66.51% workforce to labor population ratio.  BLS’s 246,745,000 December, 2013 population yields a comparable average workforce of 164,112,000, not 154,937,000.    BLS 144,586,000 December employed puts unemployment at 19,526,000 (11.90%), not 10,351,000 (6.68%)!    First the BLS workforce is significantly manipulated and not comparable to prior data, as claimed by oath-duty bound “officers”!  Second, payment of unemployment benefits is grossly misrepresented as unemployed persons.

    BLS December 34.4 hours vs. 40 hours full time indicates 144,586,000 reported workers shared the employment hours and wages of 124,344,000 fulltime jobs, meaning 20,242,000 (12.3%) jobs didn’t really exist!   That puts the total jobless unemployed and underemployed rate at 39,788,000 (24.33%)!   Results were less favorable than December, 2012 @ 19,281,000 (11.9%) unemployed and 38,973,000 (24.0%) total.   BLS’s unchanging 34.4hr/wk doesn’t reflect likely part time employment trends.   In the private, state & local government it is fraud, participation revokes professional status, and jail terms are frequent for far lesser acts.

    The BLS December average $24.17 wage @40/hrs @52 weeks is $50,273.60, plus 30%* employer paid taxes & regulations establishes $65,356 as average labor cost within whatever is produced.   That cost @19,526,000 unemployed is $1.3 trillion, and @ 39,758,000 it’s $2.6 trillion per year!  The total lost productive output of that labor is considerably higher when natural and manmade resources, energy, and capital infrastructure costs are added!    Those costs DON'T include the illegal alien subsidies ($402 billion noted in early 2013), tax evasion revenue lost, or an equal or greater amount for the endless welfare programs for citizens!   Our 537 highly educated and experienced top US oath-duty bound officials utter no credible knowledge of those facts or capability to make those simple math calculations!   The GAO, OMB, & GASB ARE SILENT!

    Instead of reducing and eliminating destructive government regulations, resource prohibitions, job outsourcing, subsidizing 11 to 20 million criminal tax evading alien workers that displace citizen workers, recruiting millions of lower wage higher skill alien workers, etc, our demonic government celebrated reducing unemployment compensation payments down to 10,351,000 claimants (6.7% of the workforce) because 9,175,000 jobless citizens ran out of benefits!    That’s only part of the demonic “scourge” we face!

    Progressive democrats, RINOS, and their global monopolists have been “overthrowing America”, by obstructing and destroying ability to “produce.”    They consolidated manufacturing infrastructure and financial giants into pyramids of global monopolies; and then moved it to China and elsewhere.   It’s leaving a growing trail of sacked businesses, executives, managers, skilled trades, workers, unskilled and everyone facing trillions more debt and degradation every year!   Vote to replace progressive democrats & RINOS with honest citizens WHO WILL PROSECUTE THEM!!!

    * ref. Wikipedia


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