We Agree On Most Points! Fight On!

Most of the other TP's are afraid to make such a powerful stand. We tell the world we have Core Beliefs!

We don't step on toes, we step on necks! Hahahaha! :-)

Illegal Aliens Are Here illegally.
Pro-Domestic Employment Is Indispensable.
Stronger Military Is Essential.
Special Interests Eliminated.
Gun Ownership Is Sacred.
Government Must Be Downsized.
National Budget Must Be Balanced.
Deficit Spending Will End.
Bail-out And Stimulus Plans Are Illegal.
Reduce Personal Income Taxes A Must.
Reduce Business Income Taxes Is Mandatory.
Political Offices Available To Average Citizens.
Intrusive Government Stopped.
English As Core Language Is Required.
Traditional Family Values Are Encouraged.

Common Sense Constitutional
Conservative Self-Governance

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  • “Common Sense Constitutional; Conservative Self—I take it to mean self-made—I have some thoughts I’d like to express, thoughts that apply to my personal experience.

    For whatever it’s worth to you and everyone reading this, I’ve got government’s number. The cutting edge of physics has scientifically proven that nothing is certain. It may be so many miles between point A and point B, and so much time at a certain speed to travel from point A to point B, but Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle says you can’t take a pair knowns and position precisely at any point in time where you would be. That’s fundamental law.

    With fundamental law in mind, take the idea of a Latino woman being a better judge than a white male, Obama’s pick for Supreme Court justice. Take the idea that those with black skin distinguishes them in the concept of all men are created with inalienable rights. Take the idea that those who have been disadvantaged by the former law should now receive “preferred freedoms,” a Supreme Court policy. Take the idea of Abraham, who started the idea of only one God, and various authorities have ever since been furthering the idea that their singular ideas of God are the only right ideas, common sense says it’s all purely the law of the jungle.

    While it is true that what comes around goes around—a physical domain exists that is governed by immutable laws—these laws leave open a range of happenings that are left to the selection of the mind, says quantum physicist Evan Harris Walker. “Behind this selection is the will.” Walker further says, “it has only been with the advent of quantum theory that we have discovered proof that we exist as something more than pieces of matter. . . The tests of Bell’s theorem have shown us that objective reality (for the good of all), as it has been conceived, is not the true fabric of reality . . .the observer interacts with matter. . .It is the quantum mind that is the basic reality.”

    Do tell! Who knows the law? Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle comes into play. Our minds are in touch with a dimension of infinite possibility. And this comes into play: “And God said, Let us make man in our image” (Gen.1:26) I recall that the Holy Catholic Church held that Earth was the center of the universe. It still holds to the idea that it represents the ruler of the universe. Millions follow this idea, as a matter of faith. Millions of the Islamic faith adhere to the idea that their faith is the only true faith. Both faiths over the centuries have killed in the name of their gods. I pray that anyone show me the law of physics that says here on this planet is the sole place in the universe where man’s advanced intelligence exists, or that it could not have existed millions of years before our intelligence elsewhere.

    It is now beyond any doubt that government is hiding the fact that extraterrestrials are here. It’s all part of keeping us from knowing the power that lies within us.

    The cutting edge of physics now has irrefutable proof that our quantum minds are the basic reality. Where does that leave God? Where does that leave the law? And where does that leave earthbound authority? Authorities and the law are two separate entities, namely because the power to survive is innate in all sentient beings. Let it be known that a drive is in no way connected with reason and logic, which is fundamental to man’s image. We’ve not made clear that a drive is connected with the law of the jungle. Our law is based on qualitative substance. What we’ve got is merely a form of law. Hitler’s law was a form of law.

    The growing feeling now is that something big is about to happen, hopefully to cross the threshold to the beings we were meant to be. But nothing is certain. Coincidentally, I was born in September 1925, the month and year that Heisenberg published the uncertainty principle. And, by the way, astrology tells me that I was born with Aquarius on the rise. We are entering the Age of Aquarius, whose symbol is the water-bearer. I learn from Jeanne Avery in The Rising Sign that Aquarius on the rise is a “forerunner in setting style, discovering new methods, and showing the rest of humanity the way. He may be especially enlightened, metaphysical, scientific, and inventive. He can be like a rolling stone, gathering no moss. He is a chance-taker. He is willing to let go of the trunk of the tree to walk out on the edge of the limb. He knows where the fruit grows and where the spotlight can hit. He is not one to hide his light under a bushel. “

    We, the people, in spite of reason and logic, have generally accepted authority’s ideas. Supreme Court Justice Black said the Constitution is what we say it is. Chief Justice Warren said the Constitution is to be interpreted in light of today’s needs. Such quaint ideas as these boil down to the power drive, the law of the jungle. By failing to demand the substance of the law, by accepting this legal fakery, we’ve yet to graduate into full human beings.

    I was born in the year that Congress made it law that the IRS had the authority, against the inalienable right to privacy, to examine personal records for income tax purposes, on the ground that it was for the good of all, President Woodrow Wilson’s legal fraud being played out. Enough was enough. I threw down the gauntlet. Everyone thought I was nuts. The IRS and I did battle for 11 years. I won.
    There is only one God, my God: the consciousness of the universe. There is no legitimate argument. We are all God’s children, with powers we cannot imagine. For the good of all is political justice. It is against natural justice—everywhere with the same force. The Greek philosopher Aristotle separated the rationale of political justice from natural justice with this thought: “Even the best of men in authority are liable to be corrupted by passion. We may conclude then that the law is reason without passion and it is therefore preferable to any individual.”

    The above mentioned thoughts, brought forth throughout history, and intrinsic to fundamental principles of law, were put in my mind when I read Law Professor Edward S. Corwin’s, The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law. It was at that point in my life, with my wife divorcing me, with my business career on the rocks—and not knowing what I was going to do with the rest of my life—at that point, after reading Corwin’s essay, that I entered the game the authorities were playing against my personal interests. When I became an active player against Uncle Sam’s manmade fraud, from then on my life was directed by voices from the past. I did not submit to the idea of giving up my inalienable rights for the good of all, to the end that all my dreams have come true.
    I can only speak for myself. Instead of looking to Washington, D.C., instead of looking to religious doctrine and dogmas, by looking within for my answers, my life became, not for the good of all, thank God, but as good as life gets. My advice: Let us make man in our image.
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