Your Help Urgently Needed Re: Second Amendment

Second Amendment on Trial in SAC & DC
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Never mind that it trumps EVERY court and legislature. Never mind that it says "...shall NOT be infringed." The Progressive gun-grabbers have mounted an all-out assault on 2A, with an ultimate goal to remove all rights of private citizens to own firearms. How do we know?  We have it in their own words- Obama, Pelosi, Holder, Schumer, Steinberg, etc.
Few of us have had to ever deploy and use weapons, so the Second Amendment is a bit rusty, even alien for many of us. Others have become more conscious of it, via military service or law enforcement, or as our freedoms seem more and more threatened. The Second Amendment is not just about hunting and target practice. It is the foundation of all of our other freedoms. Mao and Washington both understood that power emanates from the barrel of a gun. Don't believe it?  Try not paying your taxes for a few years, committing crimes and fleeing. Eventually, you will likely be confronted by men (or women) with guns, or backed by people with guns, if you don't follow instructions to the letter. Unprotected, you may also be the victim of violent crime. Try going up against an aggressive nation that wants your land, resources, labor. Without a strong defense, those may be lost.  While police and military can provide some protection, they can't be relied upon for everything. You might eventually have to protect yourself from government criminals, which was the main reason that the Second Amendment was created. Think of Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sun, etc.
So, our founders guaranteed your inalienable rights with their blood, as did those who followed them. We need to stand up for our rights presently. It may not involve blood right now, but if we don't nip it in the bud, eventually we will lose all of our rights, or worse.  Do not rely on others to do this for you. Too many people have done just that in the past-- now look where we are.
So, what to do about it?  There are already people yelling "Molon Labe," practicing military maneuvers, and building bunkers, but we don't want to wait until it comes to that, although that is looking less absurd daily. What we do suggest is the following:
- Participate in these upcoming events:
  --Day of Resistance - Feb 23
- Going to rallies alone won't get the job done. Contact as many legislators in CA and DC as possible and tell them you will not tolerate further restrictions on YOUR Second Amendment rights just because maniacs and felons abused theirs. We have lists of legislators on our web site. Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is the CA point man.
- Support/join NRA, GOA, etc.  See our Second Amendment Forum.
- Talk to family, friends, associates, church/synagogue members, etc.
- Post on blogs, Facebook, reader comments, letters to editor, etc.  Lots of good ideas in our Blog Section and Second Amendment Forum
- Make sure you have adequate home defenses, well-secured and that you are properly trained in their safe, legal use.
- Consider joining a militia unit, to assert and protect your rights. Yes, it is legal and yes there are some, like here and here.
- If legislators enact unconstitutional bans even worse than the current ones, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. But, we WILL cross it, not wait on the shore.
*** If you are willing to help with any of this, please contact at:
What's in the bills? Read our blog postings:
 This happened Saturday. We did one on 1-19 also:

future events! ......

Please participate in this- we need help organizing it, too ....

February 23 Saturday  probably about noon- will advise


Day of Resistance

February 23, 2013 all day – tbdWe are looking for people interested in organizing this event to promote Second Amendment rights and stop the Sacramento/DC "gun control" initiatives. If we don't stop 'em, we may have to fight 'em iOrganized by tbd | Type: rally
Nancy L. took this at the Saturday, Feb. 8 Sacramento Rally
Action YOU can take right NOW!

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