• The naacp just might want to mention in their comments that one of the top leaders of the organization happens to live in FL.ORIDA, Im sure that was just an oversight on their part?


    I'm tired of Black Sheeple taking orders from their NAACP masters! 


    Where the hell are they supose to go Chicago? Florida is safe because it is a 2nd amendment State. 

  • Anyone who listens to the advice of the NAACP may find the welcome mat in Florida missing... if they are moving to promote more divisive racial ideology.  Florida would be better off without the racial tension that always follows the NAACP.

    • You're right Ronald. In fact, as an African American who grew up in a rural Georgia farming community the 1930s and 40s, I consider the NAACP no longer relevant nor useful, but instead an extreme detriment to harmonious race relations.

    • Thank you Ozell for the insightful comments on the modern and failing NAACP...

  • NAACP:  National Association for the Advancement of Criminal People.

  • The un-educated members of the black race need to heed their current plantation masters just like they vote as they are told to in their churches. Yet they never seem to advance themselves even though the politicians they keep putting in office seem to have very healthy bank accounts while ignoring their constituents that put them in office.

  • The NAACP is no longer relevant. The NAACP has become the "National Association for the Advancement of Crazy People". 

  • NAACP people are really stupid to say this

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