Voting Is Only Symbolic!


Voters cannot be trusted with an election. Voting has now become symbolic rather than tangible. This is the new progressive, enlightened political doctrine being taught and now demanded. 

Progressive Governors, Members of the House and Senators shifted into high gear in their efforts to prevent Trump from appearing on the ballot and has caused quite a stir, with some seeing it as an attempt to manipulate the democratic process. In other words, elections can't be voter-driven, but must be controlled by only one party and one school of thought.  

Following a Supreme Court unanimous ruling, House Democrats are making a strong effort to block former President Donald Trump from being on future ballots. This action has sparked a passionate discussion about the fundamentals of democracy and the responsibility of elected representatives in influencing electoral procedures.

In response to the Democrats' move, Trump criticized them, calling them "losers." On the other hand, Democratic representatives like Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, among others, are leading legislative initiatives to prevent not only Trump but a considerable number of Republican candidates from running for office making voting symbolic rather than real.

      At the center of this debate is a fundamental question: should the outcome of elections be determined only by the voters?

Some Democrats are pushing for ballot disqualifications, claiming that specific individuals, such as Trump and Republicans in Congress, are a danger to democracy. They argue that blocking these individuals from seeking public office is essential to protect the credibility of the voting system but in reality they are saying, “elections cannot be entrusted to voters’.

However, the loud cry of ‘Democracy isn’t about 'can't leaving the election up to the voters', but insuring the voters can only choose single party approved candidates. Opponents of these initiatives view them as a challenge to democratic principles. Democrats are putting the integrity of elections at risk by trying to disqualify candidates over perceived threats to democracy. Additionally, the idea of proactively disqualifying candidates from the ballot raises worries about political censorship and disenfranchisement.

The recent Supreme Court decision not to intervene in state-led disqualification efforts making voting more symbolic rather than tangible has only added more fuel to the ongoing debate. Some Democrats see this decision as supporting their agenda, while others see it as a reminder the judiciary should not intervene in political disputes. Thereby leaving the Judicial system and the legislative system out of the democratic process but replacing them with ideological voter disenfranchising, 'but for the good of democracy'.

One of the key figures behind these disqualification efforts, Representative Jamie Raskin, has come under intense criticism for what opponents view as Orwellian logic. Raskin's argument by preventing certain individuals from running for office is "the most democratic" approach has been met with incredulity from those who view it as a thinly veiled attempt to manipulate the electoral process thereby declaring.....

                           “The people can't decide who wins” but come short in disclosing who can decide who wins.

Furthermore, the timing of these initiatives, following the events of January 6th at the Capitol, introduces an additional level of intricacy to the discussion. Although the protest of that day were widely criticized, using it as a basis for broad electoral changes raises concerns about capitalizing on a national remonstration for political purposes.

As the political debate heats up, it's uncertain how these initiatives will play out. The enlightened progressive masters have declared: "Voting is not a democratic process but only a symbol for voters to learn from and a benchmark to correct convoluted thinking."  Amid the possibility of more legal challenges and legislative conflicts on the horizon, the ongoing debate about election participation highlights the significant rifts in American society.

Final Word: Dear Gun-toting MAGA Extremists, Toxic Cult Members, and Smelly Walmart Shoppers: Someone has to defend us against using our unalienable right to select our own representatives, but who should it be? 

The same people who are orchestrating the tens of millions of votes cast by illegal aliens, vote mule schemes, duplicate vote harvesting, and the left's newest play-toy, Ballot Purification!

'Thank You' is not necessary, the Progressive’s see this as their duty to advance democracy and make the greater good viable.  Remember, under the careful eye of the enlightened and progressive’s you will be allowed to vote in a very democratic and fair manner, but your vote will be only symbolic.

So, enjoy the enlightenment! 🤣 

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  • This whole thing leaves us in a pickle. If we really think that the elections are rigged, why vote in the first place? I remember that people didn't vote at all or handed in invalid ballots in the old communist countries in Europe. That was their vote of protest. They knew voting for a candidate was useless anyway. So, if we cast votes, we must also think that our vote counts.

    • I don't know where you get your information but Communist Countries are famous for nearly 100% voter participation...  Every Communist government I am familiar with has laws requiring their citizens to vote.

      However, the choices on a communist ballot are between members of the same... communist party. California is moving toward such a single-party system...  The party leaders select two or three candidates from their associates and let the people vote on which of the communists... they want to govern.

    • exactly

    • ADMIN

      I think Steve's sarcasm made a good point, if the election was cooked then our votes were only symbolic. We have to 'True The Vote' if we want to insure we have no more symbols and only actual votes.

  • 12 Billion in Ear Marks, billions more to illegal aliens, Billions for Ukraine and other foreign powers... and Johnson can't find cuts that he can strong-arm through.

    Polling is historically nothing but spin with a few mathematical wizards inventing numbers.  Please do the right thing ...

    Stop sticking your index finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing and then hooking your wagon to it... ONLY to discover it was the worst possible thing one could do.  We all know balancing the budget is all about lining the pockets of lobbyists and phony RINOs.

    Any POLL showing we must keep the government open is BS... I don't know a single Republican that wants to keep the government open. Losing the House doesn't matter ..  when we have the House nothing new happens... we end up RIGHT where we are.... DEBATING DOING WHAT IS CORRECT and end up funding BAD government.

    Speaker Johnson lied... he said he would not put through a CR or an apprpriations bill that was not balanced. lied.

  • Oh Please... this whole process of defending our vote and access to the ballot has been turned on end.

    Our elected Governors, Secretary of State, and State Attorney Generals DON'T NEED TO TAKE COURT ACTIONS TO DEFEND THE OBVIOUS RIGHT TO FREE AND OPEN ELECTIONS... both the legal and historic precedent denies any sane position denying qualified candidates a place on the Ballots of America.

    Stop deferring to frivolous law suites... respond to Judicial acts that interfere with the lawful conduct of elections by IMMIDIATELY IMPEACHING THE JUDGE WHO is permitting the interference... file a motion to dismiss and summary judgment... If ignored or denied... remove the Judge by impeachment.  We must not permit the courts to be used as political tools in the electoral process.

    What should happen with frivolous law suites... that seek to use the courts as their agent of election interference is the mass Impeachment of the Judges, Governors, Secretary of state, and Attorney Generals who permit the Marxists and Globalists to HIGHJACK our elections and defraud the American Electorate of clean, open, and fair elections... These frivolous lawsuits are not only about access to the ballot and the vote, they frequently challenge the fundamental right to have an electoral process that provides the public with free, open, and fair elections at all levels of government.

    Since the right to vote is an established Constitutional right... and the right to administer elections is a State's right, with constitutional limits... Why... I say, Why must we secure those rights with court orders and when we do... why do our State Senior Officers fail to obtain a stay on any interference with the electoral process? Why are we suffering under FRIVILOUS acts by the legal profession and judges... The state should respond to such frivolous actions by filing for summary judgment and sanctions against the Lawyers bringing such cases.

    The Marxists are waging an all-out war... eating up the resources, time, and psychological stamina of the electorate with frivolous legal actions.  Judges and the lawyers on both sides of the issue that allow such cases to proceed need to be disbarred... Lawsuits of this nature demoralize voters... The lawyers who prosecute such cases make LOTS OF MONEY while the nation suffers. That sort of conduct needs to stop and wherever it appears it needs to result in immediate dismissal.... summary judgment for the defense/state and sanctions up to and including disbarment for the lawyers.  Judges who permit such actions need IMMEDIATE DISBARMENT and removal.

    The abuses of the legal system must stop.  

  • To think that such beliefs could actually be contrived in a sane mind just tells us that something was missing in "THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIE 

    To think that sane minds could actually conceive this as a viable course for humanity to proceed on is astoundingly incredible. Obviously they completely ignored the social conditions that permitted the THIRD REICH to develop; THEY CARE NOTHING about how Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot came to massacre hundreds of thousands and the conditions that lead up to such tragedy. How disgustingly remarkable that the greedy power seekers of the world are blind to what kind of people brought such tragedies to OUR EARTH.



  • The mere fact they have tried various dirty tricks to prevent Trump from being reelected; we can be sure they're plotting to orchestrate fraudulent voting to achieve it, especially since they're openly against voters having to show valid government issued identification. The magnitude of their corruptness as a political party is unprecedented.

    • You are sooo right! .......and the progressives will do anything  to stop Trump! 

    • Sir you are correct and I pray that all of them rot in hell

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