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GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
Well, Bill Killian, the US Attorney in the Eastern District of Tennessee has ruled that it is now in violation of US civil rights law to criticize Islam or Sharia or Muhammad. Since Mr Holder has made no significant move to set aside this decision,…
Jun 1, 2013
GreyTigerTX left a comment on Texas
There is already such a party in existance. It is called the Constitution Party. It is recognaized in all 50 states, but not on the ballot in all. I supported their presidential candidate this last election. Before making any decisions, visit…"
Nov 26, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
Surprise! Surprise! And this comes as new news how? At what point do we fully understand that there is only one party in Washington DC? The RepubliCrats are there to get rich while screwing the rest of us. They will say and do anything to accomplish…
Nov 26, 2012
GreyTigerTX commented on Anthony Mele's blog post TSA - Is Off the Mark
"Yall completely miss the point. The TSA is not the problem. It is the people who created the TSA and continue to fund and control it. They have no idea how to actually stop a terrorist. So, they posture and make traveling a living hell for the…"
Nov 19, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
There is an old saying, “Fish or cut bait.”  The problem is there are still a lot of folks in the boat doing neither. This is fine until the fishers and baiters realize you are taking up space for nothing. They will get tired of the lethargy and…
Nov 18, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
I don't see secession as likely to happen in the foreseeable future. Maybe later, but not now. There is a great deal being made over the fact that 23 states (and counting) have petitioned the US government for the right to "peaceably" seceed from…
Nov 13, 2012
GreyTigerTX commented on GreyTigerTX's blog post What is going on?
"Thank you for your service "
Nov 3, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
This week has been a strange one. I am ex-military and several events transpired that made me uneasy and hopeful at the same time. Let me explain.When I entered the military, I took a solemn oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies…
Nov 3, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
The following is a reprint of a blog by Craig Considine on CommonGroundNews.org What Would America's Founders Say About Islam? In recent weeks, people the world over have heard a great deal about divisions and conflict between Muslim communities and…
Oct 30, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
I have been in a somewhat pensive and depressed mood as of late. I sit and watch TV and listen to friends and co-workers talk about the upcoming election as if it actually mattered. Even the more conservative types don't really understand what's at…
Oct 28, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
Today marked an epiphany in my life. An event occurred which set me off on a quest. Like Don Quixote, I am probably tilting at windmills, but I must pursue the seemingly impossible dream nonetheless.I was out in the front yard washing out the…
Oct 20, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
TAX POLICY CENTERUrban Institute & Brookings Institution According to the tax experts at these institutes, the US Government collected a total of 2.2 trillion dollars in 2010, from all sources. This makes Obama’s claim that Romney will try to cut…
Oct 7, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
Have you seen the news about the Sudan refusing to let us increase the Marine presence at the Embassy there?  It's only a company sized unit. On second thought, a company of armed Marines could probably defeat the entire Sudanese army, clean out…
Sep 16, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted blog posts
Sep 14, 2012
GreyTigerTX commented on GreyTigerTX's blog post ENOUGH IS ENOUGH DAMN IT!
"Give the embassy guards a half dozen .50cal machine guns or a couple of GE Miniguns. It is amazing what a Marine can do with a SAW. One or two hundred dead islamists in the streets should send them packing. Brutal? Yes. Bloodthirsty? Maybe.…"
Sep 14, 2012
GreyTigerTX posted a blog post
Once again we sit back and watch two of our embassies being attacked by ruthless, barbaric thugs under the guise of religious anger. I spit on their prophet and religion. They are unfit to belong to the family of nations. Embassies are the sovereign…
Sep 12, 2012

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