Congressman Massie,

Greetings Sir!
I am not one of your constituents - please ask Senator Paul about me, he can advise, tell you who I am.

I write today about the press release of your new amendments to the NDAA to protect civil rights of American Citizens.

Sir, I like what I read however I believe you need to make a small change..

The annual reporting requirements are not going to work. They provide far too much leeway for the Military to incarcerate in any given "year" and then fail to report it... as they might no longer be "incarcerated". I refuse to go into implications of that statement.

Not only that - an American might be incarcerated for twelve months - their rights to due process lost for twelve months - their freedom guaranteed under our Constitution lost for twelve months - before Congress found out about it. Before anyone found out about it.

I would make a suggestion that these amendments be modified with language that essentially states Congress be immediately notified in each and every incident of incarceration - not an annual report.

I understand the potential difficulties Military might have with something like that - but Sir, we are talking about freedom - not paperwork...


SFC (retired) Aubrey Mason
San Antonio, Texas

(address redacted for publication)

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