A Message to All Americans

A Message to all Americans

These are excerpts from a longer document that addresses the CRISIS we all face.

You must have heard of the “Fiscal Cliff”. But there is a worse, more final, problem.

That problem is the Debt Canyon…. And the walls are ready to cave in on us!


Our National Debt is just about $16 Trillion and our population about 314 Million.

Do your math. That calculates to almost $51,000 EACH.

For a family of 4 ….. you are carrying about $204,000 of federal debt


But ,  WAIT….. there’s more! Government is ADDING debt at $1 Trillion per year.

In four years, our Debt will be $20 Trillion (assuming we can still find lenders)

That translates to $63,245 per person and $253,000 per family.

Ooops… DOUBLE those…. Only half of us are paying: $408,000 going to $506,000.

Up $100,000 in just four years.


Do YOU have that kind of $$$.

If you are trying to save for retirement, forget it.

Your Government is giving it away faster than you can save it!


Fixing this problem does not take PhD Economists or Rocket Scientists.

It takes fortitude….. guts!


The answer is………………..STOP DIGGING!


Please read my Debt Reduction Initiative (DRI, PDF attached) and take an ACTION Assignment.

Promise me you will……….TAKE ACTION

  1. Share this with EVERYBODY in your email address book
  2. Commit to personally supporting and voting for the DRI
  3. Call your “politicians”… tell them to STOP DIGGING… STOP SPENDING
  4. Use the sample letter in the DRI….WRITE to your politicians
  5. TALK about this to your children, friends, neighbors… I know…”we don’t”… BUT
  6. Twitter, Blog, Facebook it… RECRUIT the ARMY we need to SAVE America


After almost a century of persistent overspending by our Government is it time for a new paradigm.

The new paradigm is: Deficit – OUT….. Surplus – IN …. DEBT – DOWN!         


But the Deficit/Debt Reduction Initiative (DRI) is simple…. One page!

….  less than 4 years to Active DEBT Reduction. We do not need 10 years to partial DEFICIT Reduction


Read the attached PDF. Then send your letters and make your telephone calls!



Here(?) is the URL to download the PDF


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  • Makes you wonder what ever happened to "budget", or "spending control?  We're obliged to do that (live within a budget and control our spending); I'm certain individuals, in the Congress and the White House have to do this at home, so what's gone wrong here?  They are elected, go to DC and, suddenly, "forget" anything they ever knew?  Seems to be a case of "Congress Critters Gone Wild"!!

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