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Best selling Political Thriller Written by Tea Party Patriot predicts economic and political outcome of viral pandemic similar to Ebola.

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4063939387?profile=original      It doesn't matter if your a Man, Women, Adult, Teen, Child, Straight, Gay, Bi, Black, White, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Spanish, American, Indian, Mexican, European,Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Baptist, Atheist, Republican, Democrat, or Independent. We all have Constitutional Law to Protect our Rights and for the Man or Women to head this Country and break the Laws of our Constitution is a Total reason for Impeachment. How can a President and his Cabinet break the Laws of the United States of America and Americans just standby and watch it happen and feel it's okay ? We the People can make a difference on what Americans died for to keep us Constitutionally Free and put the Law Breakers behind Bars where Law Breakers belong. Impeach Obama and his Cabinet of Law Breakers. Lets take our Country BACK for all the People !

logo-teaparty.png?Tea Party Impeach Obama Petition

Visit Tea Party Command Center
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"It's Redistribution, Stupid" Says OBAMA


Redistribution - Stealing From the Taxpayers

Obama’s “Promise Zones” – Election Year Wealth Redistribution Scheme

The big question for Americans – how do we stop the bloody spending by Obama, Democrats and Republicans?  Here’s a brief preview of the past five years and a glimpse of the future. 

So much for our daily dose of lies from Obama, his administration and the Liberal News media – as a Nation we the people deserve some respect, honesty and solutions for major problems.  While we sit here suffering the headlines today tout that half of Congressional Lawmakers are millionaires, some actually acquired their money legitimately via investments or personal businesses. 

There are many, in Congress who use their position merely to pad their pockets, enjoy the Government perks and live high on the hog off of taxpayer’s money and draw a sizeable lifetime retirement.  They’re not worth their salt and definitely are a detriment to Americans and America. I refer to them as “Leeches,” the ones who just go along for a free ride on taxpayer’s money.

Look at Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Liberals – they’re the perfect “Stereotypes of Socialism” for a Government gone bad.  They don’t give a “d---“about their Country – in fact they don’t give a “damn” about the poverty stricken, African Americans who are struggling or the Hispanics.  

They all have one and only one goal in mind – they want to dominate, control and dictate via “Big Government.”  They manipulate the news, prepare the canned speeches for the Liberal News Media and give us a dose of the poison tonic called Socialism every day since 2009. 

Here are a few examples of their devious techniques and lies that have harmed our children, grandchildren, adult children and all Americans.

  1. They stole 787 billion dollars from taxpayers and literally had a spending frenzy with this money while we were sleeping.
  2. They frivolously spent our money on parties, lavish vacations, secret meetings and personal celebrations like the IRS who gobbled up over 50 million plus for parties & conferences and videos from 2010 to 2012. 
  3. Obama with his blessing encouraged the IRS to attack the tea parties and lied about Benghazi to insure his re-election in 2012.
  4. Obama and his Administration have not only allowed guns to walk – they sneaked billions out the back door to fund the Muslim Brotherhood enhancing their Military capabilities. 
  5. Obama used millions of our stimulus money for the “Green Scams,” specifically created for his big bundlers. This had nothing to do with job creation as Obama would like you to believe.

*** This only highlights a few of Obama’s insidious behaviors. Below are a few statistics on some of his future plans.

Let’s look at Obama’s new budget presented in April of 2014 – it’s important to realize this budget is an attack on the middle class (the working class.) Although, the budget didn’t pass it gives you a bird’s eye view of Obama and his favorite pet “redistribution.”


He Lied, LIed & Lied Some More

Although he lied about his budget saying, more than $2 in spending cuts for every $1 of new revenue – what a crock. If passed it would have been a huge tax increase – it would increase the deficit a trillion dollars over 10 years. The majority of revenue in his budget would come from increasing the death tax, capping deductions and select exemptions from those making higher incomes along with capping retirement funds.

Although his budget didn’t pass formally it gives Americans an idea of what will happen in the next three years. This is “redistribution” folks any way you slice it. The minimum wage increase is already on the front burner and there’s more to come…

There’s much more, but just a thought about our Government cooking the books.  Our actual unemployment figure is between 11 to15 plus % - not even close to the 6.7% Obama and Democrats are crowing about today. 

There’s nothing real about the unemployment figures – yet millions of Americans believe it. This just gives a broken down President a trumped up talking point the he and his Democratic friends will beat to death.  It includes those who are only working part-time jobs, which happens to be close to 8 million – in fact according to Huff Post 75% of all jobs in 2013 were part time jobs. It doesn’t include those who’ve dropped off and no longer looking for employment.

So when you hear Obama and the Democrats raving over the unemployment figure – you know they lie through their teeth.  Figure for yourself only 74,000 new jobs in December meaning approximately 55,000 were part time and probably seasonal jobs also. Obama’s first term was nothing more than destruct, destroy and redistribute.

Take the unbridled spending by Obama since 2009, the stringent EPA regulations which closed businesses down and restricted job growth, the huge increase in the entitlement society, the illegals making themselves comfortable utilizing all of our resources, the hanky-panky with the Muslim Brotherhood (Which is costly) and the greatest leech of all Obamacare.

Obamacare, nothing is free – someone has to pay for it (taxpayers.)  It won’t save families 2500 a year in premium cost, some premiums have doubled or even tripled in cost along with higher co – payments and deductions.  Can’t keep your doctor, specialist or medical team and can’t keep your insurer. It’s a costly scam that will eliminate jobs and be devastating to consumers.

*** This is just a glimpse of 5 years of Redistribution increasing the National Deficit over 17 trillion dollars add another 3 years of Redistribution and in all likelihood our Nation will be on the verge of crumpling. Current predictions are by 2016 our National Debt will surpass 20 trillion dollars.  Republicans are in control of our money need I say more? 

As Always,

Little Tboca

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Crybaby Boehner is alienating every true conservative. The GOP is downright worthless just slightly less so than the Democrats. The Dems have tended toward socialism/Marxism beginning with Andrew Jackson and accelerating with Woodrow Wilson ( Income Tax, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Reserve System and on to and through FDR and the Social Security System, tampering with the SCOTUS, the WPA and Lend-Lease, To Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton both of whom decimated our military cause Reagan an Bush to rebuild it to the superb force it is today, unless we allow Obama to totally ruin all five branches. Boehner on his leadership position should be impeaching Obama and indicting him, Clinton, Panetta, and Holder for accessory to Murder and treason. Man up John, do your job or vacate the premises. CLEAN HOUSE! Stop double dealing with Reid and Obama; hold the line on the budget, reduce the deficit, support the military, defund ObamaCare, the EPA, and Common Core. Those are your orders, Carry on or step down! Understood?

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)
326 F Nantucket Lane
Monroe Twp, NJ 08831

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Here we go again. Election year 2014,is almost upon us.This week, or what is left of it will focus on the budget. By Friday, Congress will announce a true Bi-Partisan bill that although had some give and take on both sides, is best for the country. It will include over 20 billion in cuts over the next 10 years and the parties will start prior to going home for the holidays.Congress will expect Americans to buy this even though there is over a 17 Trilion dollar deficit and over 100 trillion dollars in obligations. I am 57 and can remember the first time I heard the word "trillion". It seemed so unreal that we laughed at the word. Now iam asking what comes after a trillion?Upon return the deficit and budget will not have to be dealt with again till after November so why bring it up. Illegal immigration will be the topic. This is a great topic because everyone can posture and appear to be supporting their constituents. In Texas, where I an from, you will start to see pictures of crime ridden towns, drug smuggling and anything else one can think of. These events are taking place right now but you won't hear about them until Congress returns.The other side will be showing pictures of children being torn from there mothers arms and maybe some human trafficking.Don't get me wrong. I am very concerned about this issue and the laws that are being broken. What I am trying to say is both sides, which ever they are on, will use it to appease their constituents and there will be no resolution. I have my own theory of why the most powerful country in the world can't stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs in to our country but it scares me when I think about it.After going through the era I grew up in, I swore that nothing could ever scare me again. Concern me, yes, but not scare me. Now I wake up and go to work and fight a losing battle every day. They would not let us win in the 70's and we went home in shame. Don't let them do it again.
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Boycott Las Vegas ?

Las Vegas, Nevada . . . America's playground and a city that promises "Whatever Happens There, Stays There."  With attractions such as these, it's no wonder why Vegas holds a special place in American's hearts, as well as their wallets . . .

Yet . . . as much as American's have earned a "well deserved getaway," they also understand that our country is undergoing a transformation to the likes and speed it has "never" experienced before . . . and sadly, not for the better.  No doubt, there's plenty of blame to go around in both the Republican and Democrat parties but there is no disputing that Harry Reid and a majority of Democrats "want total control over our country" rather than "humbling themselves" to the requests of their EMPLOYER'S . . . the American people !  This arrogant and authoritative attitude has been blatant and unyielding, revealing there is no plan to act on behalf of those they're there to serve because Harry Reid and minions know better than the American people.  Of course, the latest example of this is Mr. Reid's tirade in the Senate, unwilling to compromise on any of the issues, American's backed "post ponement" of Obamacare and last but not least, blaming The Tea Party for the gridlock and government shutdown.  All the while the Dems. have forced a government shutdown, not one scandal has been addressed, terrorist are increasing their attacks across the world but of utmost urgency, their attacks here at home !  As I write this post, the news announces that a Bosnian immigrant brought a bomb into the Jacksonville, Florida airport, to which it has been evacuated . . .

How many more attacks, shutdowns, sequestrations, scandals, etc... etc... etc...  can go unaddressed before America implodes ?  I believe we are witnessing that the "majority of Americans" don't want to wait around to find out but rather are desperately seeking immediate ways to change course - hence, boycotting the city that got Harry Reid elected ?  When voices of reason go unheard . . . THE POCKETBOOK SPEAKS VOLUMES !

Let me know your thoughts . . . for I am one who actually appreciates the input of my fellow Americans !


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A Tell of Democratic Leadership -Detroit

A Tell of Democratic Leadership.

There once was a great America city, where one on six American jobs were related to the businesses headquartered in this city of 2 million people. Detroit!

Now, under democratic leadership it has 700K citizens, 78,000 abandoned buildings, 58 minute wait time for a policeman, very high crime and murder rate , strict gun laws and the largest city in US history to file for bankruptcy.

Just think Obama and the democrats want to lead us, but to where and how bad will it get. Remember, Obama said his policies will make energy prices skyrocket, while we sit on more energy reserves that known in the world. EPA and other federal agencies issuing more new rules than ever before and a tripled federal deficit while printing 80 billion USD every month, propping up Wall Street. Manipulated inflation and unemployment numbers and not to be forgotten Obama care. I know Obama and the democrats can do for every American city what they have done for so many others, including Detroit.

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Do you aware what method mr obama is using to destroy our Nation? 

The method he is using is called the "Cloward Piven Strategy". It was "designed" back in 1966 and has been successfully tested in New York City in 1975.

If you look at the Big Picture, look at everything obama has said and done - it is not a stretch to understand this at all... it matches 100% to the Cloward Piven Strategy and this cannot be a coincidence it matches 100%.

How can we stop it?

We can stop it by educating every person we know with irrefutable evidence - truth and everything around us, everything that has happened under obama - and strongly encourage them to start writing their Congressman, demanding they defund this entire administration.

This is treason at the highest level folks.

The House holds the purse strings and under the rule of law - the only ones who can stop it in it's tracks.

If you look at the "strategy" the only determining factor of how soon an establishment "fails" and descends into bankruptcy - is how much money it started with and how long it takes to "spend" it...... Obama is spending taxpayer money at a rate of millions a minute.... the US has a lot, but note; last November it was 16 trillion plus deficit - it is 17 trillion plus right now.... only 7 months later. We are quickly running out of time.

If we fail in this, expect this Nation to be bankrupt before the end of mr obama's second term, expect martial law to be declared, UN Troops on the ground here in the US, all of our rights removed, Constitution revoked, all of our earnings redistributed...

Our Nation will be enslaved.

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The prized ILLEGAL ALIEN magnet is the $402 billion “illegal alien cost” that pro amnesty advocates fraudulently used to claim $35 billion economic gains because of $437 criminal illegal alien wage “savings”!    $402 billion divided by 11 million says average illegal aliens receive $36,545 government and other subsidies on top of their non tax illegal cash wage of $12,365 ($6/hr)!   Citizens are taxed to boost illegal alien take home pay to $49025!   That’s $11,929 more than citizens take home for a same “average” 40/hr job!  


The sick part of this is the BLS average citizen’s $42,537 wage is for 34.4 hours (short hours), which is $49,462 at 40 hours; and that provides $37,096 take home pay AFTER 25% tax!   Not only does the citizen take home $11,929 less that the criminal alien, government officials tax all working citizens to punish citizens and reward criminal aliens!


That leads to the executive-legislative majority, quid-pro-quo, and their progressive fundamental change of government by corruption instead of Constitutional Amendment.   They couldn’t restrain bragging about the success of tipping the scales of election justice with money taxed from loyal citizens.    Rubio thinks it’s a profitable race issue – it isn’t – it’s about $36,545.   This doesn’t begin to cover the abomination or cost to citizens behind “amnesty”.


Follow the money and you’ll find $1.3 trillion @ 11 million to $2.4 trillion @20 million of imbedded yearly costs plundered TODAY relative to 11 to 30 million illegal aliens and 12 to 25 million jobless citizens.   Anger is a rational earned response to sedition and treason, when controlled and applied within the letter of Constitution and law.     Let no honor dignify dishonor!

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ALL IN .... for Whom?

I just sent this to Speaker Boehner

Note To Speaker Boehner


Speaker Boehner,

I know you fought long and hard to gain the power you have.

But what have you done for America?

The only, best, thing I can point to is your challenge to the Senate to get off their asses.


You need to better that every day!

YOU need a small ARMY to hold press conferences EVERY DAY, several per day, to squelch the fear-mongering lies being broadcast by gang nobummer.

I know.... not polite nor respectful. Well, he will get my respect when he earns it . Same for you.


I am ALL IN for America! Are you?...or is it mostly for Boehner?


I challenge you to hold 4 pressers per day to tear apart the obummer propaganda.

In case you don't know where to start, here are a few ...........


Some comments..........

     * I'm sure you have staffers who can open those links and milk them

     * ARE You up for it?... Go for it and you have a loyal supporter...shrink and you have a loyal foe.

     * IF your IT guys would put up a decent communications mode, the links would be more succinct


I'm standing by.

Please send me notices of you planned pressers

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Insane Idiots or Pathologically Dishonest?

Insane Idiots or Pathologically Dishonest?

  • Our Debt is a crushing $16+Trillion dollars
  • Our overspending runs another $1 Trillion per year
  • A political ploy called Sequestration, the brainchild of the White-house, has come to pass
  • Now……..
    • We have fearmongering
    • Politicians who voted for it now disown it (Congress AND the President)
    • A move to reduce PLANNED Spending increases by 2 % is labeled “meatcleaver”
    • Instead of meeting to celebrate a drop of sanity, politicians are meeting to find a way around even 2%!
    • They should be meeting to boost more cuts… and buy down our DEBT!
    • Are you kidding? Just more hypercrap!

The Deficit is $1Trillion of a $3.8 Trillion spend (I can't say BUDGET... have you seen one?)

That is about 33%. of expected revenue . Try that in your Family!



They are playing America!




I posted elsewhere that it is akin to you/me/we "reducing spending" by cutting $100 out of our PLANNED $5000 vacation next year.

Where I come from THAT is an INCREASE of $4900, eh?

More doubletalk, gobbledygook, truespeak from the LIARS in Wash.


They are either certifiably insane  idiots or pathologically dishonest!



Send a note to your Politician telling him to get with it or get out!

Cut spending to $2.8 Trillion in 3 years or resign in disgrace!


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It is amazing how quickly the focus in DC can change from fiscal matters to something entirely different.  Politicians remind me of three-year old children – easily distracted.  Never mind the huge deficits and fiscal crisis we have on our hands which has not been addressed in over twelve years!  I know – let’s talk about federal immigration reform or better yet, federal gun control laws… whatever is viewed as the next crisis is the one to which attention is given.  Reminds me of the old political saying – “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

I wrote an e-mail to my House Representative a few weeks ago asking him to vote NO on the $50.4 billion dollar bill to approve aid to Hurricane Sandy victims because a large portion of the bill included spending for items that had absolutely nothing to do with aiding the storm victims.  In addition, there were no offsetting spending cuts.  The House could not even approve to cut spending to cover 1/3 of the cost of this bill.

As one of my favorite Washington DC correspondents, Jamie Dupree, posted on his blog: “While many Republicans wanted a smaller disaster relief bill, some of them refused to embrace a plan to pay for 1/3 of the plan, by using an across the board budget cut of 1.63% to trim $17 billion.  “Are we willing and able to do without anything?” asked a frustrated Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), who saw 71 of his fellow Republicans vote against the offsetting budget cuts.  The move reinforced arguments by Democrats that the GOP loves to talk about cutting the budget and saving money, but doesn’t follow through.”

Think about this as it relates to your household budget.  Let’s say a disaster strikes – strong winds damage your home’s shingles and you need to have new shingles put on your roof.  Your insurance policy will cover the cost of replacing the shingles, BUT will require you to pay a $2,000 deductible.  The first item most of us would do is look at our budget and see what we need to cut in order to account for that unexpected $2,000 outlay.  Perhaps we have savings and can tap into that, have a line-of-credit and can borrow the funds, or can do the work ourselves.  Of course, we may decide to look for a second job and try to increase our revenue stream to pay for the $2,000, but putting these options aside, normal folks look to what they can cut to make up for this new “required” expense.  We may look at cutting entertainment or budgeted funds for clothes or simply decide not to get the roof fixed at this time.

Let’s face facts, neither Republicans nor Democrats are serious about budget cuts or reining in government spending.  Their actions over the previous twelve years (Bush and Obama administrations) make this evidently clear.  Our politicians are in the business of keeping our government growing – why do you think the seat of government continues to attract those looking for work?  A large % of the government’s spending manages to stay in DC – how convenient!

The choices we face in each election are pretty much as follows:

Vote Democrat for unbridled spending – after all for many Democrats there is no fiscal crisis – just keep raising the debt ceiling and borrowing funds – eventually the economy will come around and with the tax increases just introduced and the savings from Obamacare, enough revenue will be generated to deal with it (FAT CHANCE)!

But a vote for Republicans is just as bad – big talk about budget cuts when they can be used to criticize Democrats, but then go forward with huge increases in spending on military and other Republican favored programs.

The U.S. government has an enormous spending problem and I believe very few if any, of those who represent us on the Hill give a damn!

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SOTU - My Short Take

Excerpts from 2013 SOTU and Comments


In 2011, Congress passed a law saying that if both parties couldn’t agree on a plan to reach our deficit goal, about a trillion dollars’ worth of budget cuts would automatically go into effect this year. These sudden, harsh, arbitrary cuts would jeopardize our military readiness, they’d devastate priorities like education and energy and medical research. They would certainly slow our recovery and cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs. And that’s why Democrats, Republicans, business leaders, and economists have already said that these cuts -- known here in Washington as “the sequester” -- are a really bad idea.

= = = =My Comments

BUT They passed it… it was bad then and it is bad now…. Reducing Spending by $1Trillion isn a single giant step IS bad. So is promising to reduce it gradually over the next 10 or 20 years…long after those in office are gone.

Why do we have to “plunge” in or “drag it out forever?

My Debt Reduction Initiative is a softer walk into first killing the Deficit, over three years, and then buying down our debt. Instead of “the big gulp”, my Debt Reduction Initiative provides spending cuts in smaller steps of 0.5, 0.3, and 0.2 Trillion over 3 years. It gets the job done in a reasonable time.


Most Americans -- Democrats, Republicans and independents -- understand that we can’t just cut our way to prosperity. They know that broad-based economic growth requires a balanced approach to deficit reduction, with spending cuts and revenue, and with everybody doing their fair share.

... tonight I’ll lay out additional proposals that are fully paid for and fully consistent with the budget framework both parties agreed to just 18 months ago. Let me repeat: Nothing I’m proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime. It is not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth

======My Comments

Mr O. You need to go back to school. Americans are on to your deceptions.

We are totally dis-interested in NOT INCREASING THE DEFICIT.

You need to admit that THE ISSUE IS DEBT. Your rhetoric about not increasing the Deficit leaves it at about $1 Trillion per year; growing our Debt to $20Trillion before you leave office.

Please review and implement my Debt Reduction Initiative

 = = = =

Do you agree?

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A Message to All Americans

A Message to all Americans

These are excerpts from a longer document that addresses the CRISIS we all face.

You must have heard of the “Fiscal Cliff”. But there is a worse, more final, problem.

That problem is the Debt Canyon…. And the walls are ready to cave in on us!


Our National Debt is just about $16 Trillion and our population about 314 Million.

Do your math. That calculates to almost $51,000 EACH.

For a family of 4 ….. you are carrying about $204,000 of federal debt


But ,  WAIT….. there’s more! Government is ADDING debt at $1 Trillion per year.

In four years, our Debt will be $20 Trillion (assuming we can still find lenders)

That translates to $63,245 per person and $253,000 per family.

Ooops… DOUBLE those…. Only half of us are paying: $408,000 going to $506,000.

Up $100,000 in just four years.


Do YOU have that kind of $$$.

If you are trying to save for retirement, forget it.

Your Government is giving it away faster than you can save it!


Fixing this problem does not take PhD Economists or Rocket Scientists.

It takes fortitude….. guts!


The answer is………………..STOP DIGGING!


Please read my Debt Reduction Initiative (DRI, PDF attached) and take an ACTION Assignment.

Promise me you will……….TAKE ACTION

  1. Share this with EVERYBODY in your email address book
  2. Commit to personally supporting and voting for the DRI
  3. Call your “politicians”… tell them to STOP DIGGING… STOP SPENDING
  4. Use the sample letter in the DRI….WRITE to your politicians
  5. TALK about this to your children, friends, neighbors… I know…”we don’t”… BUT
  6. Twitter, Blog, Facebook it… RECRUIT the ARMY we need to SAVE America


After almost a century of persistent overspending by our Government is it time for a new paradigm.

The new paradigm is: Deficit – OUT….. Surplus – IN …. DEBT – DOWN!         


But the Deficit/Debt Reduction Initiative (DRI) is simple…. One page!

….  less than 4 years to Active DEBT Reduction. We do not need 10 years to partial DEFICIT Reduction


Read the attached PDF. Then send your letters and make your telephone calls!



Here(?) is the URL to download the PDF


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Purse Strings in the Wrong Hands...

Most people do not understand how our Budget process works or how our nation passes a bill.  There are three sets of hands on the purse strings of our nation.  When a party controls ANY TWO of these strings, they are in control.  These strings are in the hands of the President, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

I am not an economist.  I am not a highly educated man.  So, I try to take the complicated and make it less complicated so that I can understand it more effectively.  So...I have gone back in time, since 1981, and performed a simple analysis of who holds the purse strings of our nation and what there "deficit rate" is comparatively.  The results are staggering and eye-opening.  You are welcome to check my math.

Democrats OUT-DEFICIT Republicans by $4.23 to $1.00 (in terms of deficit spending) and that is a FACT.  Anyone can pull the figures and do the math themselves.  It does not matter which party is in the White House - it matters which party has majority control.  In the period in question, Democrats had control for 15 years and Republicans had control for 18 years.  During the 15 years that Democrats had control, they added $8.014 TRILLION to the national deficit.  During the 18 years that Republicans had control, they added $2.280 TRILLION to the deficit.  The yearly rate is $534 BILLION to $127 BILLION. 

Republicans are also better at reducing the previous years deficit.  They reduce the deficit 60 percent of the time as compared to 40 percent of the time for Democrats.  Now let me ask you this question.  Would you want a parachute that opens 40 percent of the time that only reduces your fall rate to 500 inches per second or a parachute that opens 60 percent of the time that reduces your fall rate to 100 inches per second?

Folks, we have a real clear choice this November.  We can argue about policy until we are blue in the face.  We can fight over the Obamacare Tax until the cows come home.  But we need to reduce this to something VERY simple and easy to understand.  Democrats will put this nation deeper into debt than Republicans.  Full STOP! 

The graphic to back my claim is included.  I intend to continue my education efforts on this matter until I can no longer draw breath.  I am interested in ONLY the facts.  Here they are!


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By John W. Lillpop

Not to be too cynical or sarcastic, but did America not hold national elections on November 2, 2010, at which time the Obama administration and Democrats in general were subjected to a severe “shellacking” dealt by the American people?

And was the result of those elections not the removal of Nancy Pelosi and fellow leftists from majority status in the U.S. House, and significant degradation of the liberal strangle hold in the U.S. Senate?

Did not those 2010 elections signal a grass-roots message from we the taxed to Obama and friends, the essence of which was: CUT federal spending, STOP growing the humungous deficit, and even BANISH talk of higher taxes?

Is it not true that members of the Tea Party were sent to Washington to charter a new course that would save the American dream and, God willing, the very republic itself?

Did we not celebrate the fact that, for the first time in history, in 2011 the debate about raising the debt ceiling also included serious, heated discussion about spending cuts to offset any debt increase?

The answer to each of those questions is a loud, resounding YES!

So why in the hell was I rudely awakened this morning with the news that Republicans have agreed to extend the Payroll Tax holiday and extend unemployment benefits (again) WITHOUT PAYING FOR SAID SPENDING?

If the Republican Party is now an official wing of the Obama administration, is there ANY hope for our survival?
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Defaults, Terrorists and Reality!

Defaults, Terrorists and Reality


Of recent, we have heard much, of the Federal Governments’ certain default if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling, yet many fiscally conservative Congressmen made compelling arguments against doing so or at least not doing so without commensurate and immediate cuts in spending, which after all, nearly everyone admits is beyond our ability to pay for.  Their reward for questioning the long-term viability and fiscal prudence of the debt ceiling deal was to be labeled “terrorists” as were the Tea Party members who supported them.


Out of this supposed crisis the President gets what he wants, authorization to spend another $2.4 Trillion and avoid debt ceiling debate till after the 2012 elections; the Republicans in Congress come out of it with no new taxes at least for the short term, and the people get to pay for the continued spending because the proposed offsetting spending cuts are mostly illusionary.


So why, all of the “theater”?  What is the truth?  Now that the $2.4 Trillion deal is passed do we still have reason for concern or are we out of the woods?  I would like to present some facts and let you judge for yourselves.


The GDP (Gross Domestic Product or economic output) of the United States is approximately $14.8 Trillion, while the U.S. debt is approximately $14.3 Trillion and soon to rise to $16.7 Trillion.  To put these numbers in context, the GDP of the entire world including the U.S. is $63.1 Trillion.  Our debt will very soon exceed 25% of world GDP.  But looming on the horizon, and what sends shivers down the spine of the world financial market, is our un-funded liabilities.  Benefits that we owe to retirees and others that are as yet un-filed for and uncollected, and because there are no trust funds or they have been for the most part robbed, remain un-funded.  The most conservative estimates place this liability at about $65 Trillion, where others place it as high as $105 Trillion.  These debts are in addition to the current national debt!


Imagine one country whose debt liabilities exceed global GDP, who is borrowing 41 cents of every dollar it spends, whose currency is the reserve currency of the world and through the Federal Reserve owns nearly half of its own debt!  Scary is not the word for it!


Many think that China owns most of our debt, but in reality their GDP is only about $6.1 Trillion and they hold just over $1.1 Trillion of U.S. debt, about 7% of the total and they have been reducing their stake.  What they have a large stake in are the manufactured goods that we consume as we only manufacture about 10% of them ourselves.


Some think that raising taxes is the answer, but we could raise everyone’s income taxes by 50 % and would still have nearly a $1 Trillion annual deficit at current spending levels.  A very real burden on all taxpayers is not a lack of taxes collected from the rich, but the governments choosing to exempt over 50% of the workers from paying federal taxes and indeed share your tax dollars with approximately 40% of the population with income tax credits, food stamps, medic-aide, housing assistance and other forms of redistribution by a government whose spending practices have outstripped the taxpayers ability to pay and still support a thriving economy as evidenced by the protracted downturn and continued high unemployment levels.


High unemployment and underemployment have along with the general economic down turn resulted in a revenue shortfall compared to 2008, of over $400 Billion annually.  The uncertainty about whether spending will go down, or taxes will go, up has exacerbated the problem and slowed the recovery.  One thing is for sure, raising taxes now will slow hiring, economic growth and the revenue growth that would have followed.


Clearly we have a spending problem and need to rein it in.  What is not so clear is why Speaker John Boehner did not address immediate and substantial cuts in the debt ceiling deal, but opted for “pie in the sky” future cuts that he knows, full well, we cannot force on a future Congress.  So in other words the very clear mandate of November 2010 has been ignored and rather than cut spending this Congress has chosen to continue spending to the tune of an additional $3.3 plus Trillion to be added to the debt.  From January 2011 to January 2013, the 112th Congress will have added nearly as much to the National Debt as the infamous 111th Congress!  What mandate?!


The fight with Congress and the Administration, will now be to not increase taxes and give the economy a chance to recover.  But worry, from the rating agencies hinted downgrades, and the battle to avoid that, will put pressure on the Congress to either raise taxes or make additional spending cuts.  So once more the taxpayer is caught between a rock and a hard place because the Congress does not have the courage to make the necessary cuts to bring financial stability, balance the budget and lower or eradicate the debt.  Indeed the Congress has established a “super committee” to take up the task of determining what further cuts to make over the next decade, further abdicating their responsibility to a select few and making doubtful that the cuts to offset the new round of spending will ever truly be made.


The world financial markets have reason to be concerned when the world’s largest economy, one that is inextricably wound through their markets as the reserve currency, exhibits such irresponsibility and resorts to name calling and deception.


Some are advocating that doom and collapse are right around the corner.  I would hope to think that our leaders had a better handle on the economy and that the doom was not true, but after the continuing financial crisis of the past 3 years, I am left with little faith.  Just as with an overburdened family budget, we must cut the spending to match our income or risk having the debt service force us into an, ever worsening, downward spiral toward financial ruin.


Common sense dictates that there must be immediate cuts to spending in the $400 Billion or more range, cuts that include all departments even Defense and incentives employed concurrently to jumpstart employment in order to begin substantially increasing revenues.  The object is to be bold, to jump out of the ditch and point the economy toward prosperity once more, not to simply tread water and await our fate as this new deal offers. 


There is now reason for additional concern for the separation of powers and future of liberty as the Congress has once more, in the Budget Control Act of 2011, vested additional powers to the President, by relinquishing their constitutional power and duty to determine the need and time to spend our money and vesting it with the President. 


It would seem, once more, the Congress has not failed to disappoint the people it is supposed to be serving!


Come November 2012, the Tea Party should not disappoint those who have failed us!!



Tom Whitmore
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How Does America Break Out of the Financial Crisis?


I will try to explain this as succinctly as possible.  America is faced with several looming problems that are preventing our recovery and are being largely ignored.  Much of it is not revealed or pursued because there are many folks making a lot of money over it!!  They are picking your pockets!


The first problem is the gusher of deficit dollars going overseas whether it is for oil, manufactured goods or US military spending.  Dollars leave at a much faster pace than they come in.  The trade deficit is on the order of $540 Billion dollars annually and that does not count the Military expenditures!!  By way of comparison our total manufacturing is $1,700 Billion annually.


The second problem is a lack of quality jobs, due in part to the mass exodus of manufacturing overseas.  Today we manufacture a little over 10% of what we consume.  That represents one of our greatest threats to national security.  We cannot fend for ourselves.  We have to trade with overseas partners to survive.


Third, is the fallacy of “stimulus” spending by the Government being able to always stimulate the economy.  When it is done in the form of rebates to the people or by way of tax cuts, then there is a strong chance it will stimulate spending and move the economy forward.  When it takes the form of creation of new government jobs, it actually stifles the economy, although the new employees are spending, they are either being paid through increased taxes or increased borrowing.  The former gives folks more money to spend and leaves them feeling better about the economy with an inclination toward spending more, but the latter leaves less, for everyone who pays taxes, to spend and injects caution or fear into their spending patterns with an inclination toward tightening the purse strings further (Where we find ourselves now).


Fourth is the Federal Reserve’s penchant for working deals behind closed doors, for printing dollars at will and for refusing to disclose what they are doing and who they are doing it with.  I can tell you, that they have been around 98 years and during that time the dollar has devalued 98%!  Some job of protecting the currency they are doing!


Fifth is the “Culture of Cowardice in the Congress”!  There is a great unwillingness to take the hard votes!  That’s why we can’t reduce spending, balance the budget, slow the deficit or reform our entitlement programs.  The individual Congressmen and Senators fear their campaign donors, the lobbyists, the threat of another Wall Street manufactured financial crisis, or the idea they might be blamed for another terrorist attack if they were to trim some dollars from the defense budget more than they fear “We the People”!  The two things the founders feared the most, a standing army and a large central bank, are what have consumed and devalued a tremendous number of dollars leaving us even less secure.  Meanwhile the Pentagon and the Federal Reserve remain un-audited!! 


To think that spending can be reined in, the budget balanced, the deficit reduced or entitlements reformed without putting the Defense budget under scrutiny is, at best, foolhardy.  In total when you consider the entire DOD related spending which includes the Pentagon Base Budget, New construction, Veterans Administration, DOD/Military retirement benefits, Nuclear program under DOE and other DOD administrative spending it accounts for nearly a third of the current total budget and a third of the budget represents deficit spending, or borrowed money.  To say current spending levels are unsustainable is a gross understatement.


There is no plan before the Congress today that can succeed.  Only measures that can be fully implemented during the current session of the Congress will be of lasting benefit.  Last year one of the battle cries was for the “Repeal Amendment”, this year another is for “Cut, Cap and Balance”…problem is, it is another multi year program, again!  You remember what happened to the former, it just sort of lost steam, as probably will the current plans.  Now honestly, do any of you really believe the Congress can embark on and stick to some grand multi year program to cut spending and reduce the budget?  We need to address some of the root problems, right now.


You can help implement the following commonsense five-point program to get America started down the road to recovery immediately, by making sure the Congress listens to and fears, “We the People” more than they fear the special interests!  Call (877)-762-8762 or email your Congressmen and Senators today and every day until they:


v    Drill Here and Drill Now!  For oil, natural gas and coal.

v    Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to America! Rein in the EPA and Gang Green!

v    Audit the Federal Reserve and stop the devaluation of the dollar!

v    Audit the DOD/Pentagon and cut wasteful and duplicative spending.

v    Immediately cut back the “stimulus” programs that grew the Federal government.


Only if these points are implemented and realized can plans like the Balanced Budget Amendment (which will take several years to be ratified) be able to help succeed in restoring fiscal order and security in America.  We must begin treating the ailment instead of just relieving the symptoms, to ensure our long-term fiscal health!!


You know in your heart no matter how hard they massage the debt and spending, they will not succeed if they don’t implement the above commonsense measures.  Ignoring these points, which can all be implemented immediately, leaves the Congress on a fool’s errand.


Don’t expect many to be talking about these issues.  There are only a few, like Tom Coburn, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Paul, Alan West, Michele Bachmann and Frank Wolf along with a handful of others, with the courage to speak out and sponsor appropriate legislation.  To expect much more from most of the others would be like expecting a pickpocket to say “Hold still while I lift your wallet”!


Take your country back and restore financial security, starting today!  “Turn Up the Heat In Washington”; bring the “Fear Factor” to Capitol Hill.  Thank you, for all you do for Liberty.


Tom Whitmore

Washington DC Tea Party

Copyright 2011, Thomas J. Whitmore

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I've had it with government spending.  People who are given money (including welfare/food stamp recipients), don't give a darn about how they spend it, and it's now more apparent then ever.

Do we see the debt ceiling for what it is, or are we "Slaves to Words"? No substantial reforms.

Cut the spending.


This week the so-called "National Debt Ceiling" hit its congressionally
established limit of over $14 trillion. For every person in the United States,
that's $45,300 each!

How can the American people settle for "substantial reforms" in lieu of holding
the debt ceiling at its current limit? When was the last time Americans believed
elected officials would keep their word?

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As Obama takes another [undeserved] bow, President Bush comfortably retreats in the satisfaction of getting the job done. It was George W. Bush who laid out the steps that needed to be done to get the number one most wanted man, as his country, and the world, unleashed vile and contempuous accusations at him.
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