America was built on and by ‘legal’ immigrants

Illegal immigrants seem to care for nothing other than they want to stay in  America; even as ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrants.

When I identify an ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrant, I am saying you are ‘ILLEGAL’ when you are not a citizen of the USA,  do not hold a ‘legal’ Green Card, etc.

When an ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrant comes to America, the first activity is to ‘PURCHASE OR STEAL’ an identity for his/her to stay. This identity will likely be a ‘FORGED’ Social Security, Driver’s License, and/or any other personal identity.  That acceptance and use of the ‘illegal’ document makes the ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrant a ‘CRIMINAL’.

Next for  ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrants may likely be seeking government assistance of government welfare programs to provide these ‘illegals’ with a comfortable home including ‘all’ utilities, food for his/her/their daily meals, all healthcare to include doctor visits, hospitalization, and prescribed drugs for the entire family.  We must not forget to add adequate money for cigarette, beer, miscellaneous money, and perhaps, illegal drugs.  Oh, what a deal!  For many, it is a free ride; at the cost of American taxpayers.

News reports reveal  that ‘Immigration’ legislation cost ‘Trillions of dollars’ to our already $19 Trillion of National Debt.

Americans must come first; before ‘illegals’ get ‘anything’.  Americans welcome ‘Legal immigration’, but oppose ‘Illegal immigration’. 

‘Illegal immigration’ is not broken.  Do not swallow that ‘claim’ from anyone.  President Obama, Capitol Hill Democrats, and a few RINO Republicans are willing to giveaway anything and everything to ‘illegals’ in turn for a political ‘vote’.  Democrat registration will flourish from another legislated form of hidden ‘Amnesty’ while Republican registration will decline.

And, American citizens, legal immigrants, or illegal immigrants must not forget the more than 600,000 Americans who have given their lives in protecting our USA, our Constitution, and our American flag; and millions of Americans have serve our precious nation in protecting our nation.

Do now allow ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrants, left-wing, give-away Democrats, the ‘Main-stream’ Medias. etc. to alter your mind allowing more of an ‘ILLEGAL’ invasion to damage of destroy our USA.

America was built on, by, and for ‘legal’ immigrants; not by unknown ‘illegal’ invasion.  

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