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By Oscar Y. Harward

How blinding for Democrat Party leaders, other anti-Americans followers, ‘Main-steam’ Medias, and/or others who continue supporting additional Islamic immigration, their Quran, Sharia Law, and other anti-Christian teachings?   

Many left-wing teachings and other anti-Judeo-Christian instructions start from within the Department of Education.

Islamic Muslims’ doctrines consistently persist they will take over the world; destroying and killing Americans, Israelis, and other members of the Judeo-Christian communities.

It has become strenuous for ‘Main-steam’ Medias to ever identify these killers as Islamic Muslims.

Free loving Americans are enraged of seeing and hearing the beheading massacres created by Islamic Muslims; all around the world.  Democrat Party leaders and ‘Main-steam’ Medias report these atrocious crimes as rare radical Muslims.

The facts will prove differently:

America and the free world are at war with Islamic Muslims; and have been for hundreds of years.  Democrat leaders may be lining their own pockets with Islamic oil-rich nations’ money.

Democrat Party leaders and many members of the ‘Mail-stream’ Medias knowingly support terrorists with their words.  It is a matter of time before Islamic Muslims’ terrorisms arrival on (y)our streets and communities.

Those who depend on ‘Mail-stream’ Medias may be teaching more anti-Americans by reporting left-wing news versions, rather than Constitutional freedoms.    President Trump, and Capitol Hill’s GOP legislators are attempting to reverse these anti-American actions.

Supporters of the Democrat Party, ‘Main-steam’ Medias, and others in refusing to openly condemn Islamic Muslim terrorism, are supporting violence in the USA.

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Illegal immigrants seem to care for nothing other than they want to stay in  America; even as ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrants.

When I identify an ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrant, I am saying you are ‘ILLEGAL’ when you are not a citizen of the USA,  do not hold a ‘legal’ Green Card, etc.

When an ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrant comes to America, the first activity is to ‘PURCHASE OR STEAL’ an identity for his/her to stay. This identity will likely be a ‘FORGED’ Social Security, Driver’s License, and/or any other personal identity.  That acceptance and use of the ‘illegal’ document makes the ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrant a ‘CRIMINAL’.

Next for  ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrants may likely be seeking government assistance of government welfare programs to provide these ‘illegals’ with a comfortable home including ‘all’ utilities, food for his/her/their daily meals, all healthcare to include doctor visits, hospitalization, and prescribed drugs for the entire family.  We must not forget to add adequate money for cigarette, beer, miscellaneous money, and perhaps, illegal drugs.  Oh, what a deal!  For many, it is a free ride; at the cost of American taxpayers.

News reports reveal  that ‘Immigration’ legislation cost ‘Trillions of dollars’ to our already $19 Trillion of National Debt.

Americans must come first; before ‘illegals’ get ‘anything’.  Americans welcome ‘Legal immigration’, but oppose ‘Illegal immigration’. 

‘Illegal immigration’ is not broken.  Do not swallow that ‘claim’ from anyone.  President Obama, Capitol Hill Democrats, and a few RINO Republicans are willing to giveaway anything and everything to ‘illegals’ in turn for a political ‘vote’.  Democrat registration will flourish from another legislated form of hidden ‘Amnesty’ while Republican registration will decline.

And, American citizens, legal immigrants, or illegal immigrants must not forget the more than 600,000 Americans who have given their lives in protecting our USA, our Constitution, and our American flag; and millions of Americans have serve our precious nation in protecting our nation.

Do now allow ‘ILLEGAL’ immigrants, left-wing, give-away Democrats, the ‘Main-stream’ Medias. etc. to alter your mind allowing more of an ‘ILLEGAL’ invasion to damage of destroy our USA.

America was built on, by, and for ‘legal’ immigrants; not by unknown ‘illegal’ invasion.  

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Below is an edited personal Op Ed first published on March 31, 2008.

Can Americans appeal on the 'Main-stream' Medias to read and understand the reasoning of our Founding Fathers’ wisdom installing the Electoral College in the US Constitution?

By Oscar Y. Harward


America, please listen carefully! Do not allow any of our elected politicians on Capitol Hill or anywhere else in America to tamper with and/or destroy our Electoral College as our process of electing our President and Vice President of our United States. Our current electoral process is sacred. Our Electoral System is not broken, or for that matter, not even stretched, except for those who may hate America and choose to break our Electoral College system and/or our Democratic Republic system of government.


There are some elected left-wing Liberals on Capitol Hill who are now starting the process to introduce and ratify legislation of eliminating the Electoral College process and of altering our election of our President and Vice President of our United States. Unfortunately, there are a few elected left-wing radicals who hate America and desire to destroy our Democratic Republic system of government. Recent reports now show three (3) Congressmen visited Iraq in October, 2002, at the request and expense of now deposed, convicted of war crimes, and executed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. What would George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, James McHenry, James Madison, or James Wilson, the Electoral College presenter, or so many others say to these current members in Congress and/or these currently proposed changes to our US Constitution and its’ potential corruptive changes? What about John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Rush, Samuel Adams, John Adams, or any of our other authors? God Bless our forefathers’ leadership, their insights, their Wisdoms!


It is for certain our forefather authors of our US Constitution discussed the ideas of voters’ corruption and other corrupt ideas which could lead to a near never ending of counting and/or recounting votes for the President and Vice President. Over the years, we have so much history of alleged voter fraud.


Under our current Electoral College, voter fraud usually can he dealt with in a local precinct, local county, or at worst, in a single state, rather than by so many multiple precincts, counties, and/or states. Eliminating the Electoral College and changing to a total plurality vote could throw the electing of our President and Vice President into an election chaos all throughout America. The Electoral College nearly eliminates multiple corrupt precincts, counties, and/or states from perhaps, changing the final entire election results for President and Vice President of the United States after an extended term in our State and Federal Judiciary.


Our founding fathers had the wisdom to foresee the importance of an Electoral College system which may prevent corruption from destroying the entire election process in the Executive Branch as the President and Vice President of our United States.


Our forefathers set up the Electoral College system to give each state representation based for one vote for each of the two US Senators and one vote for each of its respective members of the US House of Representatives (Congress), based on their population in their respective states.


In general, for example, if there were a 304,000,000 population within the US, and with our current fifty (50) States, each state would be allocated two (2) votes as each of our fifty (50) states have two (2) US Senators. One (1) vote for each 698,851 population persons will equally represent one (1) representative for each of our 435 members of the Congress.


With the exception of Maine and Nebraska, Electoral College votes are, by each voting state, winner take all. In Maine and Nebraska, the winning candidates as President and Vice President get the two (2) Electoral College votes as US Senators, and as each of their respective state’s total vote. Each Congressional District Electoral College vote is given to the Presidential/Vice Presidential candidate winning their respective Congressional District total votes.


Wyoming, the lowest in population (estimated at some 568,000), is the exception as each state has at least one (1) member vote in the US Congress. California is the largest in population with an estimated 36,500,000 people and which has 53 members in the US Congress.


Under a new system of electing the President and Vice President, based on a total majority votes system all over the United States, could lead to perhaps the smallest community in the US, by a very small amount of fraud, lead to corruption which may lead to counting and/or recounting votes in each and every precinct, in each and every county, and in each and every state, just to substantiate the official results.


Changes in eliminating the Electoral College for local corruption may not even change any local, district, and/or state elections; only the election for President and Vice President of the United States. The States’ and the Federal Judiciary could become overwhelmed with a newer election process. We do not need any additional legal fights throughout our entire stretched out Judicial system all over America!


The Electoral College process for electing our President and Vice President of our United States must be protected for our free Democratic Republic system of government. History proves our electoral system is unquestionably the very best.


For all who would choose to destroy our Electoral College process of electing our US President and Vice President, “JUST SAY NO”! Those who force their efforts to change our Electoral College should and must be replaced, themselves, by election.


Our Electoral College has worked exceptionally well for more than two hundred (200) years. There is no need to enter into more additional voters’ corruption. Capitol Hill representatives already have more than their own share of corruption on Capitol Hill. Changing the Electoral College is equivalent to initiating a political earthquake, a hurricane, and/or a tornado combined while Americans lose their individual voting freedoms. We must save America and our Electoral College.


God Bless America!

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By Oscar Y. Harward


‘Freedom of the Press’ is a ‘Right’ giving Medias openness in preventing a tyrannical federal government from destroying our freedoms; not is co-opting and directing a left-wing political party.


There are many references in recent years where impious worms within the ‘Main-stream’ Medias have exposed themselves; coming out of their own decays; rather than exposing corruption(s) within our government.


The more current exposure is now showing as ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos displays his political partisanship by donating $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation but failing to report this ‘partisan’ gift even to his ABC bosses or anyone else.


Stephanopoulos continues his support of Democrat Party’s Presidential candidate and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, who most likely violated US Code multiple times; time will tell.  Stephanopoulos chastises Republicans and others for questioning Hillary’s ‘quid pro quo’.  Stephanopoulos says Hillary Clinton did not violate any laws. 


What is worse within Stephanopoulos’s hidden support of the Clintons, Stephanopoulos sought to moderate the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary debates; even though he shows his dislike for Republicans.  With Stephanopoulos as Moderator, he may be capable in swaying American voters to his own left-wing schemas.


For these reasons, George Stephanopoulos must be removed and fired.

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Protect our America and its’ TRUTHS


By Oscar Y. Harward


While I fully support our US Constitution including the First Amendment, God-loving Americans who fully support our US Constitution that is based on Christian values and freedoms needs a very ‘solid case’ in the Federal Judiciary that will open the facts that many in our ‘main-stream’ Medias are hiding behind the First Amendment; rather than reporting these TRUTHS.  


Most ‘main-stream’ Medias are not providing Americans and the world the ‘TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH’ on the issues of the day.  Therefore, these left-wing reporters and their organizations are not or should not be protected under (y)our First Amendment ‘rights’. 


‘Main-stream’ Medias’ Reporters and their anti-Constitutional organizations should not be protected under their untruthful reporting of the issues.


Most of these ‘main-stream’ Medias are fabricating their own ‘radical’ views when in fact these individuals and organizations know the differences.

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