Imagine that your business is like your child. Not a big stretch, is it?  What if your child were extremely ill and in need of a special procedure to save her?  You have the option of choosing a pediatrician unknown to you but are assured that he is able to perform the procedure and will do it for a lesser price, as he is not a specialist; or you may choose a seasoned surgeon who has performed the required procedure successfully thousands of times. Of course, his services will cost a bit more, but you will have the peace of mind knowing that your child is in the best, most experienced hands.

 When you choose the specialist to save your child, the tried and true option, would you be concerned that some might call you prejudice against pediatricians?  I seriously doubt it. Would you even hear them?  I rather think your focus would be on the health and continuing life of your child; which is right where your attention and concern should be.

Now, change the metaphor. Your child is your business. The pediatrician is an illegal alien, the newest recipient of amnesty, and the specialist is an established American citizen. Now that President Obama has flexed his Executive Order muscle, he wants to cram the new “pediatric work force” down your throats. Or, to put it more nicely, he expects you to jump at the chance to hire cheaper workers and ignore our American people who are in desperate need of work; those who honor our country and its laws, and want to work to improve their lives and keep our country strong. 

He certainly has set a good (?) stage for you: Obamacare has become intrusive in your business decisions, the EPA is hampering growth, and taxes are prohibitive. Add to that the progressives’ widespread attitude, their incessant name-calling and finger-pointing at those who don’t readily accept the President’s demands. In addition, we are now dealing with an incendiary condition in the racial/social justice arena where nerves are raw and the White House is fanning the flames via Al Sharpton and Eric Holder.

For those of you who DID build your company, I implore you to follow the American Dream by hiring (LEGAL) American. Initially it may cut into your bottom line just a bit, but you will be contributing to the strength of our way of life as well as preserving our God-given right to pursue our happiness. You are now in control of your destiny, as you have always been. To the extent you are able, ignore the “discrimination” slings and arrows you will suffer from the current administration; resist the “hire-an-immigrant-incentives” that inevitably will be waved under your nose.

You may not wear camouflage to work, but have no doubt that you are now our homeland’s front line of defense in America’s fight to survive. We consumers will be here to support you.

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  • I am sure God has already blessed her.  Thank you for your comment.

  • My wife is Fillipino, and came to this country the correct way. she was selling at a craft

    show last week and said something that should really hit America. THIS FABRIC WAS MADE IN THE USA.GOD BLESS HER.

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