Black Actress Supports Romney: Welcome Home Sista!

4063597818?profile=originalIt was so refreshing to hear that black actress Stacey Dash is supporting Mitt Romney for president. I sent a tweet thanking Ms Dash for not allowing the brain dead racists on the Left to intimidate her.

I have about had it with the arrogant bullies on the Left. Who died and gave them authority to decide who is a racist? The Left believes they have the ultimate card to trump any and all opposition to their master plan to implement a Socialistic/Progressive anti-American agenda. We who love America have had it with the Left's, if-you-disapprove-of-the-direction-Obama-is-taking-our-country, you're a racist nonsense. The reality is anyone who votes for Barack Obama is stuck on stupid, a lazy loser or a racist.

These emotion driven idiot and loser Obama supporters can not tell me one Obama policy that has moved America “forward” in a positive way. A client of the recording studio at my arts center is a school teacher. She has an “Obama 2012” bumper sticker on her car.

Folks, I am a polite man, a gentleman. Thus, I would never say this to her face. But in my mind, I am saying, “You idiot! It is frightening that you are teaching our kids. Name one thing Obama has implemented that we need four more years of?” In typical liberal emotion driven brain dead fashion, this white woman thinks she is intellectually superior and sophisticated because she is voting for the victimized African-American. Gag me!

So when these arrogant racist idiots attempt to bully anyone who does not support keeping their black empty suit in the White House, it really gets my goat.

OK, OK, I will calm down. Think happy thoughts Lloyd. Romney and Ryan in the White House! Romney and Ryan in the White House! Hey, it worked. I feel much, much better now.

Stacey Dash, welcome to the right side, Sista. Folks, over here do not talk down to you, suggest that standards be lowered for you or treat you like an idiot who can not find her way to acquire a photo ID.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  • Great post Lloyd. You know i went to a Tea Party rally around the Atlanta area. Much to my surprise there quite a few black people in attendance. No one talked bad about them. They were just as well recieved as any white people there. I even introduced myself and spoke to some of them. They were there for the same reasons that any other person was there for. They were worried about the fate of their nation, just as i was. Its unbelievable that some will vote for Obama just b/c hes black. This is their nation as much as it is anyone elses. If Allen West, J C Watts or Herman Cain were running against Bill Clinton years ago, I would have NO problem Voting for any of them. I hope some will realize that the future of the country trumps skin color.

  • It;s ashame a person cannot have an opinion and her skin color being mentioned time and again by the black people. who cares the skin. it;s not the color of skin but the color of your heart. this young lady  needs the repect she desrvers. these black men that are persecuting her for having an opinion are shallow disgraceful people. she has nothing to be ashamed about  but has alot to be proud of.thumbs up stacey and just keep being what you are a beautiful girl and a faithful american. proud to stand with you.

  • Sorry.  Should have included the link.

  • @ Charles S Imwold

    Agreed Charles.  Watch the documentary "Agenda".  It's all right plain sight!

  • When are we gonna stop labeling people as Black or White when they are a mix? I'm glad to hear this & not surprised at the likes of Samuel L. Jackson or any Blacker preson scolding her. When we have a Heinz 57 Dog we don't call it a_______. We call it a Mixed Breed. I don't think we should use the word Breed but I guess it's whatever race the person decides they are but why can't they just be an American. Dividing by Race is a Left-Wing Agenda. That's all.

  • Ken Bittner , What a lot of Americans fail to realize is our educational system has been taken over by socialist sense the early fifties . We were warned by Sen. Joseph Mccarthy in the early fifties that the socialist or communist as they were know back then were infiltrating our government and our educational system but we thought he was nuts . Little did we know Sen. Mccarthy knew what he was talking about . 

  • You're so right Lloyd!

    Another one of our jobs is to make it obvious to people that the Left play with the Hearts, Minds and Souls of People.

    That the Left will do anything, including breaking Constitutional Law to drive their agenda!

    We need to continue to establish our position and send out the Message that it's the "LEFT" that is our Country's "TRUE" enemy!

    They sytematically weaken our Military, they prey on the weak to offer Big Government as an answer and they kiss the asses of our enemies to prove that America is exactly what you think of them!

    We can never allow these people to be in power again, and, it will be shame on us, if we allow it to happen!

  • Lloyd, I love your posts.

    But...who cares that she's "black"?  It makes no difference to me!

    Who cares that shes and "actress"?  I constantly wonder why "we" give her "opinion" more weight that just some guy/gal off the street?

    If anything, I would be more "suspect" of what and "actor/actress" says...just by virtue of what they are!

    I share your opinion of the school teacher with the obama sticker on her car!  My gosh!!! These peope are "teaching" our kids!!!

  • Lloyd's message, if delivered by one of Proud Unhyphenated Americans with lighter skin tone, would be be criticized as racists trying to hide their racism.    Unfortunately, most of us know that Lloyd is receiving more than his share of criticism by those who want him to toe the line of color rather than that of being an American citizen who is proud of this country.   

    My blood sister has told me that I am a racist since I am not voting for Obama.  I don't  doubt that my brother feels the same.  Funny - my brother, sister, and I are all first generation Americans who's mother spent time in Siberia as a result of Russia invading Poland before WWII.

    Lloyd - keep up the great work and essays!

  • Lloyd Marcus , Well Said . I could not have put it more succinctly . 

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