While Kerry and Obama say that using chemical weapons is unacceptable they must have forgotten their thoughts on Bush and Iraq. Saddam Hussein gassed an entire village of Kurds  which killed about 5,000 people and everything else alive in that village. Then he continued his aggression against other states and implied he had other weapons of mass destruction, although, as Mr. Kerry said this week chemical weapons are considered in that category. Biden called for Bush's impeachment, Kerry and Obama criticized Bush's war in Iraq for several reasons and yet Obama is expected to attack Syria for one of the same reasons, WMD use. Iraq invaded other nations, attempted to kill President Bush SR., interrupted oil production and supply routes, caused terrible environmental oil spills. Bush had a UN coalition of 30 plus nations and a UN mandate. 

Regardless, if you supported the Iraq action or not, my point is that Obama and his team are hypocrites. I think using  WMD now for action in Syria and criticizing Bush in the past is being hypocritical. It is terrible using chemical weapons, but anything that kills innocent civilians is also terrible. Will we police the entire world? I do think the UN and/or NATO should do something to punish the use of Chemical weapons and we are a part of those groups. Maybe Biden, Kerry and Obama should have  thought glass houses before they all stoned Bush? But then, if they did I guess they would not be politicians.

I wonder, if Hillary would just say, " What difference does it make".

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  • Maybe we could reduce military aid to Afghanistan ,e. g, stop the purchase of Russian helicopters for the Afghanistan army, stop the Nine billion used for ethanol production, Stop the TWO billion being spent on border security FOR MEXICO"S SOUTHERN BORDER, cut down a tiny amount of the vacations, Whitehouse parties and overseas Presidential trips, maybe ask Egypt to pay partially for the F16's and two hundred M1 tanks, keep part of the billions in aid sent or being sent to Pakistan, cut back on the billions in the Departments of EPA, Education or Energy budgets and just give some States block grants. The EPA and Energy departments are not that old, so what did we do before they existed? Just saying.  

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