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Trump And Code Pink: Perfect Together

Trump and Code Pink: Perfect Together

Politics makes strange bedfellows, as the saying goes, but maybe it’s not so strange that the anti-war loony left group Code Pink praised Donald Trump’s embrace of their “Bush Lied, People Died” mantra in the South Carolina debate. Trump’s comments that President George W. Bush deliberately sent Americans to their deaths based on a lie and knew 9/11 was coming and did nothing fits Code Pink’s alternate universe. Trump’s character assassination of the last Republican President should disqualify him from being the next one.

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Paris – The Final Alarm Has Sounded

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots

The horrific nature of the events, as they unfolded in Paris a couple of nights ago, havehell-1.jpg?width=202 shed the glaring light of truth on the absurdity under which we live. The real questions are these…at what point will we finally open our eyes and how much of this must be endured before we wake the hell up?

Islamic terrorist attack after Islamic terrorist attack takes place. They take place in our country, in France, in Spain, in England, in Bali and around the globe and for a few, brief moments, we open one eye, decry the acts and then…then we roll over and go back to sleep.

Yes…we have fought wars but it is how we have been forced to fight those wars that raise more questions then they answer.

We have the strongest military on earth but…

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It’s IGNORANT to equate ISLAM…with TERROR?

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

ia-1.jpg?width=230“So part of our job, together, is to work to reject such extremism that infects too many of our young people. Part of that effort must be a continued rejection by Muslims of those who distort Islam to preach intolerance and promote violence, and it must also involve a rejection by non-Muslims of the ignorance that equates Islam with terror.”

Those were Obama’s words at the United Nations (of thugs, thieves and despots) just a couple of days ago. He stood up there, just like he did a couple of years ago when he said that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” and said that non-Muslims must reject the IGNORANCE that equates Islam with terror.

It’s IGNORANT to equate ISLAM…with TERROR?

Oh really?


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John Kerry Said He Wishes WHAT???

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

ker-1.jpg?width=236Considering some of the treasonous utterances spewed forth by our current Secretary of the State of Denial…one John Swiftboat Kerry, friend to the North Vietnamese while others wearing the same uniform as Kerry were fighting, being held as prisoners of war, tortured and dying…

I’m not really sure what to say regarding his reported latest pie-hole emanations.

Oh wait…yes I am..

It was reported last Friday, by Ayatollah Alam al-Hoda during an ass in the air and forehead on the floor session in Iran, that during the “negotiations” over just how Kerry would concede on each and every point and allow Iran to have unfettered capability to build a nuclear arsenal, Kerry told his counterpart…that he wished…”the U.S. had a leader like Iran’s supreme leader.”


Before you all go getting mad at Kerry…for the wrong reasons…allow me to point out a few things…


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By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

isl-1.jpg?width=257Last week, Islamic terrorists…ISLAMIC TERRORISTS…stormed a university in Kenya and barbarically MURDERED 147 Christians…CHRISTIANS. According to Collins Wetangula, the Student Union Vice Chairman…“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot.”

Other reports stated clearly that the gunmen were asking everybody to quote from the Quran. Those that could were allowed to live…those who couldn’t…were murdered.

The group responsible for the murders was al-Shabaab.

Translated…al-Shabaab means the Youth…in Arabic and the terrorist group is a radical ISLAMIST wing of the Union of ISLAMIC Courts from Somalia that also enlists ISLAMIC JIHADISTS from neighboring countries…the UK and the U.S. to make up it’s nearly 9000 members.

This is the exact same ISLAMIC TERRORIST group that, only 2 years ago, staged an attack in the Westgate shopping center in Nairobi that left 68 dead and in that attack, just like the one last week on the campus of Kenya’s Garissa University…reciting verses from the Quran was the key. Those who could…lived while those who couldn’t…died.

CLEARLY…al- Shabaab is an ISLAMIC terrorist group and just as clearly…their aim is to kill CHRISTIANS which takes us to last week’s statement from the Islamist in the White House regarding the massacre at Garissa University…


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Oh My...Mullah Obama Seems Miffed

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

And SO now we know some very important information regarding Netanyahu’s speech esp-1.jpg?width=251before the joint session of congress.

He was spot on correct in his assessment of the ‘deal’ Obama has been humping for with Iran and the Obama regime has ADMITTED it.

According to the Obama regime…Israel listened in on the secret meetings. They SPIED and they spoke with confidential informants to garner even MORE information regarding those talks. Damn good for Israel.

According to sources, it wasn’t the spying that pissed off the Obama regime…no…it was that Netahyahu delivered a good bit OF that information to congress. THAT’S what has the dictator in a tizzy because the info delivered by Bibi didn’t match up with the information delivered by Obama to members of congress.

Said one senior Obama regime official…“It is one thing for the US and Israel to spy on each other. It is another thing for Israel to steal US secrets and play them back to US legislators to undermine US diplomacy.”

For their part, Israel denies they engaged in any such spying saying, “These allegations are utterly false. The state of Israel does not conduct espionage against the United States or Israel’s other allies.”

Doesn’t mean they didn’t poke around a bit…or a lot…to get the needed information and after all…the Obama regime DID spy on Israel so…


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By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

HARF-1.jpg?width=226You didn’t really think I was going to let this pass did you?

According to Marie Harf and in regard to how to stop ISIS…

“We’re killing a lot of them and we’re going to keep killing more of them. So are the Egyptians, so are the Jordanians. They’re in this fight with us. But we cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs…”

We cannot kill our way out of this war???


According to Harf…an Obama regime mouthpiece of extreme vapidity…we need to identify the…what was it she called it again? Oh yes…the ROOT CAUSES that leads people to join these groups…whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs…”We can work with countries around the world to help improve their governance. We can help them build their economies so they can have job opportunities for these people…”

Well, I must admit…the notion that we can stop ISIS, al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban and any number of other barbaric Islamist factions with a JOBS FAIR has never occurred to me.

How about YOU?

They’re all pissed and killing everybody via burning them to death, beheading them, crucifying them, stoning them and whatever else 7th century barbarians do to end human life because…


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False Prophets With Worms in Their Mouths

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

During the National Prayer Breakfast a few weeks ago, Obama singled out Christianity as chr-1.jpg?width=250he tried to justify his ideology’s barbaric actions saying, “Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place. Remember that during the Crusades and Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

Last September, regarding ISIS…Obama had this inane statement to share:

“Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL (ISLAMIC State of Iraq and the Levant) is not Islamic…”

He was trying like hell to separate his Islamic ideology from Islam itself and if he thought he was fooling anyone, he was sadly mistaken as ISLAMIC is right there in their name.

Over the weekend, ISIS or as he is so very fond of calling those barbaric bastards…ISIL so as to send the message that he agrees with them that Israel should not exist…executed 21 men from Egypt whose only crime, in the hearts and minds of those whose hearts and minds cannot be won…was being Coptic Christians.

They marched them down to the water’s edge with their hands tied behind them, forced them to their knees, then face down in the sand and as is their ideology’s custom, as prescribed in the manifesto called the Quran…they cut off their heads.

And what, exactly did Obama have to say about THAT???



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Kayla Mueller's ISIS Assisted Suicide

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

kay-1.jpg?width=293Oh…Poor Kayla Mueller.

 An American…held captive by ISIS and now…dead at the age of 26.  Poor…POOR…Kayla Mueller.

We have been told that she died in a Jordanian bombing of an ISIS position. The Islamic terrorists sent photos of what was left of her to her hopeful parents and they confirmed that their daughter…poor Kayla Mueller was indeed…dead.

The mainstream media and even some Conservative leaning media organizations made her untimely and…tragic death…their front page news.


I just can’t bring myself to well up even a single crocodile tear for Kayla Mueller.

If you think she was killed in some Jordanian bombing of an ISIS position…might I suggest you put down the Kool Aid and take a sip of reality instead. ISIS most likely killed Mueller long before those bombings ever took place and we’ll most likely never know exactly how or when she died because ISIS was just looking for and taking advantage OF a crisis.

Never let a crisis go to waste…right?

And since nobody else seems to want to put a realistic cause of death tag on Kay;e Mueller…allow me to step up with THIS dose of reality…


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Brady's Balls Pale by Comparison

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

top-1.jpg?width=163Okay…I was out for a few days last week and am slowly regaining the strength necessary to take on ass hats as a matter of daily routine but I feel the need to tie up a few loose ends so…let me just see if I have this all straight in my head.

ISIS is still beheading anybody who doesn’t take up with them and massacring all who hold to any ACTUAL RELIGION over their pedophile prophet’s ideology of hate and genocide. This week, they burned a man alive and broadcast it.

Is that about correct?

Iran is still in the process of becoming he first 7th century barbaric country on earth to have THE most deadly 21st century weapon and a delivery system capable of reaching halfway around the globe…the nuke and the ICBM and now, more than a dozen petulant 6 year old liberal members of congress say they will NOT be in the chamber when Netanyahu speaks in March.

Is THAT about correct?

Obama, who WON’T meet with Netanyahu because protocol says it’s too close to the Israeli election IS sending a five person staff, including HIS 2012 field campaign manager, Jeremy Bird, to Israel to…run the anti-Netahyahu campaign run the campaign “out of offices taking up the ground floor of a Tel Aviv office building,” according to Haaretz reporter Roi Arad because…that DOESN’T break protocol.

Do I have THAT about right?



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Dear Michael Moore – A Letter to an Idiot

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

BAG-1.jpg?width=259Michael Moore,

A couple of weeks ago, on January 20th, I published an article, American Sniper, Chris Kyle and Liberal Loathing in which I had the following to say about you:

“Then…there is the slob, Michael Moore who, over the weekend crawled out from under some rock and tweeted…”

“Moore just can’t wrap his head around Chris Kyle’s morality. Moore just can’t accept that there are people in our military like Kyle who are not driven by a thirst for blood but compelled to do a job they find horrific to protect his fellow soldiers.”

“Michael Moore’s loathing of America and our military is only equaled by his self-loathing as the ever so courageous Moore pats himself on the back for calling out a deceased hero who will never be able to challenge the accusation as a coward while he makes heroes of 7th century barbarians.”

YOU, in return, have now had THIS to say about ME…and although you didn’t mention me by name, I accept the mantel:


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By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

char-1.jpg?width=269Yesterday, in Paris, an act of such barbarism as to stun even the most hardened cynic took place when gunmen, Islamic terrorists wearing ski masks, stormed in to the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine known for its lampooning of Islam and assassinated at least 12 people including two police officers and ten staff members.

The damn cowards didn’t even have the courage to show their faces.

Among the dead were cartoonists who had, over the years, lent their talents to the magazine’s pages and covers to use absurdity to combat barbarianism.


That’s what all of this was over.


Islam, an ideology so peaceful that it can’t stomach a few cartoons or a parody of its warped and barbaric agenda.

Islam’s ideology can issue fatwas, enact Jihad and demand the genocide of any and all who don’t accept their 7th century, pedophile leaders commands but…


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Obama Ignored Islamic State Intelligence For A Year

Thu, Sep 04 2014 00:00:00 E A14_ISSUES

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The Muslim world has been without a Caliph and Commander of the Faithful for ninety years, and now the new fundamentalist Islamic entity in Iraq and Syria known as the Islamic State has put forth a pretender to claim the title. At the age of 43, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi burst upon the national scene as the operational and political leader of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ), and now is the new spiritual leader of the newly proclaimed Islamic State.

Armed with a Ph.D. in Islamic studies, Abu Bakr was a cleric at the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal Mosque in Samarra at the time of the US invasion of Iraq, He joined the Mujahideen Shura Council  (associated with Al Qaeda in Iraq and later to morph into ISIS) and battled US forces. As the Iraqi war continued, he rose through the ranks of Islamic militants and became the leader of ISIS in May of 2010. ISIS is considered an al Qaeda offshoot and a spawn of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's Islamic State of Iraq (ISI). It even runs a "Zarqawi Camp" training center on the outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus named in his honor.

A caliphate was proclaimed on June 29, 2014 and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—now known as Amir al-Mu'minin Caliph Ibrahim—was named as its caliph. At the same time ISIS was renamed the Islamic State.

In a remarkable fashion, Abu Bakr has transformed a few shattered Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq terror cells who were on the verge of extinction into the fastest growing, wildly successful, and most dangerous militant group in the world. ISIS mutated and grew exponentially during the ongoing civil war in Syria as well as in the security vacuum that followed the departure of American forces from Iraq. In 2013 it absorbed  the Syrian opposition group Jabhat al-Nusra and added thousands of battle hardened fighters to its ranks. In 2014 Abu Bakr formerly broke ISIS away from Al-Qaeda to follow his own path and seek his own destiny on the world stage.


ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Calls to Wage Jihad, Says: Becoming a Caliph Is a Heavy Responsibility

Now Abu Bakr has hundreds of millions of dollars in his war chest, captured a vast horde of modern arms and ammunition of American origin from the collapsing Iraqi army, and has been reinforced by thousands of Jihadists from around the world eagerly traveling to join his Islamic State caliphate and fight a holy war. The newly self-anointed caliph seeks to follow in the footsteps of Muhammad himself and convert and conquer the world for Islam by the edge of the sword.

The eery truth, which few acknowledge and understand, is that Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and similar groups are following a purer form of Islam than many other Muslims. What Abu Bakr teaches, the tactics his army practices, and the reasons for the wars he now wages is far closer to the true teachings and actions of Muhammad and original Islam than most are ready to admit. Yet, such a statement is historically accurate.

ISIS has had tremendous success in attracting foreigners to its ranks with thousands flowing in from all over the world to join the fight. Its membership requirements are minimal and most foreign recruits are even allowed to fight in single nation battalions. It has become a recipe for success. This new conflict is just getting started and I suggest that you educate yourself on the new face of the old enemy the West and all civilized peoples are facing.

Currently, ISIS fields the most impressive and fanatical army in the Middle East and Abu Bakr has wielded it with great success. In just a few months of offensive operations it routed the Iraqi army, killed tens of thousands of its enemies, forced hundreds of thousands to flee before them, conquered vast swaths of territory, embarrassed the famed Kurdish Peshmerga, attracted tens of thousands of new recruits, and captured the attention of the world. Sheer will and ferociousness, a much deserved reputation for brutality, strategic alliances, and shrewd battlefield tactics have been a winning combination for Abu Bakr and his men. Creative tactics, recent atrocities, and battlefield successes have allowed him to redraw the map of the Middle East and probably drag the United States and its allies into a new war (or a new chapter of the old one if you prefer).

Osama bin Laden is dead and gone and Al-Qaeda is just a pale shadow of its former self. But a new bin Laden and a new terrorist army has arisen from chaos and conflict to take its place, carry on the vision of ruthless Jihad against the infidel, and proclaim the re-establishment of the caliphate.

Abu Bakr's five year plan for his Islamic State

ISIS is on the march

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West Point Report: Obama Watched Islamic State Grow

Fri, Aug 29 2014 00:00:00 E A14_ISSUES

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During the next three months the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, estimates that the US Treasury will be defrauded $14 to $16 billion by tax frauds.  Each tax season 30 million tax filers (not taxpayers) share in a $60 billion dollar money pie called Earned Income Tax Credit.  What started out in 1975 as an admirable idea and expanded by Ronald Reagan to assist low-income parents has morphed into a gigantic fraud that threatens the safety of ALL Americans courtesy of the incompetency within the walls of the Internal Revenue Service.

Sincere Apology to Military Families

Before beginning my discussion I want to apologize to military families, relatives and friends that have suffered losses in the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars.  My purpose isn’t to bring pain to those who have lost loved ones but rather to: Stop the Madness called the Internal Revenue Service.

How The IRS Is Defrauded

Jane Doe (mother of two) claims $14,420 income from an imaginary cleaning business on her tax return.  Since Jane doesn't have a business, she doesn’t need to purchase any brooms, dust pans, cleaning supplies or mops.  For Jane’s efforts, she qualifies for federal tax credits of $6,900. Before the US Treasury deposits a tax refund of $4,900 into her bank account, they make a deposit into Jane Doe’s social security retirement account for $2,000.  From start to finish, Jane can complete her phantom tax return using phantom income in 15 minutes

IRS Sent $46 Million in Tax Refunds to a Single Atlanta Address

Forrest Gump memorialized the line “I’m Not a Smart Man”.  I think it’s safe to say that even Forrest Gump would agree that issuing 23,994 tax refunds totaling $46 million to unauthorized alien workers  isn’t very smart.  Forrest wasn’t aware how accurate the phrase “Mama always said stupid is as stupid does” would apply when describing the IRS.

$5,000 Cash Refund or 10 IED’s

The IRS should consider offering EITC tax frauds the choice of receiving $5,000 cash or 10 IED's (improvised explosive devices).  Terrorists shouldn't have to be burdened (tongue-in-cheek) with going to the bank and having to negotiate the purchase of IED’s.  If terrorists are responsible for only ½ of 1% of the estimated 8 million fraudulent EITC tax returns, it represents tax fraud of $200 million.  The internet shows the average cost of an IED is $500.  Stated another way, the US Treasury may be responsible for annually funding 400,000 IED’s

Potential Terrorist Tax Refund Fraud

Est. Fraudulent Earned Income Tax Frauds


Est. American Terrorists for Every 100 Tax Frauds


Est. American Terrorist EITC Frauds


X Average EITC Cash Refund


Est. Cash Paid to Terrorists


60% of Iraq War Casualties Caused by IED’s

The Washington Post reported that 60% of US combat casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan were the result of improvised explosive devices.  That means that approximately 2,000 troops have been killed and another 20,000 wounded by IED’s.

US Citizens Indicted for Selling Approx. 20,000 Computers to Iran

The Department of Justice indicted two Dallas businessmen for selling $12 million in computers to Iran. (  In addition the DOJ charged a pair of California individuals for selling $5 million in computer equipment to Iran.

Leading al Qaeda Members Based in Iran

CNN reported the 9/11 Commission found that of the 19 hijackers, "8 to 10 of the 14 Saudi "muscle" operatives traveled into or out of Iran between October 2000 and February 2001."  According to reporter Peter Bergen, Iran has been a safe haven to al Qaeda for over ten years.

Tax Fraud Technology Monitored by France and Germany

I issued a press release entitled "Tax Technology Would Save IRS $3.7 Billion in Next 60 Days".  The article had 881 readers.  This included 75 from the counties of France and Germany.  Why would those countries be so interested in learning about EITC tax fraud technology in the United States?

Why is the IRS Afraid to Use FREE Technology to Protect Troops?

The Supreme Court has said that if you willfully defraud the US government by filing false tax returns you can be deported. One year ago I offered to test 30 million EITC tax returns in 30 minutes…   for FREE.  The IRS said they couldn’t accept my offer unless I resubmitted my entire proposal.  Since tax season was commencing the following month, there wasn’t any chance that the IRS would have approved my “free offer” in order to save taxpayers $3.7 billion.

Tea Party Scandal is Small Potatoes Compared to Massive IRS Corruption

During the last year the IRS:  1) lied about conducting $3 billion tax fraud investigation, 2) broke business promises, 3) violated federal laws, 4) was caught in a sting operation that proved IRS was taking credit for conducting phantom investigations, 5) snubbed Congressional inquiries, 6) was guilty of conversion when government workers cashed paychecks for work never performed and 7) committed honest services fraud (federal felony) by failing to provide the public with the intangible right of honest service.  I asked the US Department of Justice Tax Division for help to investigate potential felonies committed by IRS employees. They responded eight months later and stated that the DOJ “lacks jurisdiction over the alleged offenses”.  As long as the fox is in charge of the hen house, the farmer will never find out the truth about his missing chickens or an explanation on why the fox has feathers coming out of his mouth.

Congress Needs to Connect the Dots to Terrorism

Back in 1980 when I filed my tax return it wasn’t unusual to wait 8 weeks for a refund in the mail.  Technological advancements allow folks to receive their refunds in 7 to 10 days.  I suspect a huge number of tax frauds need to pay off their Christmas charges.  Why does getting money in the pockets of Black Friday shoppers take precedence over American troops?  The IRS has morphed into the largest fraudulent legal entity in the United States.  I estimate that of the $250 billion paid in tax refunds during the next three months $50 billion will be placed in the hands of tax frauds, career criminals and world terrorist.   

Time for National Sales Tax to Protect Americans

I’m one of the few people in the US that can play the IRS fraud card and back it up.  My dealings with the IRS over the last three years can be summed up with 5 words: powerful, manipulative, dangerous, incompetent and unlawful.  I’ve been a CPA for over 30 years and I’m Certified in Financial Forensics.  I’ve accumulated irrefutable evidence that the IRS is committing felonies. The recent Congressional hearings haven’t accomplished anything.  The Tea Party needs to use its power and influence and demand Congress dismantle the IRS because their severe level of incompetency threatens the safety of American troops and safety of ALL US citizens.  Let’s get Congress working on a national sales tax that would take the place of filing a tax return for anyone earning less than $250,000/yr.  This would accomplish four things: 1) allow everyone to pay their fair share, 2) prevent US Treasury from being defrauded $50 billion, 3) reduce the IRS workforce from 100,000 to 10,000 and 4) allow military parents the peace of mind knowing that the IRS isn’t funding weapons that could be used to kill their children.

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4063359777?profile=originalNote:  Mr. George Soros is one of the most powerful men on earth. Since 1979, Soros’ foundation network—whose flagship is the Open Society Institute (OSI) -- has dispensed more than $5 billion to a multitude of organizations whose objectives are consistent with those of Soros. With assets of $1.93 billion as of 2008, OSI alone donates scores of millions of dollars annually to these various groups. Following are Soros’ agendas relating to our armed forces that are advanced by groups that Soros and OSI support financially-You Decide:


I.  Organizations that depict virtually all American military actions as unwarranted and immoral:

  • Amnesty International: In 2005, this group’s then-executive director William Schulz alleged that the United States had become “a leading purveyor and practitioner” of torture. Irene Khan, who charged that the Guantanamo Bay detention center, where the U.S. was housing several hundred captured terror suspects, “has become the gulag of our time.” Schulz’s remarks were echoed by Amnesty’s then-secretary general
  • Global Exchange was founded by Medea Benjamin, a pro-Castro radical who helped establish a project known as Iraq Occupation Watch for the purpose of encouraging widespread desertion by “conscientious objectors” in the U.S. military. In December 2004, Benjamin announced that Global Exchange would be sending aid to the families of terrorist insurgents who were fighting American troops in Iraq.

II. Organizations that advocate America’s unilateral disarmament and/or a steep reduction in its military spending:

  • The American Friends Service Committee, which views America as the world’s chief source of international strife, has long had a friendly relationship with the Communist Party USALamenting that “the United States spends 59% of the discretionary federal budget on military-related expenses,” the Committee seeks to “realig[n] national spending priorities and to increase the portion of the budget that is spent on housing, quality education for all, medical care, and fair wages.” In 2000, George Soros himself was a signatory to a letter titled “Appeal for Responsible Security” that appeared in The New York Times. The letter called upon the U.S. government “to commit itself unequivocally to negotiate the worldwide reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons,” and to participate in “the global de-alerting of nuclear weapons and deep reduction of nuclear stockpiles.”


Guide To The George Soros Network: A Guide to The Political Left!-Posted on

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following eye opening article and/or blog post reveals a George Soros funded unincorporated association by the name of “Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG)”, which was established in 1999 and consists of more than 50 private and public foundations that give a portion of their $27 billion in combined assets to leftist organizations that undermine the war on terror in several interrelated ways: (a) by characterizing the United States as an evil, militaristic, oppressive nation that exploits vulverable populations all over the globe; (b) by accusing the U.S. of having provoked, through its unjust policies and actions, the terror attacks against it, and consequently casting those attacks as self-defensive measures taken in response to American transgressions; and (c) by depicting America’s military and legislative actions against terror as unjustified, extreme, and immoral-You Decide: 


Funding the War Against the War on Terror!-Posted on John Perazzo –On October 6, 2006:

4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following videos seem extremely appropriate today:


Give Me Back My America!


We Want Our Country Back!


The Fightin Side of Me!

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog posts, please copy website and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide.

“Food For Thought”


God Bless the U.S.A.!

Semper Fi!


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While Kerry and Obama say that using chemical weapons is unacceptable they must have forgotten their thoughts on Bush and Iraq. Saddam Hussein gassed an entire village of Kurds  which killed about 5,000 people and everything else alive in that village. Then he continued his aggression against other states and implied he had other weapons of mass destruction, although, as Mr. Kerry said this week chemical weapons are considered in that category. Biden called for Bush's impeachment, Kerry and Obama criticized Bush's war in Iraq for several reasons and yet Obama is expected to attack Syria for one of the same reasons, WMD use. Iraq invaded other nations, attempted to kill President Bush SR., interrupted oil production and supply routes, caused terrible environmental oil spills. Bush had a UN coalition of 30 plus nations and a UN mandate. 

Regardless, if you supported the Iraq action or not, my point is that Obama and his team are hypocrites. I think using  WMD now for action in Syria and criticizing Bush in the past is being hypocritical. It is terrible using chemical weapons, but anything that kills innocent civilians is also terrible. Will we police the entire world? I do think the UN and/or NATO should do something to punish the use of Chemical weapons and we are a part of those groups. Maybe Biden, Kerry and Obama should have  thought glass houses before they all stoned Bush? But then, if they did I guess they would not be politicians.

I wonder, if Hillary would just say, " What difference does it make".

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Business Insider - Military & Defense.
Dec. 17, 2012.

[Note: Iraq's main export is Oil.
Afghanistan's main export is Opium - What are we fighting for?].


The New Mexico desert gets blistering hot, but inside the small windowless container where Brandon Bryant worked as a drone operator for the U.S. Air Force it stays a cool 63 degrees all year long.

Nicola Abé at der Spiegel spoke with Bryant, no longer in the Air Force, who relays a disturbing and tragic scene from his time inside that isolated container in the American desert.

Sixty-three finger numbing degrees and Bryant describes sitting with a group of other pilots looking at more than a dozen computer monitors. The crew are directing drones over Afghanistan 6,250 miles away and the screens jump with a two to five second delay, as infrared video sent from the UAVs whips through the air to New Mexico.

When the order to fire on a target arrives, Bryant paints the roof of a hut with the laser that will guide in a Hellfire missile released by the pilot beside him.

"These moments are like in slow motion," he says to Abé.

No doubt, because on this occasion Bryant says a child walked from behind the building at the last second. Too late for him to do anything else but ask the other pilot, "Did we just kill a kid?"

From der Spiegel:

"Yeah, I guess that was a kid," the pilot replied.

"Was that a kid?" they wrote into a chat window on the monitor.

Then, someone they didn't know answered, someone sitting in a military command center somewhere in the world who had observed their attack. "No. That was a dog," the person wrote.

They reviewed the scene on video. A dog on two legs?

The article follows another widely publicized story from the Marine Times about children killed by Americans on Afghan soil published just weeks ago. While obviously a tragedy for the victims and their families, Bryant describes the incredible toll taken on U.S. troops required to obey orders producing such dire results.

From his mother's couch in Missoula, Montana Bryant talks of his 6,000 Air Force flight hours and says he used to dream in infrared. "I saw men, women and children die during that time," he says. "I never thought I would kill that many people. In fact, I thought I couldn't kill anyone at all."

The three part article digs deeply into the life of a troubled former servicemember and the war-fighting policies that don't look to be changing anytime soon.

Read it in full here.


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Hi everyone, I'm new to joining the Tea Party Command Center! My father pointed me in the right direction to join. About 4 months ago I returned from Afghanistan after completing a 12 month combat tour. While I was there I did manage to write a book. It isn't about my combat tour in Afghanistan or anything. I wanted to do something different. I published the book on amazon for readers to download to thier e-books, computers and cell phones. I took what has been going on in the country in that last 4 years and wrote a fictional story that the liberals were not happy with. The book is availible for download on amazon. It is properly titled AN AMERICAN INSURGENCY written by me Michael Podemski. I still serve on active duty in the Army. I love my country and am sad to see it in the condition that it is in currently. My friends who have read the book told me that the senerio the book was written around scared them silly. Let me know what you think of the book and its content! Thanks's great to be home and a new member of the Tea Party! 

here is a link for my book;

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