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  • while at one time I respected Glen Beck,  I now have to use for him at all.  I do not listen to him. Turn him off.

  • @VNP: I believe the same Van. He's been bought or threatened.

  • God Bless this Marine and he is vet should be homeless or wanting in this country....

  • Glenn Beck may have been bought off, but where was everyone else 5/16/14? Was everyone bought off? See that meager but patriotic crowd with the C

  • I believe that Glenn Beck has been bought out, has been threatened/blackmailed or some combination of these things by the George Soros money machine/marxist traitor organization.  Beck will do nothing to save this country by attacking the Tea Party, the Constiutional Conservatives and patriotic Americans in general.  It is certain that the Democrat Party and the RINO elite leadership is taking this country to certain disaster.  If Beck joins them, just remember.......MONEY TALKS !!!

  • Have you gone to the Glen Beck site?  He's ridiculing this gathering just as what happened at the Bundy Ranch.  He is certainly showing where his true allegiance is, and it's not with the true Patriots.

    It is the immigrants, who show what our freedoms represent through the Bill of Rights.  They have come from oppressed governments. Many of our generations have become lost and they need to be reintroduced to the meaning of the Constitution.

  • Now, there is a true immigrant, he loves this country even joined the marines to fight for this country. Good for him, wish their were others like him.

  • God Bless all that participated in this march! I am with you in spirit 100%!! We need this type gathering in every State in the Union.

  • These people the Mall in DC. speak the truth! God Bless the USA! Give me Liberty or give me Death!! I will stand up for what I believe in! Liberty, US Sovereignty and the US Constitution!!

  • Our freedom has not ended until people give in. I will not allow my freedom to be taken away. Bet on it.

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