How to push through the Trump agenda

If I were Donald Trump, this is how I would force my agenda through the Republican-controlled legislature.

First, I would schedule an "important" prime-time announcement from the Oval Office.  (Also, I would make some oblique remarks that would lead the media to think that I might be going to announce my resignation.  This ploy is to ensure maximum coverage and viewership.)

Once on-air, I would say the following:

"During the campaign I made no pretense about my agenda, and you elected me specifically to implement that agenda.  My positions have not changed.  We must repeal Obamacare.  We must cut taxes.  And we must build the wall."

"When I came to Washington, I fully expected that the Democrats would oppose my efforts.  What I did not expect was to also be battling the Republicans.  I need your help to break this logjam.

"To this end, I am starting a Political Action Committee called DTS-PAC.  DTS stands for Drain-The-Swamp.  All of the contributions to this PAC will be used to fund primary challenges against those Republicans who refuse to pass my agenda.

"If you still support me and the issues that brought me here, I ask that you make a contribution to this PAC during the month of August.  This effort will costly, but every dollar you donate will send a message to these politicians in the only language they understand.  Money."

I believe this would raise an enormous amount of money and put the fear of god into our political elites.  They would either have to support the agenda or face the loss of their power.

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