Speaker of the House, The Honorable Congressman Boehner (R-OH)

Senate Majority Leader, The Honorable Senator Reid (D-NV)



Honorable Gentlemen,


I write today, speaking to the two of you on issues that cross all party lines - and you two are the ones in charge, therefore you are the ones who must take action. I submit - you MUST take immediate action. Not tomorrow or the next day - today, the second you read this.


There are two issues I specifically address;


1. This morning there are news releases saying Congressional members are claiming the Boston bombing must be blamed on sequestration and the NRA.

Sir's, I submit the entire concept of "sequestration" is President Obama's idea - not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not the NRA's - Obama's.

If there is any blame to be laid citing "sequestration" it MUST be firmly and publicly laid at President Obama's feet - as he is the author. We are in "sequestration" because two branches of government have been spending obscene amounts of taxpayer money on things not beneficial or pertinent to the American people - and you know this for a fact.

On a sidebar; Please educate me about any other President in the history of our Nation who spent $1.4 Billion dollars annually on himself, family and friends, taking in 2012 (by all accounts)  twenty-three (23) vacations.... when the average American cannot take ANY vacations because of the economy.....


The people of this Nation do not need to be divided against each other and HONESTY must come from those we elected, not deceit or misrepresentation of proven facts.

I charge the two of you to hold your ground and mandate your people tell the American Citizens truth - not lies.

Discover and hold accountable those who would deceive the American people. When the truth comes out, those who deceived will not be re-elected and if nothing else, I would think this would be grounds for both of you to hold House and Senate accountable.


2. There is a substantial amount of controversy surrounding the Saudi national who the FBI questioned - and President Obama has ordered immediately deported back to Saudi after holding a secret meeting with a Saudi official.

Gentlemen, there is TOO much controversy here and there is also far too much evidence available to the public to allow anyone to think this was some sort of isolated incident. I would strongly urge both of you to detain this Saudi national - in defiance of President Obama if necessary - in order to discover the truth.

Governor VanDerBeek (NV) wrote an op-ed this morning that lists the evidence available to us - and the impression a reader gets is chilling to your soul. You can find it here:  http://nevadagovernor2014.com/did-dhs-stage-boston-marathon-bombing-nevada-governor-2014-david-lory-vanderbeek/


I submit there is far too much publicly available evidence surrounding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchasing more than a billion rounds of ammunition, several hundred thousand of that being "hollow-point" ammunition which the Geneva convention expressly forbids for wartime usage.... and certainly not for "training" or proficiency uses by any agency as stated by Ms. Napolitano.  This type of ammunition is far more costly than standard government issue Ball ammunition!


I submit there is no reason whatsoever for a domestic agency with the charter of defending this Nation's Security to have within their inventory 2,717 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) up-armored Military Combat vehicles! (2,700 in DHS, 17 with ICE)

Who are they to go to war against? U.S. Citizens?


I submit that it is not and never will be in the best interests of the American people or this Nation to allow Ms. Napolitano's DHS to grant "trusted traveler" status to any Saudi national - a "status" the vast majority of AMERICAN citizens cannot obtain - to include Military members!


Has everyone forgotten that the people who planned, orchestrated and flew those aircraft on September 11, 2001 were ALL Saudi National's?

I submit it is clearly insanity to provide this "status" to Saudi nationals and an obvious National Security risk!


I submit that back on December 14, 2012 DHS was running an "active shooter" "training" scenario just a short distance away from the Sandy Hook Elementary school - where an active shooter murdered children and adults. "Assault weapons" were immediately blamed  and this became the soapbox for more "gun control" measures- yet Connecticut State Police have verified no "assault weapons" were used in this murder spree - yet proponents of "gun control" in Congress continue to claim otherwise, lying to the American people.... and cite this as their grounds for more Honest law abiding citizens to give up THEIR guns - when existing laws are not enforced that might have prevented this tragic murder spree from occurring.


I submit that on April 15, 2013 DHS was running a "bombing" training scenario at the Boston Marathon. Nothing more must be said here.... DHS was all over the place and there are hours of video publicly available proving this as well as testimony from eye-witnesses at the scene.



Honorable Sir's,

In summary; there is a lot of evidence to raise serious questions as to exactly what the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is up to - and I strongly urge the two of you to immediately pull the money plug on DHS and start investigating

We have connected the dots and we expected our elected to connect the dots before we did.... this apparently has not happened.


So I write and demand it!

Who am I to "demand" anything from Congress? I'm nobody, I'm not rich or well off... I'm an American citizen who served his country for a very long time, I was trained by the Army extensively and I was quite good at my job. I hold a Congressionally appointed rank.  I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat, I am not an Independent. I am an American.


I'm a man who believes that others, regardless of their financial status, race, color of skin, religion, or political party have some goodness, honesty inside themselves and a drive to make things "right".

This Honorable Sir's, is my attempt to do what I can to make things "right" and my demand is that you too, hold the same things dear to your heart as I do.





Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas 78231

(address and phone# redacted for publication)



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