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Georgia Gets It Right

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

hbl-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xLast week, legislators in Georgia passed a Fetal Heartbeat law. Governor, Brian Kemp has indicated that, in the next few months, he’ll sign it. The law would ban abortions in Georgia as soon as a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat, which generally happens at around six weeks into a pregnancy.

Critics of the law, liberals mostly, claim that most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at six weeks, and that such a law is an all-out assault on the reproductive health and safety of Georgia women.

First of all, let me clear up yet another commonly held liberal myth…abortion has little, if anything to do with “reproductive health.” Yes, there are cases where a woman’s health is threatened by a pregnancy…but Georgia has built in exceptions to the law in cases of rape or incest on the condition that the victim files a police report or someone files one on their behalf….and when a doctor determines the pregnancy would cause death or bodily harm to the mother or the fetus would not be able to live after birth.

In other words…


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A Miscarriage of Justice Times Two

What can this mean you ask?

I will take you to task.

You see a miscarriage I had.

Of justice times two is bad.


Hidden away nice and neat,

In my cerebral cortex.

Filed and organized,

No emotion, was I going to show.


Robot-like logic has offered,

Much comfort and protected

Or, so I thought.

Never knew what prickly thorns I had grown.


Around the year of 98,

Cramping bloody murder;

Went to the clinic,

My memory is like a drunk of slurry words.


Either two weeks pregnant!

Could’ve been two weeks late!

Meaning maybe 4 weeks pregnant.

Basically boiling down to between 2 to 6 weeks pregnant.


Never knew.

Had a clue,

Pregnant, I was,

Or, could have been.


You see a mother of a 15 month old,

Working, pursuing a Master’s,

Doing all the housework,

Driving, caring for one with autism, and other family.


Worn out!

Sworn to get out!

Walked day to day,

Cold robot fashion.


Then to find out,
Lost a child,

One of her greatest wants!

From God, almost completely she turned.


A living being,

I had done nothing so wrong.

Told not a soul.

But mad as hell.


Good reason not to tell.

A husband, ass at the time.

Grown up some since,

Quite a bit, actually.


Deny me if you must,

A boy it was.

Parker Nelson, heaven’s my next step.

Short time we had, but we’ll catch up.


Parker Nelson Adcock,

now I understand.

Like your brother still to meet,

Taught me lots of things in life you have.


God forgive my anger.

Let us put it up on hangers.

Learn our lessons,

Turned to blessings.


A miscarriage of justice times two.

God now bends to win.

The devil’s evil is

Sent straight to hell.


Finally , the message!

God walks and is

With you all the ways

And days through you with love.

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