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The continually growing private security company "Public Security LLC" obtained a Private Detective Agency license in the District of Columbia.

On May 15th 2015 Public Security LLC was issued a Private Detective Agency license in the District of Columbia ‪#‎PDB24729‬.
The license enables Public Security LLC to legally:
1. Detect, discover and or reveal crime and or criminals.
2. Secure information for evidence relating to crime or criminals.
3. Discovering or revealing the identity, whereabouts, character
or actions of any person(s) or thing(s)
Public Security LLC is one of our nations few publicly declared Private Intelligence Agencies. The firm also provides security, executive protection and private investigation services in the states of New York and Maryland. Public Security LLC is led by its President Barry Donadio whom is a Military Veteran and a former member of the U.S. Secret Service during the Bush and Obama administrations. 

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I am breaking my own rules and responding to this Neanderthal by "arguing with idiots," if you will. This is the typical leftist rant, class warfare, hillbilly tea partiers, etc.

Politicus USA, in a post on October 20, 2010 by Sarah Jones, in an article titled, "Tea Party Oligarchy: Trust Fund Babies Are Good For Workers":

“Oh, didn’t they tell you? When they said 'grass roots movement' of the people, by the people…yada yada, they meant elitist oligarchs should be in power, either through ignorant puppets who don’t know better like Christine O’Donnell or the real live bona fide Oligarch types like we have here in John Raese of West Virginia (R-WV), cuz nothing says populism like inheriting somewhere around 79 million dollars….

“And liberty. Oh, sweet liberty of being born to the right parents like the founders intended. A nation built upon a system of oligarchs, don’t you dare tread on my trust fund you dirty ape and just in case, we have Sarah Palin the rude ingrate populist puppet to sell it all to you. Oligarchy first! Oh, land that I love….

“The Tea Party is running candidates who aren’t vetted and don’t know what they’re talking about when they puppet big corporate daddy lines or they’re just cuttin’ the puppets out and running the owners of said corporations. All of these things are being sold to you as populism. If you buy that, I’ve got some lovely land in Florida….Gold? A super hot book I wrote myself about myself?”

I'm trying to decide if you people are ill informed, naive, weak minded, or if you actually believe the drivel you write. When speaking of Republican money, you may not know that two-thirds of Wall Street CEOs are democrats. Let me quote the New York Times' article, "Democrats Retain Edge in Campaign Spending," by Michael Luo and Griff Palmer, Published: October 26, 2010:

“Lost in all of the attention paid to the heavy spending by Republican-oriented independent groups in this year’s midterm elections is that Democratic candidates have generally wielded a significant head-to-head financial advantage over their Republican opponents in individual competitive races.”

The fact is, the party of elitists is the Democratic party, whose leaders consist of the some of the richest politicians in the country, like the late Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Jane Harman, Jay Rockefeller, Mark Warner, Jared Polis, Frank Lautenberg, Dianne Feinstein, and Harry Teague. These Dems comprise 8 of the 10 richest senators and congressmen in D.C. Their combined wealth is approaching a billion dollars. Further, the Dems are funded by the largest unions in America. During this campaign cycle, the unions have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars. This, despite the fact the polls released this week, shows that union members preferred not to have their money spent this way.

I love the condescending attitude you leftists display mocking anyone who is not you. In your whitless diatribe you mock Christine O'Donnell and infer that she may not be a rocket scientist. I would much rather have her supposed naiveté, which in my estimation is honest patriotism, rather than the feigned intellectualism in D.C., than the scheming backroom, deal-cutting racketeers, which the dems proved themselves to be in the duplicitous handling of the health care package, which the public didn't want, doctors by better than a 2 to 1 margin decry, and economists say will cost trillions of dollars.

Perhaps some of you in the leftist brain trust can figure out how to pay for this latestprovis9.jpg round of Marxist palaver. Don't bother to come back with the “tax the rich” scheme. If you took every asset of all of the top 3% of the richest Americans, most of whom are democrats, you would affect the national debt by less than 1%. And taxing small business owners who declare more than $250K annual income will break the back of an Obama weakened economy and drive the nation to ruin quicker.

But, when you think about it, perhaps that's the real goal of leftists like you any. If you can collapse the economy and drive the system into the ground, you and your progressive ilk can step right in and lead us to a bright and shining new world order.

diktatorerna.jpgPersonally, I've seen enough of New World Orders in my time. I have seen the result of Mr. Hitler's New World Order … seventy million dead and an entire race targeted for genocide; I’ve seen Mr. Stalin's New World Order … forty three million dead. And the communist revolution in China had its own special New World Order; which enlightened the world …in excess of one hundred million people murdered.

Then there was the progressive heroine, Margaret Sanger; a true bulwark and champion of American liberalism and founder of Planned Parenthood. Only problem is, she was a eugenicist, who believed that blacks should be eliminated because they were "breeding and swarming like rats in the streets." Today while blacks make up only 13% of the population, black children account for one-third of all abortions. While 40 million children have been killed in the womb, over 13 million of them have been black children. If any other nation on earth were to slaughter 13 million black children, we would be screaming genocide and sending in UN troops. Today, we give them government money to carry out this genocidal initiative championed by the left.

Then there is good liberal, Woodrow Wilson, another hero of you folks on the left. Only problem is, Wilson was open about his hatred for America. He too was a eugenicist, who thought blacks inferior. In fact, he re-segregated government workers, government offices, and the military.

provis10.jpgRobert Byrd, the conscience of the Democratic Party and a former KKK leader, who on Fox News national broadcast, threw around the "N" word, like it was nothing. This, by the way, was not a baited interview. I saw the interview live and the tossing around of the "White N" and "Black N" phrases were in no way related to the conversation. The passages were a complete non-sequitur. What does that tell us about his hidden thoughts?

Might I suggest you, and the rest of the progressive lemmings, go meet some Tea Party folks before you stereotype them as “an assemblage of doltish hillbillies.” You will find that most are above average in intelligence, above average in education, and from all walks of life: independent business people, plumbers, physicists, educators, students, tradesmen, white collar workers, stay-at-home wives, career women, preachers and politicians. They are the face of America. They are not the bearded Marxists, so representative of you pseudo-intellectual elite, who are, in jolting candor, really the intellectually effete.

History has shown your ideology, while sounding high tone, is in fact tone deaf to life beyond the walls of the self-induced delusion of your bookish ivory towers, which are, in reality, an intellectual ghetto in which you subsist.

Socialism has never, and will never, worked. It is a moribund philosophy, with a built in death mechanism. Any political philosophy, which has as the basis of success taking by force, or force of law from one to reward the ineptitude or sloth of another, is doomed to fail. Driving the lazy, inept, or duplicitous to the trough, while telling them they deserve a place at that trough, is courting both moral and financial exhaustion. At some point there will be so many people at the trough that there is no one left to fill the trough. At some point you run out of other people's money. When the goal of socialism is finally achieved, and the stated goal of economic equality is achieved, history shows us that the equality created is intellectual, moral, and economic bankruptcy.

Please do us all a favor. Before you destroy our medical system, talk to the Brits, who are walking away from socialized medicine. They realize it is a complete failure. Study Romney care: it is bankrupting the state of Massachusetts. Before government decided to step in and treat us like we were helpless idiots, who couldn't survive without them, each of us, and all of us, took care of our own families, took care of our elderly, took care of the poor among us, and shunned the professional dead beats. Because we were personally involved, we knew that the neighbor down the road was a hard worker, who was just having a hard time, and we, as individuals, lent a helping hand.

provis11.jpgConversely, the guy living across the street, well, he was a drunk and lazy. He chose to pursue happiness in his way ... the bottle and sloth. He is free to pursue that happiness. And when he fails, and his relatives have to adopt his children, take care of his wife, and he is alone in his whiskey clouded world, he will have accomplished his pursuit. Perhaps then, and only then, can he make a choice to pursue happiness in another way.

In other words, those of us in the Tea Party are not a bunch of toothless, ignorant rubes, needing your beneficent guidance to make it through the day. We are not asking you to provide for us, think for us, help us, and certainly, don't try to control us, tax us, or attempt to live our lives for us. What we really need from all of you good, caring liberals on the left, is to be "left" alone.

But, because we understand that you are still concerned about the poor and the downtrodden, I have come up with what might be the perfect plan. About 15% of the population is living below the poverty line. By the way, this is the same number of poor we had at the start of the great society programs under Lyndon Johnson.

There are about 20% of Americans who admit to being liberals. For you guilt-ridden leftists, we need to create a special form, from the government, which will provide this service for all of you. On the form you will swear that you are a good liberal, concerned about the poor and downtrodden, and that you believe that these people should be taken care of by their fellow Americans. On the form you will have the opportunity to either have enough money taken from your paycheck every payday to support a poor person, or, if you prefer, government workers can actually deliver to your house a poor person. From that point on, you will be responsible for their care, feeding, hygiene, behavior, and outcome.

This takes all the cold bureaucratic treatment out of the equation and provides a one-on-one loving contact with your very own poor person, drunk, drug addict, or societal malcontent. It's akin to having a living Chia pet. Water them with your personal care, love, and concern, and watch them grow.

provis12.jpgSimilar programs could be conducted for illegal aliens. Just like the girl scouts, who ask, “How many boxes of cookies do you want this year?” the government can ask, “How many illegals will you take this year, Mr. Liberal? As you know, we now have 20 million of them, and only you can help us reach our goal of placing every one of them in their very own home!”

We can give this program high sounding name like, “The Human Chia-nome Project,” and each of you can save humanity … one person at a time.

Meanwhile, the rest of us, thanks to your personal involvement, can go to Washington D.C. and state capitals, and get rid of all of those failed social programs, dollar wasting boondoggles, and worthless, feel good government incursions, that are indebting our children to the third and fourth generations.

Isn't it amazing how much we can accomplish when we really sit down and communicate? Just look how angry my response to your intellectual flotsam was at the beginning of this response, and how conciliatory it is now. I really feel like we've connected on a spiritual level ... like we've brought light to your darkness.

I know I speak for all us when I say, “Thank you.”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you are willing to put your empty-headed utopian dreams into practice. And just in case all of this doesn't go just exactly as planned, we'll just go ahead and build that wall down there on the border, make plans with Mexico to help their economy, so that they can support their own people, and tend to the unseating of the dogs inhabiting the seats of power in D.C., the governor's chairs in all of the states, and the leftist incompetents in counties and towns across America. Maybe we should do what we can to begin once again teaching our history, demanding constitutional government, working and contributing to campaigns that remove the corrupt and vulgar, thereby effectuating their replacement with the honorable and forthright.

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