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Blogs and Backlinks – Easy SEO Traffic Tricks

If you are doing an online business, you know very well that getting traffic to your site – no matter what business you are in – is the most important part of the game right? This means that you need to understand the fact that you have to have a steady flow of customers and clients – or your business will dry up and wither away.

So here’s your action points: Set up a blog on WordPress. If you don’t have a website yet, then that’s your starting point. Start it up on If you have a website, you are going to install all of the articles you are going to write, and we’ll talk about that in a future show. Write those articles and then you send those links to your main blog or your main website- which is your money site. Always remember that your main site is your money site. Money, money, money.

So What’s Next?

The next important thing that you need to keep in mind is all about the links. Make sure your links go to your money site. Regardless of what site you have right now, if you don’t have one, then what you need is to create a blog. If you have one, then create a blog. Next, drive your links to your main site. If you don’t have a main site, then all you have to do (real simple) is use WordPress until you create your own site. These are very simple steps and it doesn’t cost you a million just to achieve the desired results. Besides all you have to do is to follow the guide used by those who have already achieved their goals and have gained a great amount of income from their money sites just by putting up a blog, and driving traffic to their sites through back links. Well, there are a lot of different ways yet these prove to be the simplest methods.

In the previous entries on , you have learned about using WordPress and linking back to your main site. Another thing you’ll learn is all about getting into the Front Page of Google. In the upcoming articles we are going to the next step – and we are going to show you another tool, that does not cost you a single dime – to add to your traffic generation. So be sure to watch out for it and learn the easy way to Google Domination. Also there are few good companies in third world countries like giving extremely good results if selection of the agency is great

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Former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff is warning that efforts to prohibit states from legalizing online gaming is a form of corruption.  Speaking to Human Events, Abramoff warned that legislation pushed by billionaire Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson is a form of bribery.  Adelson has pledged to "spend whatever it takes" to enact the ban and has hired an army of lobbyists to see it done.  News reports suggest he will write a $100 million check to the GOP over the next few months, money that could help grease the skids to get the legislation passed:

Washington’s most notorious lobbyist told Human Events that the effort by gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson to outlaw online gambling is corruption. Adelson has crossed the line, but he is not alone, said Jack Abramoff, a former Washington operator and author of  “Capitol Punishment: The hard truth about Washington corruption from America’s most notorious lobbyist.” Abramoff served 43 months in federal prison for activities related to his lobbying. In addition to his media and speaking appearances, he comments on Washington events and people at his website: Adelson is the CEO and chairman of Las Vegas Sands, a $14 billion-a-year gambling conglomerate and a major contributor to the Republican Party.

In the 2012 election cycle, Adelson is the man who stepped into keep the presidential campaign of former speaker Newton L. “Newt” Gingrich afloat, enabling him to come back and win the Georgia primary and seriously challenge the eventually nominee former Massachusetts governor W. Mitt Romney. After Romney was the GOP nominee, Adelson supported him, too. In the 2014 election cycle, Adelson has given Republicans notice that if they want his support, they need to pass a ban online gaming. To organize this effort, he created a front group, The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, has gathered up a roster of strange bedfellows, such as Republican Texas Gov. Richard J. “Rick” Perry, former Republican New York governor George Pataki, as well as, Democrats, such as Massachusetts Attorney General Martha M. Coakley and former speaker of the California Assembly Willie Brown. The pressure to ban Internet gambling comes as Adelson is getting ready to stroke a massive check to fund the final mile of the GOP’s campaign to win the Senate in November. Some Capitol Hill whisperers put the check at $100 million based on the plans Republican strategists presented to Adelson. The political world is full of similar examples of businesses or industries using politicians to improve their own situation, Abramoff said. “It is a line that everybody is crossing all day,” he said. “Everytime an individual contributes money to a public official and then asks that politician to do something, you have crossed that line—that is the essence of D.C.—it is not just Sheldon Adelson.” Abramoff said he wanted to be careful in his phrasing regarding Adelson. “I don’t know all the details,” he said. “But, in general, if someone is giving money and asking for things back that is crossing that line—and unfortunately it is going on all over the place.” It is bribery. It might not be statuary bribery, but it is bribery, giving a public servant money, he said “I don’t know Sheldon Adelson, I only know what I read about him,” he said.

“But it seems to me that he has been very active politically with significant money before he jumped into this Internet gambling thing,” he said. “I don’t see any reason to believe that this is the reason he got active or gave money in the past,” he said. “I think it was more related to Israel and conservative issues.” The move against online gaming is new turn for Adelson, he said. “Obviously, this relates directly to his business and he is hiring lobbyists to protect his business,” he said. Adelson may profess to have traditional or other reasons to oppose online gaming, he said. “But, this has a major impact on his land-based casinos—or at least, he feels it does.” Then Abramoff was actively operating in the capital, he worked against banning online gamble because he believes the Internet should be free from government control, he said. The former president of the Massachusetts College Republicans said there are two reasons why he opposed the ban. “I didn’t want to see the government regulating the Internet, except for national security reasons,” he said. The second reason was that given that there were already land-based casinos, the real concern was being able to protect children from going to the sites to gamble, he said. The Adelson bid to outlaw online gaming is not really what he considers crony capitalism, he said. “It is different from what we have seen with the Obama administration, where the donors use their political connections to get the government to bail them out, give them loans, give them huge grants, give them contracts, and that kind of thing.” It could be that plying the government to outlaw your competition is a cousin to crony capitalism, he said. “Frankly, it is under the category of corruption.”

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Most congressional observers believe Congress will address the issue of empowering states to collect sales tax on the purchases of goods bought on the Internet.  The issue is not typical of other tax issues as it finds conservatives like Steve King (R-Iowa), Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and others supporting the states ability to collect their sales taxes for online purchases.  A strong argument can be made that they have embraced the conservative position.


Make no mistake about it; there is deep division about this issue.  Mom-and-pop small businesses hate the disparity that was created when the Supreme Court ruled that businesses needed a "nexus" within a state for sales taxes to be collected.  That ruling allowed companies like Amazon to avoid sales taxes while small business are forced to collect them.  They argue that the decision, especially in a poor economy, creates economic incentives that hurt their bottom line.  Why should consumers shop in more expensive local stores when shopping online creates built-in no sales tax savings?

Others argue that allowing states to collect sales taxes for Internet purchases is tantamount to a tax increase.  As opponents have noted, America's budget problems are not revenue problems but spending problems.  Government's bring in enough revenue but can't get their spending in control. 

There is tacit acknowledgement of this argument as many supporters of the "Marketplace Equity Act" are governors who are struggling to balance their state budgets.  Billions of dollars in sales are made every year online that have escaped the reaches of the state tax collectors. 

But there is a bigger issue at stake -- federalism.

Allowing online merchants to charge, collect and remit sales taxes based on their physical location would level the playing field with Main Street small businesses and, perhaps most importantly, restore federalism to the issue.  The government should treat merchants equally.  It should not be making it harder for small businesses to compete.  In addition, the federal government should not bar states from enforcing their laws as long as they don't interfere with interstate commerce.

In some ways this is a complicated issue.  But in others it's clear that fairness and federalism should play a role in the final deliberations.   

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Pawlenty Red Flags: Right Online Minnesota

Former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty gave a great Tea Party conservative speech at Right Online this afternoon.  I am from Colorado so all I know about Pawlenty I have learned within the last 6 months or so.  I applauded loudly and whooped as he SPOKE all the right words.  He is fiery, he is smart, yada yada.  The problem is that his constituents in Minnesota, the real Conservative constituents, don't trust him.  An unnamed source who had worked on campaigns at different levels in Minnesota described him as a compromiser, a RINO, a politician by nature, one who talks the Tea Party talk but does not walk the Tea Party walk. 


I asked the unnamed source about Michelle Bachmann, the US Rep from Minnesota.  This seemingly well versed and credible Minnasotan described Bachmann's rise through the political ranks, first as a business owner, tax litigation attorney, pro-life activist (Phyllis Schafley)and education reform advocate.  Bachmann was asked by many supporters to run for public office, which, initially she did not want to do.  But she ran and beat a RINO in her primary race, and beat an establishment dem to win a seat in the Minnesota State Senatenational race.  She then went on to run for the United States House of Representatives and beat an extreme-left dem. Michelle Bachmann, it is said, is hated by the RINOs and the Dems in Minnesota, which in the mind of most Tea Party members, makes her imminently qualified for high office.  I love a woman who makes enemies of corrupt, dishonest, musty, dusty establishment politicians.  Thank you (name withheld)

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Glenn Beck's Final American Revival - live broadcast from Salt Lake city

Can't make it to Salt Lake City this Saturday, July 17th, for the final stop of Glenn Beck's American Revival Tour? Well you don't have to miss the program. Insider Extreme members can watch the entire day's program live, online!

Below you'll find the days schedule, all of which will be broadcast live on the Insider Extreme.

American Revival Live on the Insider Extreme:

“Give up money, give up fame, give up science, give the earth itself and all it contains rather than do an immoral act. And never suppose that in any possible situation, or under any circumstances, it is best for you to do a dishonorable thing, however slightly so it may appear to you... From the practice of the purest virtue, you may be assured you will derive the most sublime comforts in every moment of life, and in the moment of death.”- Thomas Jefferson, 1785

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