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Freedom past, freedom future

True story, sort of, not really - well… it's a story:

 I don’t have a lot of time to get this written and sent, so here’s kind of an overview of the events that happened - most of what follows are excerpts from my daily log of the adventure we were having.

 Of course this is not a full account of that adventure but rather a brief look at what we found inside that strange object – if only I feared less and had more time.

 Day 1 – the ICE CLIMB BABY – YEAH!

We thought it would be fun to go hiking and climb a glacier, so we did, but that's not the amazing part - no time here to get into the details about the actual climb itself. As we stood on the top of the ice flow we noticed a dark outline about 100 yards from us, so we very carefully worked our way towards it. It didn't take long to realize it was some sort of metallic object as some of it was poking out through the ice. The thing was pretty good sized and some of the others thought it may have been like an old station or something that had gone into the ice.

 Okay, so basically it looked like, I don't know… a ship of some sort, not really sure. Clearly human in origin as it had markings that we recognized as being from earth (I guess we were hoping we'd stumbled upon an alien craft or something, that would've been really cool), but anyways – the hole in the side of that ship was really a gash that we could easily walk through and enter into what appeared to be, and this is my best guess here, the fuselage or cargo hold area maybe.

Okay, I have to make this brief as I don't think there's a lot of time left for me to get this message out.

 So we were inside the craft, unsure of what anything was, we did see seats and what appeared to be monitors of some sort (but, like, really advanced, it must’ve been maybe some sort of holographic projection or something? But nothing was on that we could tell.) and other things you'd expect to see. It was sort of like – I don't know – like a passenger transport or something, there were a few seats in the middle of it in three rows. First we looked around and didn’t see much, all we had were a few flashlights. There was nothing in there, aside from the seats and display panels and stuff, we didn’t see any people - heck, we didn’t even see any evidence that anyone had even been in there - that we could tell.

But then we found something really amazing, it looked like the only thing in the entire craft that wasn't part of, or you know, connected to the craft. What we found looked like a briefcase, in fact it was one of those hard cases you might put your computer in or – you know, like the military uses, okay I - I really need to get to the point here - so, not really thinking about the consequences, and being overly excited, we opened up the case. Unlike the Hollywood movies it simply popped open and there was only one thing inside. It was like a really nice tablet computer (best example I can think of, sorry), very large screen and super-thin but flexible – like a sheet of plastic, but had a weird thing at the bottom that I guess ended up being a battery, not sure…

Wow, I really want to explain more of what we saw and what happened but I really have to tell you the main point of this before they catch up to me.

We took the tablet computer out and turned it on (I found the button – it had the power symbol, figured it out), but it was preloaded with some sort of software that just began running a message, we took a video of what scrolled across the screen so at least we have that, okay – okay, I know, we have to hurry – here's what the message said:

~~~July 5, 2023. The greatest minds of our time have accomplished, upon the threshold of these fateful days, that which has allowed us to send this back to you. We know that this singular act could change who we are and what we are now, in our time. But we would rather not be than to remain as we are. Brevity is key here, as those who would stop us are always but a breath behind us.

If all goes as planned this should arrive to you, the still free peoples of America – hopefully near the year two thousand thirteen. The science is new and unexplored, we pray this makes it.

As there are those among us who believe that influencing our present by manipulating the past could be paradoxical, let alone unethical, we have reached an agreement on the content of the message contained herein.

We, the Last Free, bring you this dire warning in hopes that we will be no more as we are. You must decipher this as your mind and your will and your temperance and your faith dictate, therein you will find the truth of this message as we dare say but little about our time.

We, the Last few Free, say unto you, the Free:

"Heed Churchill, heed Thatcher, heed de Tocqueville, turn an ear to the warnings of Bastiat, Robart and Orwell. Heed the warnings of those who, in the past and your present, had the foresight to glimpse the future. Attend to the cautionary statements of Horowitz, of Reagan, of Jefferson, of Madison, for if you do not you will be as we are.

 Flood your streets with that grand statement of declaration that history has afforded you!

Impugn those who would denigrate the blood – bought authority of that established document that is your Constitution.

 To the free of the past we say; keep your liberties, keep your freedoms, honor the virtues that have given you what you are willingly, and with an air of supportive complacency, relinquishing.

Should this Councel and Portend find you: relinquish not your given rights to praise, honor, and venerate as your soul is led.

And finally we, the Last Free, having taken leave of you in a time ahead, request that you ponder this from Spencer: “The wise man must remember that while he is a descendant of the past, he is a parent of the future.”~~~

That’s what was on the screen, word for word - that’s all I have time for, I need to get this uploaded, fast – gotta go.

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