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A letter to my senators

Here is a letter I have sent everyday for about 3weeks now. Do you think they get my point? Nope never happenThey won't even send a reply. Sorry about the colorful language.Senator,  I am setting down and tuning my defense weapons.  I don't know what else to do.   Obama wants a Muslim country and YOU don't care or you want it too.   Do you think Muslims will want you around?   Aren't you a white Christian?  Will you give up what few if any defensive weapons you have?   When are you demoncrats going to wake up and smell the stench  wafting from the Whitehouse.  The whole left side is rotten to the core and the rot is spreading.   What do I have to do to stop the criminal abuse of power by Obama, holder, and the rest.  STOP Obama NOW!NO amnesty  no change until border is secure.NO GUN LAWS.   How will I fight this oppression with no defense weapons?    SECOND AMENDMENT anyone?NO MORE IRS     Defund it   Kill it   Go to flat tax.NO MORE HOLDER.    Fire and charge this liar with lying,  treason, and illeagle survailance.NO MORE OBAMA    Impeach his ass for lying treason destroying the country   Lies every time he speaks.NO OBAMA CARE.   I have good insurance  don't fuck it up   This program is nothing short of chaos and will never work. Ever heard of KISS?   Means keep it simple stupid.   How can any one group learn and keep up with such a huge bill and keep it working.Hirev16000 new agents.   What a fucking mess this is, do YOU really think it will work.It's a good thing I am not in charge, every single politico whose resume shows anything but conservatism would be fired and banned from holding any other office.NO EXECUTIVE ORDERS    Who does Obama think he is?  He never involves Congress until he wants diversion while he does something else under the table and underhanded.NO MORE BAILING OUT!   The more Obama bails out business the more come under obamacontrol.  Is he taking congress out of the government and making it into a conglomerate holding company running  businessesYou two fellowes need to wake up and see what your beloved president is doing to us.   I can't wait for Muslim hunting season when it's declared.  That's if we white people live that long.......Who ever reads this and decides to send a form letter back and trashes this mail,  think twice and make sure the senator reads this.I will save it and mail it everyday  many many times each day until the Senator gets it.Oh and I want to thank all you demoncrats for letting this great country go to the brink of failure and civil war.   Enjoy your demise.You don't think Obama will keep you on the payroll do you?You two may want to think of jumping that democratic sinking ship you are on.  The Tea Party is looking for recruits,  I'll show you the conservative way.  Big government and entitlements are not the way.   OF THE PEOPLE! BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLEThe very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference!   George WashingtonHas Obama got every police and military in his pocket?  What's going to happen when a million of WE THE PEOPLE march on Washington with guns drawn??   Think about it Senator,  things keep going this way it will happen.    Michael GustiAttitude is Everything Sent from my iPad
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